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  1. Thanks mile!! I’ve been through all the HSN movement. This board has become a part of my life, and though, I’ll probably never meet any of you I feel like I know you all! Another great thing about sports, it’s bring people of all different backgrounds, political persuasions, races, and places together! Here, no matter how frustrating some members can be, we are still one strange and crazy family!
  2. I was 8 and from Mt. Carmel, Ill, my mom married a man from Vincennes, Indiana who loved Coach Knight and IU basketball. The 81 Title team was my first exposure to IU. I’ve been in Alabama the last 25 years, but I’m still as diehard as I was in Indiana. My wife and daughter rarely watch games with me, as I comment on the game a lot. RMK got fired on my daughter’s 6th birthday. I cried when I saw that and called my dad(stepdad). He cheered me up enough for my daughter’s bday, but that was a weird day! Anyway, I bleed cream and crimson!! I love you all, this board has become family to me, though
  3. This is so sad for me. Ted Kitchell is my fave IU player, loved him when I was a youngster, Dan had been my second favorite. I met him at a charity game years ago, back in Vincennes. It was former Indiana high school stars against former IU players, I met Dan and Randy Wittman, Dan was super nice as was Randy. I also met the Heineman twins, they are the only ones I can remember from the former high school all stars. Anyway, I’d always like Dan, but he has gone completely off the deep end.
  4. I’ve been here through the other iterations as well. I’m an HSN lifer. This is the only IU board I visit. Have always liked it here. I haven’t posted much on any of the HSN iterations, but y’all still always treat me well. That I appreciate!
  5. I agree with you on espn. Other than games I want to see, I bet I haven’t watched a program on it in at least 5 or 6 years!
  6. Would love to see this Devonte more often!
  7. Calling someone names that you dont know is childish. He was stating a fact. Dude was talking trash to the fans all game. There should be some repercussions for behavior like that.
  8. It wasn’t the first time in the game he taunted the fans. He did it after a couple 3s he made.
  9. When my daughter was 10 or 11, she made a bad word daddy box for me. She would break it out during IU games and Colts games. I had to put a dollar in for every cuss word. She made a killing off of me.
  10. I don’t think it’s pathetic, we love our team! I’m 47 and still yell at the tv every game. IU basketball is what I love, other than my wife and daughter. I take losses hard, but get over them, eventually. It’s what makes us fans!
  11. I think Phin in that guard! He’s just not been right all year. If he can get healthy, I think we can be good.
  12. If only we could shoot! Don’t think I’ve seen us shoot so many air balls, even from 2pt range!
  13. Actually you said they brought it weak and that’s why they were no calls. Either way, Brunk and TJD have gotten fouled several times, IMO, with no calls at all.
  14. They have been fouling the hell out of Brunk and TJD, with almost no calls.
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