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  1. I don't know. He shouldn't have. He should've been canned immediately after the Kent St disaster as I've said repeatedly. We had more national titles than Duke and UNC combined I believe at the time and were easily a top 2-3 job in college basketball. It's absolutely amazing how incompetent our administration has been.
  2. Unfortunately he's right though as I've said many times. Lose that game and the liberal racist bureaucrats at IU don't have the excuse to keep Davis for as long as they did and force the insane Kelvin Sampson hire upon us. Our past 17 years are completely different and in a good way if Duke wins.
  3. Morgan won the first gold jersey last season.
  4. And when have I ever stated such as insider information rather than just my opinion? Also, when I'm wrong I don't get butt hurt over criticism. Rather I welcome it. I was wrong about landing Romeo and deserved any criticism for that.
  5. Getting back on topic, while I don't think we're landing Trendon I definitely think IU is the safe choice for him. He can slide in immediately and start at the 3 which is his NBA position. He'll have an elite PG in RP to dish him the ball and he'll get tons of exposure at IU. Bama with a new coach makes little sense and LSU makes even less with Will Wade. Do you really want to risk going to Memphis and playing for Penny who is completely unproven? It could turn out well for him but it could also be a total train wreck. I can almost guarantee you Simmi Shittu wishes he had gone to UNC and not signed up to play for Drewfus.
  6. I think the entire problem stems from speaking in absolutes. As a lawyer I can tell you that's almost always a bad idea. Instead of saying "lock" or "done deal" just say "looks good" or "I like our chances". I doubt there would ever be any criticism if so. I personally love hearing inside info even if it later turns out to be false.
  7. You've been as spot on as anyone here and we appreciate your insight. Thanks for continuing to provide it.
  8. I don't like only getting NW, Rutgers, and Illinois only once. They could all finish at the bottom.
  9. The were preseason #2 last season and lost their 2 best players with no big time recruits coming. I think we all knew they'd be good but not many saw them as a FF team.
  10. Yep. Everyone thought PU and MSU would be a lot worse this season. They weren't.
  11. Seems like a good fit for Steve.
  12. We saw what UK fans thought of Brooks and that didn't stop him from going there.
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