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  1. There are plenty of coaches still coaching. No need to rush this at all. Plus they’re all in your backyard. You can have a deal done in 24 hours.
  2. Yup. Or if you “settle” for Beard at $5.5mm or so ... not bad. Musselman is definitely intriguing. He also coached with Smart before - I wonder if he’d lobby for the job with that angle. Either way - his payday is coming whether here, Arkansas, or somewhere soon.
  3. I wonder now if it gets out that IU is offering 7-8mm/year if someone like Donvovan or Bennett makes contact? Unlikely, but $$ talks.
  4. Im very intrigued by Musselman and think he will get a payday soon. He’s not a typical up and comer, assistant coach type guy. Plus, he coached with Keith Smart before - wonder if he’d consider a reunion. People claim he’s an offensive guru. Hes all about building culture - albeit - he can come off a little over the top. But he’s ALL OVER social media. So offense + a big personality ... complete 180 from Archie. He’s from Ohio. Knows the mid west. His dad coached at minny. So he’s very familiar with IU b-ball. I know Beard has a GREAT resume, but for some reason, I’m a bit hesitant / overly sensitive. Probably because he’s a defense-first guy and so was Archie. in the end. Probably can’t go wrong. But, if word on the street is that IU is willing to pay 7mm+, I wonder if feelers go out to Bennett, Donovan, etc. Most likely not.
  5. I don’t see Archie going right back into B1G personally. I could see him at Marquette or Cincy. Build them back up. Build up his resume again. Cincy is probably an easier conference.
  6. People previously speculated some boosters there wanted Crean back
  7. You’re probably right. I feel like in some sports - say college FB - a coach may be headed somewhere- but they’ll allow him to coach a bowl game with his former team.
  8. I would think Brad would want to get here sooner than later - probably by April. Or at least somehow announce it and get an assistant in to run the recruiting for now.
  9. Wella wella wella welcome back! Never thought Dolson would have the Skillz to pay the Billz! But wow!! I thought Archie was getting another year. As ugly as it was. But only way Dolson makes this move, given the financials, is if he had a big dawg ready to go ... Stevens or Beard basically. And there’s way too much smoke around Stevens now. Unreal. I actually liked Arch. Recruiting hurt him in the end. He’ll bounce back and learn from his mistakes - especially when he gets to a big time job again. But the thought of Lord Stevens here. Wow.
  10. Allegedly as of an hour ago, peegs said there was nothing confirmed
  11. Oh I was talking about moving the GT NIT game from Assembly hall to Atlanta
  12. Was that Glass decision or Creans? I always thought it was Creans since he knew writing was on the wall ... but they made some lame excuse.
  13. I mean it’s social media ... but some people are backing the person up saying they’re usually legit.
  14. That’s what I think. It’s not like he’s going to take a Q&A after retaining him. If that were the case and he felt compelled to do it - he’d just tweet/issue something.
  15. Based on results. I don’t disagree. There are just a few unique factors preventing it from happening and making it such a slam dunk this time around right now.
  16. Is it possible he’s waiting until season is officially over (ie - NIT announcement or if selected, after they lose or win it all?)
  17. Why? He’s still under contract for a few years. Then will Dolson have to address every hot seat rumor every year? Glass did one for Crean then fired him a year later. Not sure if Dolson will follow suit or just ignore the noise. He’s been on podcasts and such lately saying how much he loves the fans enthusiasm and that’s what makes IU special. I’m sure he’ll have some sort of appearance during the tourney too with games in Assembly Hall and he’ll have an opportunity to answer a question or two about it.
  18. Stewart is supposed to be a shooter. Leal is a shooter. And yes - I agree. When Blackmon came to this team - one stud shooter changes everything. I anticipate that’s what they’re looking for all off-season/free agency.
  19. Last off-season didn’t help them in terms of being able to develop kids. But let’s hope this off-season is different
  20. This was bound to happen ... actually surprised it took this long. What did Michigan have to gain this week?? Why not just mail it in, play walkons and backups and just bow out early? Maybe they drop a seed ... at worst. I understand teams need these tourneys to actually get in ... but for teams locked in - not sure it’s worth losing one of your best players.
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