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  1. He's that good. 44% from three. 58% from the field overall. 88% free throws. He is thoughtful, articulate, and determined. Really like him. The story below was written today (of course) by our hard-working HSN member @The Daily Hoosier https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-recruiting-names-to-know-class-of-2021-shooting-guard-tamar-bates/
  2. In the 6 minutes since you posted this, someone registered the name SnapTwit, got venture capital funding, and the new company is now valued at $80 million. The founders have already cashed out.
  3. Hey, can you warm-weather people just knock it off? Here's a typical July day in my neighborhood.
  4. Been a while since I posted this last summer . . .
  5. I hope his methods are seriously reviewed if he stays. There's a YouTube video of him and the IU basketball players. I sent it to a friend who is a UW (Wisconsin) trainer with a national reputation himself. He was not impressed: "There are a lot of things wrong here. Straining to lift, arching the back during bench press. Having players surround the lifter and clap and yell. (Incorrect lifting form) leads to injury." Clif's Indiana bio page is mostly about the NFL. Okay, but our basketball team finished 211th in the country for FG%. 237th in 3-point shooting. 191st in sc
  6. If this happens, it would be a dream team staff. I would take those 4 together over Stevens. Who knows? Eventually we may realize just Woodson himself was indeed the better choice. I really like everything he's done so far.
  7. It starts with coaches who value shooting, and can teach correct form. The coaches themselves must understand it, teach it, and maximize it in games. We've lacked that in the coaching staff for 4 long years. It started when Archie announced the team would practice defense 75% of the time, and offense 25%. I can't imagine how frustrating it was for players to lift weights and focus on defense, then get called out for poor shooting by Archie (which he did).
  8. I'm just glad to read this awesome thread without the site crashing! Thanks again to @HoosierFaithful and everyone who contributed. This is such a great group of people.
  9. If Coach Woodson isn't already "recruiting over" every single player we have, we picked the wrong guy. It's his job to get the best players every year. It's the players' jobs to outplay newcomers.
  10. Sounds like they ran into some rough penguins.
  11. Justin's game has flaws, sure. But he just finished a great season playing for a top 10 team. Shot 50% from the field. Respected and liked by his coach, teammates, and fans. I suspect he had a lot of fun this year. Meanwhile, Archie got fired for leading his fourth year team (remember get old, stay old?) to these season-ending stats. It appears Archie himself was the bigger problem, not Justin.
  12. I'll support him, but right now all I feel is:
  13. I have a LOT of respect for her. On Saturday, she was baited by a reporter about the so-called inequalities and sexism between the men's and women's tournaments. The reporter clearly wanted her to be a victim. Her awesome reply: "It has not impacted us a bit. I'm not gonna complain because that would be a waste of time, and it would take us away from the opportunity to talk about this basketball team and this great tournament that we're in." "We're not gonna complain; we're gonna talk about how grateful we are to be here." That's leadership.
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