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  1. IUfaninIllinois

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Look I appreciate what you bring to the board and you are able to bring things that others aren’t but sometimes you have this I’m better than you mentality and if one person says anything against you then you get in this instant attitude and make comments that aren’t needed and threaten to not post or tell people to ignore you. I mean no disrespect because I’m not a disrespectful person but you’re not above criticism either and if anything because of your fortunate position you should even be held to a higher standard. Debates and disagreements are going to happen but I don’t like that when you get in these debates you have a “I’m going to take my ball and go home” mentality. Yes this board wouldn’t be the same without you or coach or any other insiders but it gets frustrating when you act the way you do when disputed.
  2. IUfaninIllinois

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    So if you don’t think Archie is the coach who is? If Archie didn’t get the job who would have? You’re a known insider so I’m sure you know the answer to this!
  3. IUfaninIllinois

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    So IU and MICH St are the presumed favorites for Keion’s services how awesome would it be if Keion Tweets our at Halftime of the game today that he’s committed to IU!
  4. IUfaninIllinois

    Caleb Love

    Louisville, Purdue, and Mizzou head coaches at Highland Shootout today! Caleb Love has 15 at half but had 4 turnovers at the end of the half. He is good but still needs another year to develop. Since he’s from St. Louis he is compared to Bradley Beal and Jayson Tatum but he’s not on their level from when they were in high school.
  5. IUfaninIllinois

    Caleb Love

    I look forward to giving them and hope y’all enjoy them... this shootout is now one of the premier events in southern Illinois... in fact on the old site I told everyone how Justin Smith was better than everyone in the gym that night including a player by the name of Jayson Tatum! And a player by the name Michael Porter. Justin Smith has highlight reel dunks and was a man among boys!
  6. IUfaninIllinois

    Caleb Love

    I plan on going and watching him play January 5th so I’ll give everyone a report after each quarter?
  7. IUfaninIllinois

    IU vs Jacksonville Dec. 22, 2018

    Don’t forget the better school in Jacksonville UNF who has a lazy river for their freshmen!!!
  8. IUfaninIllinois

    Isaiah Stewart Commits to Washington

    I totally understand that but this is a fan forum we discuss everything on here and people aren’t afraid to dog players on an hourly basis I just don’t understand why it’s such a big deal. I feel like it’s a known thing we will probably oversign
  9. IUfaninIllinois

    Isaiah Stewart Commits to Washington

    But we are speculating on getting Stewart which means if we got him somebody would indeed transfer... so if we can’t even discuss that then we shouldn’t discuss anyone beyond brooks!
  10. IUfaninIllinois

    Isaiah Stewart Commits to Washington

    So let’s say we get brooks and Stewart then who do you see transferring?
  11. IUfaninIllinois

    IU UC Davis Game Thread

    Dangit I was going to type this then I scrolled and saw your relax quote so can’t do it anymore LOL
  12. IUfaninIllinois

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    So I find ilhis timing intriguing do y’all notice his time frame and Trayce time frame is almost the same?
  13. IUfaninIllinois

    Marquette at Indiana Game Thread

    I guess someone told juwan this board was talking about him!!!!! 😂😂😂😂
  14. IUfaninIllinois

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Especially considering I think this is a year a lot of Kentucky players come back for year two unlike other years and Izzo typically doesn’t get a ton of one and dones so a lot of his players will be back too!!!!
  15. IUfaninIllinois

    Trayce Jackson-Davis Commits to IU

    If he wants it to be a secret this has to happen without a doubt!