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  1. The only question now is whether or not that style will be consistently feasible in the B10. If it isnt the referees, it's half the coaching staffs in the league looking to make the game as ugly as possible.
  2. Who is wildly flailing around? A bunch of fans on forums and a few "reporters" on Twitter isn't Dolson's problem.
  3. Damnit. I had an Arby's joke lined up with Albee having the deets.
  4. Bennett has only once had an adjusted tempo ranking on KenPom above 336 (out of 357). That was his first year where they ranked 316th which was a huge drop from the 89th ranked pace they had in Dave Leitao's last year at UVA. Fun fact, they have ranked 353, 353, and 357 in the past 3 seasons. Bennett is a great coach, but I don't see how continuation of the packline and a snail's pace offense is going to be moving the program into the future as Dolson claimed.
  5. The B10 is going to have to take a long look in the mirror at some point and decide if the style of play employed by the coaches, referees, etc is winning basketball. Another really bad outing in the tournament so far.
  6. Beilein shouldn't even be on the list. He's a non-starter along with Alford.
  7. Rest assured that you aren't getting this week's news from Justin Albers. We're in play until Stevens issues a formal statement that he is not taking the Indiana job. He's had plenty of opportunities to do so already and hasn't done it.
  8. Can't wait for the pre and/or post-game interviews with BS today where he's asked about IU and doesn't break the news live resulting in a mass freak-out here.
  9. Some of you need to take a breath. Why would you assume this process to take a total of 72 hours when it's going to likely be the largest hire (both $ and impact) in CBB history? There was never anything concrete about an announcement today anyway.
  10. Goodman is on the 'Never IU' train and should be ignored like your neighbor's barking dog.
  11. This season? This is the most IUBB fun I've had in like 6 years.
  12. A lot of times, yes. Believe Harbaugh was very similar for Michigan. Those with the least to lose will break first. It also means they'll be wrong the most.
  13. Can't imagine an easier Final Four route for Gonzaga. That's a weak bracket. Edit: Kansas a 3 seed that was 9-8 in non Quad 3-4 games. 😂
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