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  1. I’m really hoping this team can get Parker Stewart acclimated ASAP and end the season on a high note. I want to see Archie get a 5th year to see if he can get this program to the next level. If next year is bad I have no problems moving on, but I think he should get next year unless something goes horribly wrong the rest of the year.
  2. Virginia shows how effective the packline defense is when your offense is good. We put so much extra pressure on our defense to play well 100% of the time because we’re rarely leading and never leading by a lot. If IU could consistently hit open shots we’d be in much better shape.
  3. It cracks me up seeing some of the suggested names that get thrown out there. Brownell would be a terrible hire.
  4. These are all phenomenal points and it’s hard to argue with anything you’ve said. I’ve been a pretty solid supporter of Archie and really liked the hire, but I tend to agree that if after the end of year 5 and we don’t show a different level of progress that IU will probably have to move on. I really want it to work and I think it can but Archie will need to be willing to adapt a bit. It’s obvious something is missing and if we didn’t look so dead in these losses I think there would be more patient. It’s just sad to see.
  5. He does check a lot of boxes. My hesitation is he’s never coached in college and dealt with recruiting. I think he’d need great assistants to help.
  6. Personally I don’t feel too inspired by the potential pool of former IU guys. I do like Nate Oats as an option if he keeps trending well and IU decides to move on after Archie’s 5th year.
  7. Which former IU guys do you think would be ready to take over the program? Alford is the one with the most experience (unless I’m forgetting someone) but I would be incredibly disappointed if he was hired.
  8. Well yeah that game they were spotted 15 points.
  9. He’s exhausted. Trying to get him to the under 8 timeout.
  10. Hard to win when the refs spot the other team 8 points
  11. We are getting absolutely hosed by these refs. Unbelievable.
  12. You just used one of the best ft shooters in the history of IU basketball to try and prove your point
  13. We’re hanging in there. We’ve gotta take the lead soon
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