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  1. It’s kind of exciting not being certain where a recruit is going leading up to a commitment date.
  2. Feels like penn state has been getting all the calls.
  3. Why didn’t they take a knee? So unbelievably stupid.
  4. Would be a big get but I’m not going to dwell on it too much if he picks Purdue. I want guys who want to be at IU.
  5. I think discussing and speculating is totally fine. What bothers me is coming to a definitive conclusion when we have maybe 2% of the relevant info. “This will cost a close game or two this year” is a comment based on absolutely nothing.
  6. Freshman year I was in the balcony for the Watshot.
  7. Lots of speculation in this thread. None of us know anything so why come to a conclusion that’s based on nothing?
  8. “Target” would imply a recruit as opposed to a commit like Duncomb I would think.
  9. That honestly never seemed like a big deal.
  10. I just realized Bryce is from my hometown
  11. Juwan Morgan starting today for the Jazz.
  12. Apparently the big ten and pac 12 will be announcing tomorrow that the seasons will be cancelled.
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