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  1. Dear lord! Some people just need attention! Somebody give this poor boy a hug, or a pat on the head, something....🙄
  2. I was living in Eldora Iowa when Steve Alford was hired they were initially ecstatic over the hire. Thank God I moved away before it got ugly.
  3. Sad to feel the need to attack young men. Shame on you! 😠
  4. Ridiculous article! Probably a friend of Joe Lunardi or is "offended" that a coach would take a shot at a fellow reporter!
  5. You know, I am disappointed again in our loss but I see this team beginning to take the personality of its coach more and more. They are not to the point that they are as mentally strong as they need to be BUT they are getting there. Our conference finishs may not be trending the way many of you want but, that is only ONE measuring stick. Kind of like NET, APR, or oc SOS. Look at just one and you can create whatever picture you want. If WE as IU fans (supposedly some of the most intelligent basketball fans in the country) can't (won't) see the whole picture of Archie's development of our program, then what are we allowing ourselves to become? (Please dear God, not pUKe fans!!!) RMK educated us on the game of basketball. We have a coach now who ISN'T RMK, never will be, & doesn't need to be. However, he is CAM & he's going to do things his way. He has a smoldering anger/desire to WIN. He hates losing but he's smart enough to know that he is changing a culture not only with his team but also within the athletic department & fanbase. Personally, you couldn't pay me enough to deal with the constant moaning and groaning from US! Plus, he preaches defense and toughness. I'll take those traits all day long and twice on gameday! I like his personality, his fire & determination, & the fact that's he's teaching his players how to handle the IU fishbowl. Most of all, I like that he spouted off to the talking heads and reminded us all (if just for a moment) of the great RMK! For all the doubters look at the WHOLE picture and not just what suits your point of view/argument. Go Hoosiers!
  6. Man, I am so with you! I lived in eastern KY near Ashland, KY and Ironton, OH for six (01-07) LONG years. Between the tOSU and pUKe fans I almost lost my mind. ðŸĪŠ
  7. Congrats Boiler! Good pickup. Rather see him at PU than MSU.
  8. I agree with you Scott. I have been reading for a long time. It gets really old having so called "fans" attacking players and coaches. They have chosen to represent the university we all love. They deserve our respect and support. Fyi - I am close to your age and tend to agree with a lot of your stances. 🙂
  9. It is sad that as an adult, you feel justified to attack our coach and our players! Al played a nice game today and Justin plays nice defense and rebounds consistently. Are they perfect? No. Do they sometimes frustrate me, yes! Do they all deserve Hoosier Nations support? Heck yes! You just really don't get it!
  10. Disappointed but once again I'm pleased with the effort. A few thoughts: *We had different guys hit big shots. *Would have liked to see Trayce hit those two freethows. Bad time to miss the only two of the game. *Refs missed some calls with the biggest being hitting of Durhams elbow on that three. *Rob played a good game. Yes, he lost his footing at the end but it was an effort mistake. *We can still make the tourney. Need to beat Minnesota Wednesday. *Some of our fans need to gain perspective and quite attacking OUR kids.
  11. Very cool! I've learned something new for the day; I should go back to bed now....lol.
  12. What?!?! I don't think I've ever heard that. I was only 5 so, I certainly don't remember. Why didn't we make it?
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