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  1. As reported on insidethehall it looks like the coaches have voted to move the schedule to 20 Conference games. I love this idea. The article also mentioned this may cause teams to change their non conference schedule to not have as many marquee games. In my opinion I would love to see Indiana schedule lots of marquee games and have a chance to start getting top 5 in SOS especially with my thinking we will become a force in the recruiting world and will be able to handle that great of a schedule. So two questions here! when is the last time Indiana finished in top 5,top 10, or even top 20 in SOS? how do you guys feel about the league probably switching to this format?
  2. basketball tickets

    I would love to start a tradition of bringing my baby to men's basketball games so my wife and I have decided to come into town once a year for a game. since he's 9 month old he will get in for free so I would only need 2 tickets and I would like to come on a Saturday night because it's a 4 hour drive. Please let me know if you have tickets available. I really only want tickets for the good games not the games we beat teams by 30 or more. I appreciate the help. Thanks!
  3. Darius Garland

    yep you are spot on... the hill is where to go for Italian and you will get the best toasted ravioli there. yes fried pickles are so popular here and very delicious... hooters has some of the best fried pickles around. So does a place called Twin Peaks and also this place in Webster groves( a suburb of STL) is absolutely amazing too
  4. FBI Arrests Coaches in Corruption Scandal

    ive tried listening to local radio and talking to some people but they are keeping a tight tight lid on who is involved. I'm going to try to use some more resources and figure out if I can see whose involved! stay tuned
  5. Darius Garland

    pappys is good depending on what you like... there is actually two bbq places in Illinois about 20 miles from downtown that are better. one place is called beast craft bbq and it has a 24 ounce pork steak that they wont give you a knife for and have this amazing candied bacon. its in a town I live in called Belleville, Illinois there is also a new bbq place called a fine swine in new baden Illinois and it just beat out pappys and 31 other bbq places for best bbq in st Louis area. Pappys has really good ribs.
  6. Darius Garland

    mile if you ever come to st Louis ill buy you an imo's pizza that you are speaking of above and buy you a beer. also have you ever had the toasted ravioli around here. or some delicious bbq?
  7. Darius Garland

    I agree, I think in the fbi posting I said this exact same thing. nobody really responded to it with a discussion though
  8. New Mod / Admin.!!

  9. FBI Arrests Coaches in Corruption Scandal

    also I was just thinking! what if IU is now in the final two with certain teams for certain players and the other teams had an edge because their offer included money. I'm guessing they will now withdrawal that offer of money and lists will def be changing or kids will be going to places they were originally predicted to go to. With Vanderbilt getting 4 5 stars to come in like never before you almost hope they were a school offering money and no longer can!
  10. FBI Arrests Coaches in Corruption Scandal

    I mean since nike has been served recently I would think it has to be a nike school that is the "bombshell school"
  11. FBI Arrests Coaches in Corruption Scandal

    I just looked at crystal ball for Romeo and it was 50% this afternoon for Louisville... it's now showing 45% Indiana and 27% Louisville so I have a feeling that 27% will be split between Indiana and Kansas!
  12. FBI Arrests Coaches in Corruption Scandal

    so the question is if Louisville does get the death penalty how long will it take the players to clear an NCAA investigation so they can transfer. That could really change the landscape of recruiting for this year and next year. I would assume clean players can transfer immediately which means they can go to teams with scholarships available for 2017
  13. Romeo Langford

    sorry please delete above post I meant to put it in other section I will copy and paste in other thread
  14. FBI Arrests Coaches in Corruption Scandal

    now this makes me wonder about Kris Wilkes!!!!
  15. Garland/Langford Combo Megathread

    I agree. I def think the site has useful info and that's why I still go to it. I just think the crystal ball predictions are looked at and discussed in debates by way too many people when those crystal balls can be changed within a day.