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  1. I know. I wasn’t clear there. B1G schools are dealing with ACC; Big XII , etc schools saying we are going to play and they aren’t. Come here.
  2. NBC has an 1.5 hours of pre race coverage so I’m sure they’ll try to do as much as they can of the normal stuff. I haven’t heard anything official though.
  3. I invited a few friends over to watch. I debated watching it alone because when I get together to watch the Super Bowl with this same crew we talk so much I’m not as focused on the game. In the end I think I’d be miserable sitting there alone focused on not being there.
  4. You know every B1G program is dealing with that in recruiting right now.
  5. I have been looking at the speed charts and find it very depressing. It’s really starting to hit me that there is going to be a 500 Sunday and I won’t be there.
  6. Well, that is part of Louisville’s recruiting pitch.
  7. If football is outright cancelled, you can kiss basketball goodbye. If football is postponed until spring, then I think you see basketball season get pushed back to start later and we have May Madness next year. That' how I see it anyway. To be honest, I'll believe they are going to play any of it when I see teams take the field/court.
  8. I can’t say I’m real torn up over this.
  9. I agree completely. Closer to time I’m sure I’d get into it, but right now I have a hard time feeling real excited about this scenario. I could be wrong, but I give it a chance of somewhere between slim and none.
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