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  1. I think Dumcomb will see minutes. He's apparently a good deal better than expected.
  2. I agree. I think before it was mainly that our coaching staff was a complete joke and I now believe we have one of the top staff's in the country. But until we prove otherwise we don't deserve to be near the top even though on paper we probably have as much talent as anyone in the league.
  3. You can't just keep feeding people crap for decades on end and expect them to keep eating it up. Last season was supposed to be the best we've had in forever but how many teams did we beat that finished in the top 25? People need results.
  4. Most that I talk to are still on board but we absolutely must win the next few.
  5. I wouldn't wanna be a mod on here if our basketball team has a similar performance in their first game.
  6. I really want to see the Irish with their joke schedule sneak in as the #4 seed again.
  7. Would we be jumping the gun if we handed Bama the NT right now?
  8. It's just not like basketball where we sold out games in Creans first year. We've literally been the worst program in the B1G in football for my entire life. It takes time to change the culture. I think Allen will do it eventually.
  9. Our fans are really fickle when it comes to football. Lose and half the fans will completely tune out and focus on the Woodson era. It won't matter if we win the next 5-6. I wish the Iowa game was a month from now.
  10. The most important game we've had in years imo. Win today and the fan base gets excited and we have a terrific season.
  11. He needs to shoot better if he wants to start.
  12. We dodged a bullet there.
  13. Will Race have another year left after this one? I get confused with all the COVID rules. Plus he redshirted a year.
  14. Yeah I'm probably wrong. 247 says he's from NC but plays in FL. 🤷‍♂️
  15. Who else have we landed from FL? I remember Charlie Miller and Rod Wilmont.
  16. Cheaney would've earned a ton in his 4 years.
  17. I wonder how much $$$ he would've made during that 1 year had the NIL been around. Easily the most hyped recruit since Bailey. People were obsessed with him.
  18. EJ is there for today's game.
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