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  1. dbmhoosier

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Butler looking terrible at home.
  2. I was told that Morgan wasn't even close to being a top 5 player in the B1G.
  3. dbmhoosier

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Lots of good basketball this week. Buffalo at Syracuse. Duke v TT. Ohio St vs UCLA. And of course UNC vs UK. I've never rooted for UNC before but I will Saturday.
  4. What's a joke is Marquette being ranked higher than us despite having the same record.
  5. dbmhoosier

    Butler Postgame Thread

  6. dbmhoosier

    Anthony Leal

    As always thanks for the info. I guess we can still expect a 4 man class for 2019.
  7. dbmhoosier

    Anthony Leal

    I was just going to ask about Love. Think we have a decent chance? I believe he's been to Btown multiple times. I know we're all in on Morton.
  8. dbmhoosier

    Anthony Leal

    Considering he's a consensus top 100 player and fills a major need that tells me our staff must feel very comfortable about where they stand with other recruits.
  9. dbmhoosier

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Hey If we go 13-7 I'll be very happy and you won't see any complaints from me. 14-6 and I'd probably vote Archie B1G coach of the year.
  10. Has to be the Watshot. Smarts was not a real buzzer beater.
  11. dbmhoosier

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Uh no. The competition is about to get a lot harder. At MSU, at UM, at Maryland, at PU, at NW.
  12. dbmhoosier

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Winning is great no matter the margin but play like we have the last 5 games or so against MSU, UM, Wisky, Maryland, Iowa, or OSU and we're getting hammered. This is a team that was supposed to have aspirations of a conference title and a deep tourney run.
  13. Of course this is #1 for me.
  14. Davis acting like a little girl afterwards. Should've obvious he wasn't even close to ready right then.
  15. dbmhoosier

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Nevada down 7 at halftime.