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  1. IUfaninIllinois

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Well that actually works out.... he announces his final 3 last week then break this week talks to his family to officially confirm IU then announcement sometime next week!
  2. IUfaninIllinois

    Matthew Hurt

    I think the testimony today of Self being aware of Adidas involvement hurts them landing Matthew Hurt!
  3. IUfaninIllinois

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    What’s the point of announcing a final 3 instead of just picking whatever school he chooses to attend?
  4. IUfaninIllinois

    Isaiah Stewart

    Clifton Moore for sure... and if green just doesn’t do very well I could see him leaving if these guards pass him in depth chart middle of season.
  5. IUfaninIllinois

    Isaiah Stewart

    We don’t even know if Morton can graduate early though do we? What are Pennsylvania rules in regards to graduating early?
  6. IUfaninIllinois

    Flash vs Substance

    I do think the NCAA is now set up for coaches to have clean success... the microscope is on them more than ever plus with the new one and done rule the kids that would normally get paid to play will go pro... I actually would love to see the NCAA implement a new rule of paying college athletes when this one and done new rule comes out in response to the NCAA fear of watered down basketball because “elite” players will no longer be in the schools! I understand for years it’s already worked with kids being able to go pro but back when that was allowed kids were getting paid without question giving them reason to stay a year!
  7. IUfaninIllinois

    Hoosier Hysteria - Recruit Discussion

    No I took it as Archie teasing Romeo because Romeo wasn’t getting up and getting his food so Archie was teasing Romeo!
  8. IUfaninIllinois

    Hoosier Hysteria - Recruit Discussion

    I don’t understand this???? Lol
  9. IUfaninIllinois

    Hoosier Hysteria - Recruit Discussion

    What I like is that Archie seems to be showing some personality that the public doesn’t typically get to see!
  10. IUfaninIllinois

    Terrence Clarke

    I do feel like the ncaa should put some sort of timeframe that states if your intentions are to go pro you must declare by this date and it not be like 1 or 2 months before the draft more like 6. There has been the topic of contingencies I think that this will create a ridiculous amount of them once this proposal becomes a reality!
  11. IUfaninIllinois

    Terrence Clarke

    How does everything think that will change who is prioritized? Do you think that kids let’s cosches know that they are going pro?
  12. IUfaninIllinois

    Caleb Love

    I will try making it out to some games this year and give y’all a scouting report!
  13. IUfaninIllinois

    Basketball tickets vs Ohio state!

    Need 4 basketball tickets for Sunday Feb. 10th vs Ohio St. Would like to be somewhere where we are out in the open and not under the balcony on the lower level. Thanks!
  14. IUfaninIllinois

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Well if Stewart comes I’m sure Moore won’t be apart of that equation unless he just jumps on the scene and contributes heavily this year
  15. IUfaninIllinois

    Armaan Franklin Commits to IU

    So do we have 3 open spots and if Romeo leaves we have 4? Or Is it 2 and 3?