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  1. 22 minutes ago, Hoosier51 said:

    Improved or consistent guard play especially pg. As for "That Guy" i think it will be XJ. Trayce is the Hoosiers best player and Bates probably has the most potential but i think Johnson will be the guy if we need someone to take over or hit the shot if we need one at the end of a game. 

     Also better 3pt shooting is a must. 👍

    I'll admit I don't know much about XJ but I have a feeling he's going to have plenty of Devonte Green moments.  The good thing is we have 3 PGs.  

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  2. 32 minutes ago, Coach Robby said:

    Not lose 12 of 13 games

    Not hit each other with Jeeps (going way back, I know)

    I think it's obviously a combination of things, but a culture change where our players aren't afraid to make mistakes, aren't afraid to take shots, and guard the hell out of people. This will alleviate most of the ailments that have plagued the program the past 5-7 seasons. 

    You're saying signs on the bench are a bad idea?


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  3. 27 minutes ago, Steubenhoosier said:


    IU #23 and 5 B1G teams ahead of us.

    Our two best OOC opponents, St. John's and Syracuse come in at 49 and 46 respectively.


    "Can't wait to see this group in less than a month; after all, they are my national champion dark horse pick."

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  4. 37 minutes ago, IUwins0708 said:

    The longer this goes the worse it is for our Hoosiers 

    You're probably right.  This seemed like the type of recruitment where if we were getting a commitment it would happen during the visit or immediately after.  

  5. 1 hour ago, Lostin76 said:

    The growth of fringe websites catering to conspiracy theories about vaccines empowers more insane people like this. 

    ‘Maryland man allegedly fatally shot his pharmacist brother for ‘killing people’ with the COVID vaccine, court records show”


    That's what happens your big tech overlords censor all logical discussion on the topic.  People go elsewhere for information. 

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  6. Some of you are selling us short.  We swept Iowa last season who were the B1G favorites and could've swept a #1 seed Illinois team.  And that was with one of the worst coaches I've seen and a group of players that seemed completely disinterested and hated their coach. We also lost no one but Armaan and added 5 quality players.  

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  7. 6 minutes ago, BGleas said:

    The one that still puzzles me is Armaan Franklin. I can't figure out why in the world that guy left IU? Indiana kid, had a huge sophomore leap before the ankle injury, and almost all of his teammates stayed to run it back with the new coach. 

    I like our new guys, but would be even more optimistic if Franklin had stayed. 

    It's still puzzling to me. 

    He loves the pack line.  😜

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