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  1. Hopefully Hoiberg isn't wandering the sidelines with flu like symptoms.
  2. A tremendous effort IU football. They are vastly exceeding expectations. Great job Coach Allen. Unfortunately it's not enough. Everyone on my inner circle tuned out today and is thankful basketball season is close. Being the IU football coach is like being the basketball coach at PSU or NW. No one will care until you make a FF. It's BCS bowl or bust for IU football.
  3. Virtual? Let's just have a virtual season. I mean why not.
  4. Sad that he and Connery both died in about a week. RIP. Jeopardy was great.
  5. We're going to the Final 4 this year guys. I can feel it.
  6. 2nd biggest fraud our country ever experienced.
  7. I gotta admit I was a bit surprised that he chose PU.
  8. Just saw this. Wow. No words. RIP man. Always seemed like such a great guy. Can 2020 possibly get any worse?
  9. A true legend. I thought he was terrific in Indiana Jones 3 and the best Bond ever easily. RIP.
  10. I have tuned out. Trey going to PU doesn't bother me a bit. I moved on to the more important things in life. Sports are a parenthesis.
  11. Honestly I don't even care anymore. I expect us to lose most games. Until the administration changes nothing changes. And that will never change either.
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