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  1. I clicked "sad" on your post, just so you could collect all 5 emojis.
  2. He just got the news about Dawson Garcia?
  3. This is odd. Yesterday, I put Akinjo's name in the DC Online Case Search. He name DID show up. For a temporary restraining order against him and one other player, which was granted. Just a restraining order. Today, in the same database, no results under his name. To confirm I had the right database, I looked up one other player, and this came up. More serious than a restraining order. So I don't know what Akinjo's legal problems are, if any. National media are reporting he's not linked to any court cases. Maybe there should be a new thread that says "Akinjo's attorney - the next Damon Bailey?"
  4. Kentucky and Duke are falling over laughing. "You mean you actually got CAUGHT? Hahahahahaha!" (Then they'll immediately start contacting Memphis recruits.)
  5. I wonder if the interim announcer will hold a lifetime grudge if he doesn't get the job permanently. (Not sure if everyone will get this.)
  6. Except it's right there on his jersey. (Just having fun, Hoopster)
  7. Leal makes (not just takes) 500 3-pointers every day now. It’s a routine he started around three weeks ago. No mention of how many shots it takes to get there. Full story: https://www.insidethehall.com/2019/10/11/anthony-leal-motivated-by-hoosier-hysteria-ahead-of-senior-campaign/
  8. I'll just leave this here with the hope that anyone making an important decision about college will see it. According to 2019 FBI crime data, Milwaukee (home of Marquette) is the sixth most dangerous big city in the United States (Google "Milwaukee crime ranking" for source). Milwaukee also averages 45 inches of snow a year. Bloomington get 17, most of which quickly melts. Marquette's campus is next to a massive highway crossroads (pic below). For all those police cars and snowplows. I know Archie would never negative sell a recruit. Rightfully so. But as someone who lives in Wisconsin, I just had to show the whole picture. Even people in Milwaukee avoid Milwaukee.
  9. Minnesota prep Ben Carlson commits to Wisconsin for 2020 Carlson’s other five finalists were Xavier, Purdue, Iowa State, Minnesota and Stanford. He also had offers from Iowa, Creighton, Ohio State, Colorado, Northwestern and Wake Forest.
  10. Only June 23? Amateurs. My ex-wife would dig up stuff from 20 years ago.
  11. Madison22


    The NY Times' attempt today to blame 9/11 on airplanes, not terrorists. We've gone from "some people did something" to "some planes did something." https://www.foxnews.com/media/new-york-times-9-11-tweet-deleted-airplanes
  12. If you're hurt in a DUI car accident on your way to divorce court, she's got you covered.
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