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  1. There will always be the illegal market even with NIL in effect. I think it’s going in the right direction where players can earn money off of their own likeness, but I can see scenarios where it can still get shady and a company or booster could essentially bribe a player to go to a certain school.
  2. He seemed stubborn and resentful of something. It still amazes me how bad his tenure was. I was really excited when he was hired.
  3. I think he just signed an extension
  4. Johnson Stewart A certain guy not in the portal yet Hunter/Geronimo TJD
  5. I think Miller left UIUC because he wants to play point guard and Curbelo is preventing that. No chance he’d get that opportunity at IU.
  6. Ideally Trayce will be able to stretch the floor a bit next year. I also don’t think Brunk is going to be getting more than 10-15 minutes per game next year.
  7. I think so much of it is Mitchell and Butler’s ability to penetrate and put pressure on the defense. It’s so impressive and I would love for IU to have a guy like them.
  8. I think Mike is right. The Woodson news felt questionable at least until the Matta hire was announced.
  9. Geronimo was probably my favorite freshman. I assumed he was transferring so I was incredibly excited that he decided to stay. He’s going to blow up under Woodson.
  10. Gonzaga really feels like the basketball version of Clemson (without the titles). They’ve both been so dominant that you think the reign of terror hasn’t really been for that long.
  11. In 2015 I was a senior at IU. I’ve never rooted for Wisconsin more in my life than against Kentucky in the final 4. I think I’m reluctantly rooting for Baylor but I don’t think I would be upset if Gonzaga won.
  12. I haven’t seen any discussion of that. Eric Gordon would be crazy!
  13. They announced it for Kenya Hunter so I imagine it would at least be a news article.
  14. I’m guessing it’s technically a demotion but they’d probably at least keep his current salary.
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