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  1. I thought that was a young Larry Bird there for a second.
  2. A lot of guys have followed a HOF coach and had success but did nothing once that HoF coach's players left. See Tubby, Weber, Davis, and Ollie who all made the title game and 2 of them won it. All were ultimately fired though. It's tough to follow a legend.
  3. I like the Juwan Howard idea.
  4. Yeah I've heard about this thing called the pack line. What is that? 🤣🤣
  5. This isn't rocket science. Archie is Crean but he's a complete introvert while Crean is a used car salesman. Crean was able to use Dwade and his personality to grift his way into the GA job. Archie won't have that luxury.
  6. Looks similar to Deron Davis to me. Not a bad thing. Should be a solid back up big. I really like our roster a lot.
  7. Not surprised. Best of luck Jerome.
  8. He's a used car salesman that will be fired again next year. Book it.
  9. Dakich is destroying the NBA today. He's absolutely right. The league is an absolute joke.
  10. Bigger question, where is Fife going to sleep now?
  11. https://www.sportsmediawatch.com/2013/06/clearing-up-some-confusion-about-basketball-tv-ratings/ https://www.quora.com/Is-college-basketball-more-popular-than-the-NBA-in-some-parts-of-the-USA
  12. That's what they did for Landon Turner, right?
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