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  1. I wonder how many homecoming games we have been the visiting team for over the years.
  2. I hope we get this game to halftime before we have to leave to take Little Keet to Monster Jam this afternoon. It feels like a long game thus far. Maybe it’s just because I was hoping to be up 21-3 by now.
  3. Stevie is going to end up with some big numbers today.
  4. I really hope we don’t have to settle for three here
  5. Florida St. My reason is, if we sweep the month of November like we should a win against FSU, which will be our first biggish name opponent, could propel us like I think the win at NC St did the year of the Wat shot. I know this probably isn't the type of thinking you were looking for when posting the question, but it was my first thought.
  6. Keep fighting the fight, my friend. Seeing your avatar is my daily reminder to lift Ayden up in prayer.
  7. It’s the unforeseen; unintended consequences that make me a bit nervous about it.
  8. If it becomes unrecognizable, I hope it is still something I enjoy. College basketball is my number one sport so I hope as it evolves that I can find a way to still enjoy it. I will sure try. My Saturdays in the fall might be a lot more free though.
  9. I hate to say this, but I get all kinds of Luck vibes on all of this
  10. Trust me. I’d be the one holding the place in line.
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