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  1. He's my choice too. Let him put together a homerun staff that can carry recruiting responsibilities if his back isn't going to hold up to travel. My only concern is if he would take the job given what others have said about how close he is with Archie.
  2. Love losing a "Bubble Battle" to a team that hasn't been in the tourney in 30 years.
  3. For as "hot" as our start was, it still took us almost 10 minutes to score 20 in the first half.
  4. What's the point in playing starters down 20 with 6 minutes to go? When have we ever scored 20 points in 6 minutes with this offense?
  5. I almost think you have to make the move now because of the opportunity ahead of you this off-season. There's enough talent here in the right system to serve as a foundation. Try to keep Gunn and Duncomb on board and use the free transfer year to reload with the excitement of a new chapter/coach. I've wanted Archie to succeed badly this entire time but you can't argue results.
  6. Get old stay old even if the old is decrepit.
  7. It just doesn't seem like rocket science that Leal should play more. I get it if the other team is uber athletic and he can't keep up defensively, but that is rarely the case in the B10.
  8. Rob's shot just has zero chance right now. It's basically a shotput. I don't understand how that happens as a D1 athlete.
  9. Don't have the count but it's more than the combined field goals of anyone not named Durham. Edit: 4 just shown on the replay there vs. 3 made field goals by the rest of the team (excluding Al).
  10. LOL at these horrible shooters looking like the splash brothers. Good grief.
  11. Fun fact: Geo Baker is shooting 28% from 3 this year against teams not named Indiana. In 3 halves, he's shooting 53% on 15 attempts against IU.
  12. Don't think they've scored on anything but alley-oops and 3's in a while. Feels like I'm watching a 10 year old play a video game.
  13. This is the defense that ranks 11th in the B10. For as bad as our offense is, our D is even worse when the intensity level isn't there.
  14. Offense is textbook right now. Rutgers D is also bad but that hasn't stopped us from crapping the bed before. Can we keep our foot on the gas?
  15. Durham nearly 50% from 3 the last 10 games even feels low. His shot has been on point for a while now. Need him as a spot-up shooter and not initiating the offense.
  16. Sam Story posted a similar hint with no details on Twitter as well. Someone might as well spill the beans. No point spinning up rampant speculation.
  17. Matta is the only name remotely interesting to me. The rest are committing yourself to another 4-5 years of purgatory. Also, I like the guy but Fife on this list is hilariously bad.
  18. He was interested in the IU job when Archie was hired. My understanding is he made a push because he wasn't sure if the opportunity (for IU) would come around again. He wasn't particularly impressive at IPFW. I would consider 6 years in the summit league enough time to differentiate yourself if you have aspirations of coaching at the top level.
  19. Really hate the foul game starting with 3 minutes to go. I wouldn't mind seeing delay of game technicals getting handed out when a team fouls > 6 times or so in the final 2 minutes of a game.
  20. I don't even know how that one happened. Would like to see a replay. It seemed like we had 4 guys right there to grab it.
  21. About to get 4-5 foul calls to grind this one to a halt.
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