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  1. Yogi has to be #1. There are some contenders for the #2 spot, but I tend to go for Oladipo here.
  2. Love that! Maybe even a “Crimson” red ale and a Cream ale.
  3. That would explain it. Crappy timing for TJD.
  4. When someone decides they don’t like the NBA they’ll make up nonsense and use that as their argument. Right now I’m probably a bigger college basketball fan, but the NBA is a vastly superior product in terms of talent as well as play style. Doesn’t make it wrong to enjoy either one more, but when people say the NBA is terrible it’s just obviously such a disingenuous argument.
  5. I could definitely see us end with a class like Cupps, Newton, Coen, booker and a transfer. Hard to be upset with that.
  6. I get the sense it’s either 4 or 5 man class.
  7. For some reason it just seems like he’s ours to lose. Coen, Cupps, Newton and one more player would be an incredible class.
  8. Yep I’m from Chicago. I rooted for DePaul since my dad taught there, and I always had an affinity for Villanova for some reason.
  9. 1) I became an IU fan when I decided to go there for college in 2011. My dad, mom, and uncle all have degrees from there so it was easy to start rooting for them. 2) Watshot is probably my number 1 memory as a fan. I was in the upper deck of assembly hall. Another fond memory was 2013 when #1 IU was hosting a top 10 UNC squad with James Michael McAdoo, as well as when IU beat Draymond Green’s MSU squad in assembly hall. Really fond memories going to games those couple seasons.
  10. Maybe it’s Oladipo! Who cares if he’s in the playoffs right now.
  11. I’m a biased Bulls fan but Giannis gets away with 10 charges every game. It’s infuriating.
  12. He never signed a LOI for Florida and never enrolled.
  13. Andy Katz has been an IU advocator the last few years and gotten burned. I don’t blame him for steering clear until we prove something.
  14. Last player like that was probably Yogi his senior year. Before that, James Blackmon jr, Hulls, and Roth were like that for me.
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