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  1. I’ll say this. If we win it will be because Devonte goes off. We need to make our open shots. Scoring inside will be tough.
  2. Yeah I thought we had a much better chance against MSU. I see a definite loss today but fortunately I think it will be our last home loss this season.
  3. Well they should shut up. If we win Sunday it’s an almost certainty that we’re dancing. And if so we’re probably in next season as well. It’s hard to see a scenario where he doesn’t get 6 seasons at this point.
  4. Sounded like we played great. Did Rob get hurt?
  5. Usually I have no trouble making a prediction but I’m torn about tonight. I’m confident that MSU will come out guns blazing and have one of their best games all season. But we’re at home and AH should be rocking. It all depends on which IU team shows up. I think we should win tonight.
  6. The disgusting campus and lack of any remotely attractive women is the biggest obstacle imo.
  7. And where are we headed when TJD bolts? I bet it happens.
  8. Thanks for making my point. He didn’t inherit much. He recruited and developed most of the talent he has. But no I wouldn’t trade Archie for BU. Not yet at least.
  9. You’re not saying BU is a better recruiter and developer are you? Because Archie definitely inherited more talent.
  10. What about Underwood if the Illini win 20? I think we have a better roster than they do.
  11. Not sure if it is this year though. Usually those top 3-5 teams are a cut above the rest but I don’t know if there are really any elite teams this season.
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