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  1. Before the season started, my optimism level was at the place where I truly believed we would knock off the worthless nuts this year.
  2. Not sure where else to put this. The first AP poll of the season is out. We check just outside the top 25. https://apnews.com/hub/ap-top-25-college-basketball-poll
  3. I hate to hear this. My dad had lymphoma. The chemo took a lot out of him. He frustrates me at times, but he will always be the sound of college basketball to me.
  4. My in laws desperately want Fickell to go to LSU. I don’t think they get that he is a Midwest guy.
  5. The tweet did say illness too, so maybe a guy or two are under the weather.
  6. Just kick the FG now before we take too much more time off the clock since we will need two more.
  7. We are down by eight. Im not sure we have enough time to get in FG range three more times today.
  8. If an IU player did what 94 for MSU just did a play ago, he’d be tossed for targeting.
  9. Leading by two is better than trailing by one, but we have to get in the end zone at some point.
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