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  1. Here's the screenshot. What a terrific moment for him, and the team.
  2. Jerry Meyer just Tweeted a Crystal Ball pick for you! Said there's been a silent verbal, and you totally got this.
  3. I agree with you all, and went right to "Raiders of the Lost Ark."
  4. Is this a good time to discuss how Indiana will be the next Michigan State, Duke, or Virginia in the next two years? Asking for a friend.
  5. Can we all agree that listing players according to a Terror Ranking would be totally awesome?
  6. Congrats, Rico! Is her height with or without shoes?
  7. Did someone say MUSKY BANNER ?? Count me in! I fish for these just a 10 minute walk from my house. PS: I hope Archie reels in Mason Miller. Ha!
  8. Recruiting version (am I doing this right?) Brick Mason Miller Justin Taylor Swift Catfish Hunter Sallis Blake Wesley Crusher Rodney Rice Cake
  9. Thanks, @The Daily Hoosier! Top 50 ranking, 6'6" and 41% career 3-point shooter. Twitter says we're also talking to his class of '23 teammate: "6’9” PF/C Carter Lang holds an ODU offer and has most recently heard from Virginia Tech and Indiana."
  10. Make of this what you will: "Yahoo Sports reported that LeBron James changed his view on the rest of the NBA season Wednesday night, opting to continue because it was in the players’ best interest." He was also told the NBA could fine teams up to $5 million per team per game, and that sponsors could withhold individual players' endorsement money for breach of contract.
  11. "Braden, we officially offer you a scholarship to play basketball at Indiana Univ - - " "I accept." Instead of "Oh, thanks, I'll tweet this out along with my final 20 schools."
  12. My step-father. He was a WW 2 captain. Battle of the Bulge, a winter affair from December 1944 to January 1945. Horrible conditions. He commanded one of several companies, with each company between 100 and 200 soldiers. Over a thousand men. Many poorly dressed for the cold. The companies were ambushed by a huge German front. 90% US causalities. The other captains were killed. My step-father was the only one of his rank to survive. He took command of the remnants of all the companies, rolled them into one brand new company, and got them back to safety. Through bitter
  13. Luke Brown's 102 page thread says hello. (I know what you meant - I couldn't resist)
  14. It's a good video with a bad title. "I think the Hoosiers can compete for the Big Ten title in 2021. I'm excited to watch them, and you should be, too. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and I think the glory days will return." What's not to like about that? I really enjoyed it. If he had named it "Indiana's glory days in basketball will return" we'd have a better reaction to it. If anything, he was too nice to the various IU administrations and all the horrible decisions they made.
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