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  1. Wow. That’s a quick commitment date. Has to be a good sign.
  2. I’m really thinking Miller Kopp has the best chance at being That Guy this season. It seems like he can make a shot from anywhere and I get the sense that he’s a natural leader. Tamar might be the guy next season but it’s hard to rely on a freshman in that role, especially with how experienced this team is.
  3. In one of the Hoosier hysterics interviews with Coach Hunter he’s mentioned wanting to be a head coach. In my opinion he’s the assistant we lose first with some success. Coach Ya probably has some FBI stink on him still and hasn’t given an indication that he wants to be a head coach. I also agree that Fife stays.
  4. If Tamar was from Indiana he’d be incredibly hyped. I’m so glad we have him.
  5. Class of 22 is always going to be tough with a new staff. 23 will be the big class IMO.
  6. Cameo is for recorded videos, but every celebrity basically sets their own prices.
  7. Woodson also said that our non-con would be weaker this year, and I think it makes perfect sense.
  8. Paul George isn’t a #1 option on a title team in my opinion. He’s played way more minutes than any other player in the playoffs and the Clippers are exhausted. Overall I think he’s done great considering the circumstances. I also personally disagree on your Phoenix assessment. I feel like the Clippers are the better team with Kawhi, but without him I think the Suns are better. I probably view CP3 more highly than most because I feel like he’s elevated that team to a whole other level.
  9. West Virginia is one of the most successful college programs of all time. Arguably the best program without a championship.
  10. I totally agree, but also want to add that I think PG gets a pass this year with Kawhi being out this series and the fact that PG has played well and clearly given it his all.
  11. I wish I still lived in upstate New York! I’d love to watch IU destroy Syracuse in the Carrier Dome.
  12. The last time IU made the NCAA Tournament Syracuse made the final 4. Not sure we can look down on their program right now.
  13. If we signed every single player who visited IU we’d have 45 players on the roster every year. You literally can’t have all of them pick IU.
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