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  1. 22 seconds to get a shot up down 8 with 1:07 lol
  2. We are a quad 2 game. Congrats to us all all lol
  3. Bardo wants to tell me i don't understand what bad basketball is... shut up
  4. People on here ripping the kid.. lead the team in minutes, double figure scorer, rebounded well in crunch time, guarded opposing teams best player. Also alot of plays out of timeouts were ran for him. Shot 50% percent from the field (could have been higher, but show me the great guard play that set up easy baskets this year consistently?) . Go back and watch the big wins towards the end of the season and his fingerprints are on most of them. Far from a perfect player but damn the vendetta against this kid throughout his career has been something to witness.
  5. Following this board for many years I know you guys are great posters and I listen when you speak. I guess I just chose this topic to finally air frustration that has built up for years. I apologize for coming off as a grump.
  6. Still making fun of the guy that brought the program back from the ashes I see. I often found things frustrating about Coach Crean. From recruiting (at times) to on court play (at times) but I will never make fun of the guy for his effort and enthusiam during his time at IU.
  7. In a season where we have had coaches called for a tech for slapping the floor and a player called for a tech for putting his finger up to shush a player talking trash to him.... and for that Illinois player not be called for one there for an elbow and some strong diologue to Rob is BS
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