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  1. basketball tickets

    ohh perfect thanks
  2. Romeo Langford

    I’d be curious to know how they felt after watching that game?
  3. 2018, 2019, 2020 Recruiting

    in my opinion that is huge for Indiana
  4. 2018, 2019, 2020 Recruiting

  5. Romeo Langford

    so im out of the loop....what did Romeo's dad say? where's the article at with his quotes?
  6. Romeo Langford

    Ohhh I 100% agree with you... for anyone to have a pity party this early on is wasting time doing it... I think IU is very much still in it and I would much rather want to come in as the legend with 4 top 100 players around me than be the second/third option in a place that doesn’t care for basketball
  7. Romeo Langford

    But the recruitment of Romeo it’s not Indiana or their past vs Vanderbilt and their past. This is Archie Miller and being a legend in IU vs DG and shittu don’t you think? Ps I haven’t read your guys debate so I’m not taking either side just strictly discussing recruitment of Romeo
  8. Romeo Langford

    i truly think its down to us and Vanderbilt...I think its funny that darius had to decide between building a legacy for Vanderbilt and staying home or going to the bigger conference...now romeo has to decide if legacy or playing with darius at Vanderbilt. I hope he choses the legacy of course
  9. Romeo Langford

    not to be "that guy" because I usually am not but isn't this a romeo thread and not a coaches record thread? I feel like its gotten completely off topic and this deserves its own thread because the discussion is going to continue
  10. Darius Garland

    what are the colors for darius garland's school? sometimes when kids announce parents wear something closer to the school they are picking. so I'd be curious about if the parents will wear school colors or something more neutral
  11. Darius Garland

    so based off of what you are saying do you take that as a good thing?
  12. Darius Garland

    I think people took this as you having inside information instead of just you having a gut feeling based off of your previous comments and people knowing you had some information. I personally took this as just your feeling not you hearing something. maybe in the future just add something that says it's your feeling instead of your inside info stuff because some people will freak out over that type of stuff. But hey if not no worries from me. You just do you buddy!
  13. Darius Garland

    this is just my two cents but this is what I think..... Darius has an idea where he wants to go but since he can't sign until Next week he wants to see who is going to continue showing him they want him more than the other, who has the better game plan, and who is going to be genuine in this last week before he decides. The family said the decision would be before November 13th. IMO he will see everyone one last time next week take the weekend to decide with family only then on Monday the 13th he will announce. AS others have stated I think he is struggling between being the hometown hero and going to the bigger school. This is known facts.... Romeo is IU's number 1 priority Garland is Vandy's number 1 priority. Both of them know they are the number 2 priorities at the out of state schools (aka Vandy and IU) but it's a matter if they split up and both want their own legacy or if they want to create a legacy as the possible best freshman backcourt in the nation. If Romeo texts Garland and says im for sure going to Indiana then Garland has to decide what's better for him. or vice versa if Garland text's Romeo
  14. Darius Garland

    is this your guess or are you hearing from a source it's officially November 1st?
  15. Trayce Jackson-Davis

    here's what I found interesting about the article. He said he is playing with Keion Brooks Jr. this year. I'd be curious as to when that was decided because we all think they are both coming to IU. they've both been recruited since Archie and Co. came so maybe they've talked and already both know they want to come to IU so they secretly decided to play on the same AAU team this year.