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  1. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE STOP POSTING PICTURES OF THE TOILET GUY. Yet another one in today's Jalen Hood-Schifino thread after he commits to IU? Never understood how this caught on here, or why calling every former coveted recruit a POS is a good look for us.
  2. To be clear, this is not mocking Fouls in any way. Just the opposite. I've been through a divorce. It was less than fun. Instead, this is a tribute to everyone here who rolls with life's challenges with an upbeat attitude and a healthy sense of humor. Here's to good times ahead. For all of us, and for our Indiana basketball team.
  3. My 400th post. Have a great weekend, everyone!
  4. 15 minutes ago, these two tornadoes sighted in the county, heading towards Madison. Seem to be weakening. Should fade out. But sirens are going right now. Pic is actual, not an example. Edit: they are funnel clouds, not tornadoes. I got the picture from a local TV station, 2 minutes after it was posted. Second edit a few hours later: they totally fizzled out. Not even any rain. Had a pretty sunset. Odd summer up here.
  5. I run my personal life this way. Except instead of $28 million, it's a one dollar coupon at the grocery store. Instead of 12 months, I have to use it in 10 days. Otherwise, totally the same.
  6. Had the same problem. So I put my lawn sprinkler at the end of the driveway, then put the trash bin upside down, directly over it, to completely enclose the spray. Turned the water on full blast. Gave the trash bin an interior car wash, so to speak, for 30 minutes. Totally worked, and now all the neighbors do it at least once a year.
  7. Thanks. All came from my grandfather, who led an interesting life. Pic below is an African spear and ax, along with the bow. About a century old. Used to have several arrows, but they've since been lost. I don't know how or when. I do know these were made to be used in real life, not for show. Aside: HSN is such a great site. I don't know anyone else who is interested in things like this.
  8. Haha, yes, it was Mercurochrome in our house. If we had a tiny scratch, mom would draw little pictures of cats or dogs on the "wound." We loved it. They were temporary tattoos. We would fake cuts to get one. Then in the summer, we'd eat watermelon on the back porch, and have contests to see who could spit seeds the farthest. We had no money, and lived like kings. Replying to: @Billingsley99 @IUFLA @jv1972iu @NotIThatLives
  9. If anyone is interested: A Civil War Spencer rifle, traced to The Wilder Lightning Brigade. Cool story, with Indiana ties, if anyone looks it up. As far as I know, it's all original, with nothing changed since it came off the battlefield. A US Navy sword (my grandfather's). A 100-year-old Ebony bow (no arrows) from Africa. Been in our family the whole time.
  10. From NBC Sports: Jalen Lewis, 16, youngest player to turn pro in American basketball – for $1M with Overtime Elite High school junior Jalen Lewis — a five-star basketball recruit — is signing a contract with the new Overtime Elite professional league, sources tell The Athletic. His multiyear deal is worth more than $1 million, sources said. Lewis, 16 and born in 2005, is the youngest prospect ever to turn pro in America. This is yet another sign of how much the landscape is changing. Lewis – who played at Bishop O’Dowd High School in Oakland, Calif. – ranks just No. 12 in the class of 2023 247Sports Composite. Imagine what even more highly touted prospects will draw as options open in the coming years. Replying to: @Steubenhoosier ,
  11. There's a motorboat joke here somewhere, but I don't want to get banned.
  12. She's expected to make $2 million or more this year. She's also very smart. Here are some (but not all) of the Instagram names she registered, so "Fan Pages" don't clutter her brand. She did this 10 months ago. This is what running a company looks like.
  13. Bob Knight struggled to improve the hands of 7'3" center Ewe Blab. After Blab graduated and got married, he and his wife had a child - which they invited Bob Knight over to see. First thing Knight said to the wife: "Whatever you do, don't let him hold that baby, because he'll drop it."
  14. Looking at the picture, he can just turn on the stove and let fate decide when they explode. Fun for the whole neighborhood!
  15. 6"5" Coach Woodson with 7-foot Kyle. It's nice to have a tall coach again. It just is. Archie Miller shown actual size in pic, waiting for the recess bell. (Edit: I still pick on Archie because we finished 300th in the country for free throws, in his 4th year as coach. My therapist says I'll let it go eventually.)
  16. We ended Archie's fourth season ranked 300th in the country for free throws. Overall shooting was almost as bad. That was what he built. I'm glad Coach Woodson is here.
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