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  1. Well you do play like 120+ games a year vs 35-40. The season also lasts 9 months vs like 5.
  2. No idea but his wife said they've had no time for vacations since he went to the NBA.
  3. Or maybe he is fired but this is the year Coach K decides to retire. Would be just our luck right?
  4. Apparently Dakich new this was a terrible hire 4 years ago. Said Archie was hired purely because he could be controlled. Couldn't control Crean anymore. Interesting.
  5. I didn't know I was under consideration for the job but if Dolson is willing to pay me 7 figures I'm on my way. I'll start my preparation now.
  6. If he's worried about optics then he was never the right man for the job.
  7. The buyout won't be paid by the administration but by the donors. They won't get that money for anything else.
  8. Beilein is possibly the worst name I've seen brought up. Just makes absolutely no sense. He'd be near his mid 70s before he finally got his system in place.
  9. Wanting change just for the sake of change? I have no GD idea what that means. No one is calling for a change just for a sake of change. We're calling for change because it's clear to anyone not completely blind that Archie isn't the guy and we almost certainly have better options available. His entire tenure here has been a complete dumpster fire. Recruiting has fallen off a cliff and mass transfers are likely coming. It's over.
  10. And the best the Archie defenders have is that he went 9-11 in year 3 as a reason to keep him. That's really pretty sad and tells you all need to know of his tenure here.
  11. Said Mack has interest not that he's necessarily a target. Yes the buyout money is there.
  12. I don't know but he knows things. He knew Fred was going to hire Archie well before it was announced.
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