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  1. UConn is supposed to be a bad three point shooting team, right? Yet they’re lighting us up from outside. This gets old.
  2. Well at least we only let the run be 9-0 instead of 15-0 before calling a timeout tonight.
  3. I’m not that old, but I’m getting too old for these 10:00 tips when the alarm goes off a little after 5:00.
  4. Do you remember when we played them in NY the year we had Vonleh? It became a topic of conversation in the game thread that night about how many times they showed him.
  5. You know what else is nonsense? That jacket that Chris Mack has on, that’s what.
  6. ESPN just showed Calhoun. What’s the over/under on how many times they do during the game?
  7. It’s funny you ask about how we feel, Mile. I had a good feeling on Saturday and we all know how that went. Tonight, I have a bad feeling so hopefully I’m as right tonight as I was Saturday. The one prediction I am confident in is that with a likely 9:30 start, I’m going to be tired tomorrow.
  8. I think this is an important game. We need to bounce back and not let the seed get planted in this team's mind of "here we go again" with another loss. Winning can become a habit, but so can losing, like during the 1-12 stretch last year. We need to right the ship before it gets too far off course, and I think we will.
  9. I wish we would have taken a timeout during that 15-0 run at the beginning of the game.
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