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  1. But that’s not ever been my point at all and I don’t disagree.... it has to get to that point and Ostrom is the beginning and middle. You don’t have an end without that.
  2. I think he is the closer but name the last recruit where he has been the lead recruiter? It’s Ostrom not Archie... I cant tell you how many times a big recruit will say this head coach is recruiting me hard and when they get to Indiana they say Coach Ostrom is recruiting me etc... when you look on 247 and it says lead recruiter it doesn’t say Archie on a lot of them it says Ostrom. If that’s Archie’s way of doing things it’s working and I’m totally fine with it but if Ostrom is making that big of an impact he isn’t as easily replaced like our other assistants. Our other assistants have gotten recruits but all of our BIG recruits such as TJD, Romeo, Lander are all Ostrom not Archie and not other assistants.
  3. But it has A LOT to do with Ostrom.... 90% of the top 50 kids Ostrom is the lead recruiter and I haven’t seen very many where Archie is the lead recruiter. I mean maybe the plan is Archie Closes but I don’t know.
  4. That’s my exact point. Others are replaceable but it’s very hard to replace what he’s done. I mean he clearly wants to be a head coach if he’s applying for it.
  5. I appreciate the input 👍👊
  6. The problem with success is offers come to run your own program... the key to a successful program is making sure you bring in killer recruiters because they are the difference between success and failure. I also think that it seems like Ostrom is the lead recruiter and never Archie. I think Archie needs to be more hands on in the future. I mean maybe he already is and it’s just not talked about enough
  7. Ostrom is absolutely a stud recruiter.... we HAVE to make him highest paid assistant in the big ten.
  8. Ohh I absolutely know it wasn’t and I didn’t want to sound like I was attacking back. I just wanted to get my point across and give a thorough answer and not just seem like I didn’t like the guy just because.
  9. I’m talking about multiple players saying he ran them into the ground.... the 4 hour practices... the running until you throw up... I’m not sure if you’ve ever coached but you don’t go balls to the walls with your players just because that’s how you are. As a coach to get the most out of your players you have to gauge how each player responds. Some respond to yelling. Some respond to nurturing... some respond to everything... Crean didn’t adjust and his players suffered because of it... I understand some situations kids got in trouble and they had to be disciplined but when Cody Zeller... who is a team guy through and through comes out against crean for running them into the ground it has credibility to it and you have other players saying the same. This isn’t guys who got in trouble with Crean coming out against him because he booted them... him firing mcloud because he didn’t carry the bags and also made him wait in the office and then call him at 1 am these are not signs of a coach that gets credit for bringing a team back to prominence... with some of the classes he had we should’ve won a title and would have with a better coaching style instead of a coach with insecurities
  10. He may not be a bad person but as a coach for him to treat the players the way he did is absolutely unacceptable and that has to discredit some of the things he has done here period.
  11. After listening to that podcast I have actually lost respect for Crean. As a basketball coach myself this is not how you run a program and for him to be so selfish and his lack of care for his players. No thanks
  12. I think what they should do is everyone must register a phone with the NCAA that people get to review. If you get caught with a burner phone or a non registered NCAA phone then set such a high penalty against the school that the school will make sure they’re coach stays clean.
  13. So when Lander reclassifies then he will be #12 then lol
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