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  1. I'm honestly fine with our non conference schedule. I just wish our tougher games were spread out more evenly. It's 7 total cupcakes followed by the gauntlet. I'd like to see a ND and UCONN or Arkansas in November. If we lose a couple in a row in December things could spiral out of control.
  2. K has 5 national titles. That alone will recruit itself. Sampson and Crean were both good recruiters. Crean had 5 burger boys in 5 classes with 2 being out of state. Sampson had 2 top 15 recruits in his 2 classes and Ebanks was out of state. Archie hasn't landed a top 50 out of state guy yet. I think he can but I'll believe it when I see it.
  3. He may be just guessing. We'll find out next week. I just don't think Archie can close on a top 50 out of state recruit yet. He's such an introvert and his first couple years here have pretty much been a disaster. If he ever makes a couple deep tourney runs I expect his recruiting to take off like a rocket but not until then. For now I think we live and die with Indiana recruits.
  4. Not good. I highly doubt he'd be putting in a pick a week before the announcement unless he knew something.
  5. I've never felt good about this recruitment but I highly doubt that guy knows a thing.
  6. I'm saying that we actually shot well yet still only beat this bottom feeder by 10. That's scary. If you had told me we shoot like before the game I would have bet the farm on a 25+ point win. Hopefully it was just an off game.
  7. Yeah I felt like I was watching a 43 year old Robert Parish out there.
  8. Or there was another issue that is no longer here.
  9. I'm sure that's all true. I'm just saying he didn't look good and with our frontcourt depth it's hard to see him getting many minutes.
  10. I thought Deron looked awful in limited minutes. Really disappointing. I know he's had injuries but he looks like a 40 year old man.
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