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  1. NBC is showing last year’s at 2:00. ESPN2 is showing condensed versions of 2006, 2011, and 2014 starting at 3:00. It has been a strange day for sure.
  2. Amarillo, I’ll be there.
  3. It would be the 3rd if it was in October. No IU football that Saturday so that would be nice. My personal nightmare would be if the 500 ended up that day and IU tried to schedule Hoosier Hysteria that day. I love the Hoosiers, but the 500 would take priority over a glorified pep rally.
  4. It’s been hitting me hard this weekend since qualifying should be happening. I’ve been watching a lot of old videos on YouTube like I normally due this time of year and it’s really got me missing heading to IMS for the race next Sunday. It’s going to be brutally hot in August. I almost hope it gets bumped to October for the sake of the weather.
  5. This district I work for sent one of those out too. Did you have four options to choose from? I am starting to think about what adjustments I would have to make to start next year doing eLearning. I tried to find a list is restaurants affected today, but I guess no list was published. I will be crushed if the one in Clarksville is. I hope the one in Bedford survives too since that is a frequent stop headed to Bloomington for games for me.
  6. Very interesting idea. Something has to be done that’s for sure.
  7. Congratulations and sorry you couldn’t go out and see her. Feeling okay? How is the new grand baby?
  8. Praying for you, friend.
  9. From your lips to God's ears.
  10. That didn’t take long. Good for him.
  11. They do now. It started a year or so ago. Only the top four teams get in.
  12. Nursing homes are getting hammered. My wife works at one. Little Keet’s pediatrician had her take FMLA due to his history of hospitalizations for pneumonia. Hopefully her facility can get it under control quickly so that she can go back to work. We know she was exposed prior to FMLA, but thankfully she tested negative.
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