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  1. My step-father. He was a WW 2 captain. Battle of the Bulge, a winter affair from December 1944 to January 1945. Horrible conditions. He commanded one of several companies, with each company between 100 and 200 soldiers. Over a thousand men. Many poorly dressed for the cold. The companies were ambushed by a huge German front. 90% US causalities. The other captains were killed. My step-father was the only one of his rank to survive. He took command of the remnants of all the companies, rolled them into one brand new company, and got them back to safety. Through bitter cold, snow, snipers, and ongoing attacks. End of story? Not yet. They did get back to safety. Nearly all were wounded. Many frostbitten. They had a few days to eat and sleep. Most thought they were done with the war. Then my step-father received his orders. He had to go tell those men they were going right back into the war zone they just escaped from. Every man was needed. No exceptions. And he would lead them. Incredibly, they followed him. Knowing full well what might be waiting for them. He survived the war (as did most of the men in the new company). He had a wonderful career in Indiana as an educator. I never heard him raise his voice, or say a disparaging word against anyone. He lived to nearly 80, and hundreds came to his funeral. Before he died, they tried to name a school after him, but he said no. I think of him often. He was kind and compassionate. Just a farm boy thrust into a war like everyone else. But that moment when he went to those troops and said "Get your gear, we're heading back out." I can't imagine. Thank you, HSN, for letting me share his story. I don't want to give his name, or identify myself, but this all happened.
  2. Luke Brown's 102 page thread says hello. (I know what you meant - I couldn't resist)
  3. It's a good video with a bad title. "I think the Hoosiers can compete for the Big Ten title in 2021. I'm excited to watch them, and you should be, too. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and I think the glory days will return." What's not to like about that? I really enjoyed it. If he had named it "Indiana's glory days in basketball will return" we'd have a better reaction to it. If anything, he was too nice to the various IU administrations and all the horrible decisions they made.
  4. Dakich's station is owned by Emmis Communications. It used to be a $100 per share stock. Now it's $1.50, and de-listed from the NASDAQ. He should worry more about his own job than Coach Miller's.
  5. Used ticket stubs from when Indiana beats Wisconsin here in Madison.
  6. . . @Stlboiler23 was a lock for Purdue, but we ended up with him.
  7. I would greatly enjoy any IU player that can shoot from the outside.
  8. Archie quit at Dayton to come to IU. Khristian Lander quit his high school to reclassify for IU. Disloyal selfish losers. Low character. Probably poison to the team (there are rumors, let's spread them!). They're not part of the IU family. Don't need 'em, don't want 'em, good riddance. Right? That's what I'm reading in this thread. They're quitters. We don't get to pick and choose which quitters we like. If they're quitters, forget them. There is zero difference between what Archie and Khristian did, and what Justin is doing. Some may disagree with that, and I expect people to type with their fists to explain why. But facts are facts. Both Archie and Khristian are quitters, based on how people in this thread define that term. We need to bring back Mike Davis and Dan Dakich as coaches (promote from within only), and only take players who guarantee to stay for four years. That's the plan. No more grad transfers coming, either. btw, when Smith was recruited, "three and a degree" was IU's main pitch. Our top selling point. He accomplished exactly that, from the business school no less. He could have gone to Stanford, which at one point was the favorite in his recruitment. Stanford has one of the top five average starting salaries for graduates in the nation, ahead of Princeton, Harvard, and Yale. (Indiana does not make the top 30). Justin bought in to what he was told at the time, and we treat him like this. To what point? What does it accomplish to smear a player like this, over and over and over? Can't we show just a little class? He deserves better. I wish him well, and fully expect him to have a terrific future. Good for him. The only reason I'm posting this is not to argue with anyone. Rather, in case Justin or his family sees it. I hope they do. But I'm not going to debate this. No one is changing their mind on this topic, so I'm shutting off the screen to go outside to enjoy the day. Cheers to all! Go IU!
  9. Coach Miller clearly has a vision of what he wants his team to be. From our never-quits HSN member @The Daily Hoosier. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-recruiting-seven-out-of-state-names-to-know-in-the-2021-through-2023-classes/
  10. Ranked #3 in the 2022 class. The #1 shooting guard. Averaged 32 ppg. Details below, with video, from our terrific and hardworking HSN member @The Daily Hoosier https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-recruiting-class-of-2022-offer-recipient-chris-livingston-sophomore-highlights/
  11. If Anthony Leal's mom baked for this kid, we could have a Pie In The Skyy commitment. I'll see myself out now.
  12. Ah, this is easy. Make silent verbals instead of commitments. If pressed further, have someone tweet that you're a heavy lean in that direction.
  13. Thank you as always, TDH. Great article for every IU fan to read, which has more details like these: He shot 48% from three. He has been to the IU campus and is good friends with 2021 commit Khristian Lander.
  14. I have lot of respect for Boiler23. Several months ago, I incorrectly attributed negative posts made by a very similar name to him. It was an easy mistake to make, but it was still my mistake. He did not make those posts, or ever anything remotely like them. Our Boiler23 could have shredded me. He didn't. I apologized, and he was Hey, it happens, we're good, let's get back to talking basketball. As classy as it gets. No crying victim. I appreciate how he walks the line here, being such an easy target.
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