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  1. Parakeet Jones

    The top 3 scorers for IU this season.

    I would have to look to be certain, but I think he really was there six years, played four, conventional redshirt one, and a got a hardship for a medical redshirt one.
  2. Parakeet Jones

    The top 3 scorers for IU this season.

    Only if he gets 11 years of eligibility like Jess Settles.
  3. Parakeet Jones

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    I always said that if I was ever important enough to need a bodyguard, I wanted Dale Davis as mine.
  4. Parakeet Jones

    W. Kentucky gets another 5 star

    Maybe he just really likes Bowling Green, KY.
  5. Parakeet Jones

    Jerome Hunter

    I have long thought GG was the most underrated Hoosier of my lifetime (I’m 40). I think at times how great he really was got lost in the shadow of Calbert.
  6. Parakeet Jones

    IU , Ohio State , Maryland , & Rutgers

    Mini rant alert. There are way too many early season tournaments these days. It used to be something special to be in one, now it seems like everyone is. It used to be Maui, Alaska, and the pre season NIT, and in the pre season NIT no team was protected so if you got upset early on,you didn’t go to NYC ( see IU vs Butler Sampson’s first year). Having said that, I watch them all so I guess I should just shut up.
  7. Parakeet Jones

    The Off-Topic Thread

    It gets better, I promise. My daughter, who just fell asleep in my arms, is a challenge, but our boy has always been a great sleeper once we got through the first couple of months. The tough part is when/if you have a 2nd. With one, you can both sleep while the baby sleeps. With two, one of you has to be up with the other kid. I can’t fathom three. Thank God we are done.
  8. Parakeet Jones

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    As much as I like to laugh at him, I think he is better coach than he gets credit for at times.
  9. Parakeet Jones

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

  10. Parakeet Jones

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Sometimes I turn on Iowa games solely because I’m hoping for a Franimal sighting. The Francon chart is one of the funniest things I have seen.
  11. Parakeet Jones

    Devonte Green

    My concern about Green’s consistency is what keeps me from being as bullish on our prospects this season as some. I realize we have RP coming in, but he is still a freshman. If Green can consistently play to his potential, then that takes this team to another level in my opinion.
  12. Parakeet Jones

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Anyone else’s allergies especially bad this summer?
  13. Parakeet Jones

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Trust me, I do.
  14. Parakeet Jones

    The Off-Topic Thread

    She just fell asleep in my arms. Our son was sleeping 12+ hours at this same age. We are lucky to get nine from her. It has given me plenty of time the last few months to keep up with threads here though.
  15. Parakeet Jones

    The Off-Topic Thread

    My 20 month old daughter will not go to sleep. Not just tonight, most nights.