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  1. dbmhoosier

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    It will be really odd if he isn't a Hoosier. I'd bet on a commit around HH.
  2. dbmhoosier

    Romeo Langford

    Honestly if he's not averaging 20 PPG it's either because he's hurt or because teams are double and triple teaming him like in HS. The latter will obviously open up lots of looks for the other guys. He's that good.
  3. We had a front line of Haston, JJ, Newton, Odle, and Leach. Coverdale, Fife, Hornsby, and Moye in the backcourt. Absolutely no excuse to lose that game. You don't give a guy like Mike Davis a top 5 job under any circumstances. Again, see Louisville. Trust me, none of the other blue bloods would have ever made that mistake.
  4. dbmhoosier

    When will we get our first 2019 commit?

    Might as well start raising the buyout money already.
  5. We did not make the title game in his interim season. We lost to lowly Kent St.
  6. Knight was fired right when the season was about to start. Of course Davis should've been given the interim job for 1 season and then immediately fired after the Kent St debacle. Again, much like Louisville just did.
  7. The thing is that without Mike Davis you never get Adam Herbert's you must replace a minority with a minority hiring policy and thus no Kelvin Sampson.
  8. I have nothing against Mike Davis. He's probably a great person. But it is an absolute travesty that someone with his qualifications was ever given the IU job and in 2001 when he was made permanent he wasn't anywhere near the coach he is today. Our administration has made many blunders these past 18 years but this is by far the biggest. That move set us back 2 decades, maybe forever. It should've been an absolute no brainer to do what Louisville did this past season and hire a real coach. That would've been Alford in 2001 who was considered the next big thing and the one person who might have brought together what was possibly the most divided fan base in college basketball history. Thanks Cora Breckenridge!
  9. dbmhoosier

    Kadin Shedrick

    I guess it's fair to say that Gary was one recruit Crean thought about a lot, a whole lot.
  10. dbmhoosier

    Romeo Langford

    I can't believe anyone here would ever support such a strategy. I mean we all know UK fans would but I always thought IU was above that. And how is it any different than bountygate which almost brought down the NO Saints?
  11. dbmhoosier

    Brandon Newman

    I think TJD will be on board before the season starts. No inside info just my prediction.
  12. dbmhoosier

    Brandon Newman

    Well you do seem to be saying we can't evaluate yet. I say we don't need to wait another year. He has a B1G player of the year contender in Morgan. Romeo who will likely be as good on offense as any player in the country. Solid guards in Green, Durham, and Phinissee. A big in Fitz who can shoot the lights out. Two stud forwards in Smith and Hunter along with a lock down defender in McRoberts. Not to mention Davis, Anderson, Moore, and Forrester. So it's unfair to expect to contend for the B1G and a Sweet 16? Just askin.
  13. dbmhoosier

    Anyone select seats yet?

    How much does one have to donate each year to get somewhat decent seats in the main level? I'm not talking top flight seats on the floor just somewhere in the middle of the main level. When I still lived in Indiana I knew a guy whose seats were right next to Joanie Crean and I would occasionally get to use them but his donations to IU over the years were well into the 7 figures. Those were sweet seats.
  14. dbmhoosier

    Brandon Newman

    I am very chill and I think he's doing a great job. I'm only saying that he has a very good roster this season so it's not unfair to expect him to perform.
  15. dbmhoosier

    Brandon Newman

    This is his roster starting now. Seeking6 sounds like those Mike Davis supporters saying we couldn't start to evaluate him until Sean Kline and Donald Perry had graduated which would've been like year 5 because they weren't his recruits and the roster wasn't his yet.