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  1. I'm glad they got this done. He is a credit to IU and we are blessed to have him.
  2. So for Christmas my wife got me a private golf cart tour of the speedway. I just booked it on Friday for over spring break. With the basketball season in the hopper, this is number one of the things I’m looking forward to now.
  3. I would think they would have to do something like that if they choose to retain him. I don’t follow football recruiting that closely, do you know what kind of effect, if any, that has had on their recruiting?
  4. I believe there are still some candles burning somewhere.
  5. I saw sure “Ol’ Coach Tommy” was a term of endearment not meant to be belittle him. My bad
  6. You still take shots at Crean every chance you get. We’re you this morally outraged when he was called Clappy and such?
  7. So we’ll be in the 7 vs 10 game on Thursday, right?
  8. He’s been the most enjoyable aspect of the last few games for me.
  9. Can we just Old Yeller this season already?
  10. Other than that things are peachy keen, right?
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