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  1. I wouldn't think so either but if Kirk Haston and DJ White can get a 1st round promise so can TJD.
  2. Any electricians or handy men on here? I was unscrewing a burned out light bulb in the kitchen and heard small pop or sizzle and now the 2 light fixtures in our kitchen won't come on at all, along with the overhead light in the nearby hallway and half bathroom. Everything else in the house works fine. I've flipped all the breakers on the panel but no luck. Suggestions?
  3. I'd be fine with that if they'd play us in football.
  4. I hope so. Crean annihilated them multiple times at home but he had shooters. Would be a good test for Woody.
  5. All time winner right here. "Mf'ers don't even work that's why their out at the f***** game" 🤣🤣🤣
  6. Yeah he doesn't fill a need at all. Pass.
  7. He literally sounds like a Matt Carlino clone. Is Luke's dad nuts as well?
  8. Maybe Leal magically gets an NIL just large enough to cover his room, board, and tuition and he walks on 🤷‍♂️
  9. It won't work. Woody is doing a great job recruiting but unless he moves away from his NBA ways he'll never have the kind of success here that most expect.
  10. Nonsense. They're trading it to Boston for Romeo.
  11. Don't forget Cem Dinc, Daryl Pegram, and Lucas Steijn. All time greats!
  12. Fantastic. Now do one of Josh Smiths collegiate career.
  13. I don't really. It does seem like the NIL and portal will put the mid majors out of business. That can't be good for March madness.
  14. Then what's the point of even having scholarship limits anymore if a big booster can just offer someone an NIL deal to cover their tuition and room and board if they walk on?
  15. That just what someone said he said on the Rivals board. My posting privileges on BB were revoked long ago.
  16. Chris on Btownbanners says expect a commitment soon. Kopp likely being asked to leave.
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