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  1. OSU was also in a major transition period.
  2. I think until Archie proves he can land an out of state top 50 guy there are going to be doubters and rightfully so.
  3. His ranking means he's probably very good but I guess I don't understand why we need another 6'4" SF.
  4. Seems way too high. Are they just basing this on talent or do they factor in coaching?
  5. I think that was when Brady went down.
  6. It's truly amazing how comical the Patriots division is every year. They have an advantage over almost every team in that they more or less start every season 6-0. Seems like its been that way for over 20 years.
  7. A year too early IMO. Next year is when you want to tank.
  8. That's hard to believe. There are many more college teams than pro teams and most of them have a better kicker than Vinny. If he costs the Colts another game this is 100% on Ballard and Reich. I guarantee you the Pats would've cut him already.
  9. Not cutting Vinny is going to cost the Colts games. It is clear he is finished.
  10. Did the pending decision of Matt Cross speed up your decision process?
  11. I haven't been in years. I think the whole thing became a joke once they put the women's team in it which was the bright idea of Mike Davis I believe. They should do the men's on one night and the women's on another.
  12. Poor Keion. I feel sorry for him already.
  13. Good god how many schools has he been at? He's gonna top Matt Carlino before long.
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