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  1. Parakeet Jones

    Until we meet again TV Ted

    We could see him at Duke or Arkansas for that matter.
  2. Parakeet Jones

    Iowa Game Thread

    Thankfully I am leaving this agony behind shortly to take my five year old to Monster Jam.
  3. Parakeet Jones

    Iowa Game Thread

    Maybe that gives us the spark we need
  4. Parakeet Jones

    Iowa Game Thread

    This is as disappointed I have been with an IU football performance in some time, and that is saying something.
  5. Parakeet Jones

    Iowa Game Thread

    This is the kind of drive I was hoping to avoid from them.
  6. Parakeet Jones

    Todays game wiith iowa

    3-0 Hoosiers. Keep an eye on the game thread. The score should be posted there frequently. Go Hoosiers.
  7. Parakeet Jones

    Iowa Game Thread

    Good to see Timian back out there.
  8. Parakeet Jones

    Ten Man Rotation

    My top 10 in no order. Morgan Romeo Smith Green McRoberts Durham Fitzner Hunter Phinisee Thimpson Davis is #11but his health makes it tricky for me to know where to put him. I wonder if either Anderson or Forrester are RS candidates. I really like them both, but I am not sure they play much this year. Moore? I hope he earns some minutes. We will see.
  9. Parakeet Jones

    Trendon Watford

  10. Parakeet Jones

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    I’m off this week. It would be convenient for me if it happens this week. Just putting that out there. 🤣
  11. Parakeet Jones

    Ohio State Game Thread

    A buckeye is nothing more than a worthless nut.
  12. Parakeet Jones

    Ohio State Predictions?

  13. Parakeet Jones

    Ohio St. pregame thread...

    I have been excited for Saturday to get here for every game so far this year more thanI usually am. Having said that, I am having a difficult time building up any kind of enthusiasm for Saturday. It just feels like a beat down waiting to happen. Hopefully they surprise me.
  14. Parakeet Jones

    Starting 5

    FWIW, I heard an interview with Greg Doyle on the way home from work today. He said one of IU’s coaches told him McRoberts was the most improved shooter over the summer.