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  1. I appreciate the insight.... I know Archie is more close to the vest and business like and maybe isn’t as open as others which can rub people the wrong way but he’s my coach so I’m all in on what he thinks is best for our team
  2. I understand he has history of his players getting to the league but I don’t understand at all why in the world anyone would ever want to go play for him. It really also bugs me that Dane Fife is an assistant for him and not at IU where he belongs!
  3. So we all know about the wide world of Devonte Green. He is essentially his own reality tv show on the court. Sometimes he’s fun to watch and sometimes he’s a train wreck that we yell at the tv but can’t stop watching. My question for y’all is why do you think he is so inconsistent like this when he is a senior. He clearly has the tangibles to be a good player and he has a coaching staff who watches film with him on top of having an NBA player brother. Him being a headcase to me isn’t an acceptable reason because of al of the reasons listed above. How can a 4 year player still be so inconsistent/ a headcase if that’s what your answer would be.
  4. What if it’s on purpose that he isn’t starting? Some players are just better when they come off the bench. It happens in the NBA all the time. So maybe green and Coach had a convo and said let’s try this and if it doesn’t work then he can go back to starting.
  5. What I love is ESPN commentators were not ACC homers like 99% of ESPN commentators. They were praising Indiana all night long!!!!
  6. Where were we on his list? Did we finish second behind GU?
  7. Thanks for the great information. I’d be curious who his favorite team is and if he is an Indiana fan at all. If not unless we do something these next couple of years we have no chance because with kids going pro the dukes and Kentucky’s will be going hard after him
  8. Not complaining but shouldn’t this be moved to general basketball discussion? Thanks
  9. Kentucky loses at home to the Evansville Aces 67-64 now I see why they don’t want to play IU at home 😂😂😂
  10. Also Garcia talked about the relationships Memphis is trying to be UK where everyone cares only about getting to the league.
  11. He can get movers hired for Penny’s on the dollar 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
  12. I also think the players and parents love his business approach to his job but with the kids behind the scenes I bet he has a quite sense of humor that only the players get to see that makes the kids go to battle for him! You saw his personality at the fantasy camp when he was interviewed.
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