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  1. Seems high to me but he's definitely gone and I'll be happy to have him for 2 years. I think Lander is gone too. I wonder how many of these mock draft analysts are even aware that he's eligible for next year's draft.
  2. Peyton went to 4 SBs with 4 different head coaches. He gets injured for a year and the Colts go from a possible SB team to the worst team in the league. Brady gets hurt for a year and the Pats go 11-5 and hardly miss a beat. Brady was good but he never did anything without Belichick.
  3. It has always been all Belichick.
  4. Tank for Trevor. Lose for Lawrence.
  5. I'm just not interested in sports anymore for a variety of reasons. I sure hope they get the fans back soon. It's not the same without.
  6. I agree with everything you're saying but the mods don't want that on the board.
  7. We will. On November 4.
  8. Yeah I thought I was going nuts too. I know I'm not crazy.
  9. 20 years ago today Indiana basketball was destroyed 😢
  10. Yeah when ESPN released that list of the top 50 coaches in college basketball they had Billy at #1 ahead of Coach K, Roy, and Pitino. Crean wasn't on the list at all.
  11. If UNC was smart they'd find a way to hire him. Roy is pretty much done.
  12. Halloween will be canceled but Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's will go on as usual. Bank it.
  13. They were. Supposedly his parents didn't even attend his wedding because of it. They were big abolitionists.
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