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  1. That actually bothered be a lot. I've seen it other years with other players but for some reason seeing TJD chum it up with a rival down 10 late just doesn't sit well with me. I grew up playing against Jordy and he was the nicest guy you would ever meet off the court. When you were inside the lines though, you didn't shoot the shit with him. He was out there to beat you every time down the court. This team is missing that in a bad way.
  2. Going on vacation to Jackson Hole on Sunday. Looking forward to not giving a single **** about any games for the next week.
  3. That and two missed wide open threes from Franklin the last trip down. Epitome of the past 4 years.
  4. I'm trying to remain rational here but I truly feel like this might be the straw the breaks the camel's back. I was initially lukewarm on Archie but have been a staunch defender of him since his 1st year because I like his temperament and can see the vision he is working towards. At the end of the day, the results are all that matters and I can't stand another year getting beat up by shitty bubble Purdue teams. Enough is enough.
  5. I have resigned myself to the fact that B10 refs are awful and will continue to be awful. The only way to combat it is to be faster, more aggressive, and constantly attacking to force the other team to be the recipient of their bad officiating.
  6. I've never understood why it's the defenders responsibility to move out of the way of a guy on a dead sprint. Leal was just standing there. What do you want him to do?
  7. Would like to see Leal more even with Armaan back. I think he can contribute in this game.
  8. The next 2 are must-wins. Two teams fighting for seeding in the middle tier of the B10 and 4 of your 5 after that are against top 10 KenPom teams.
  9. They won't be, but the team should be more angry about that game than Wisconsin. Just not a good effort overall.
  10. The entire game is a lack of defense effort. Anyone saying otherwise in this thread is being disingenuous and pushing an agenda.
  11. The defensive effort just isn't consistently there in these "unimportant" games. Hard to pull away against any B10 game when guys decide to take 3-4 minute stretches off.
  12. Needed a timeout to regroup 3 possessions ago. These guys are checked out right now.
  13. I know Nebraska is bad but honestly it's just cleaner basketball. The Big 10 has positioned itself through years of enablement from refs that you either get 50 fouls called in a game or a rugby match breaks out and you get 8 free throws on 40 shots in the paint of a 50 minute game. There's rarely a middle ground.
  14. Wonder why they don't do the red square around the backboard on shot clocks. Also, they should add decimals to the shot clock to identify whether or not clock operators start the clock early in those situations.
  15. This is just bad effort defensively. Zero reason for Nebraska to be beating us down the court. They're a team sleep walking their way to 20 losses this year.
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