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  1. Romeo Langford

    I couldn't agree more and it's really funny you said this....ESPN just did an Article on Villanova and how Jay Wright tried switching to recruiting high end 5 stars and it didn't work out so he went back to HIS style... it's actually a great read...see below: http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/22436614/inside-villanova-epic-five-year-run
  2. Romeo Langford

    I work for a brokerage firm and the rule is as long as it’s under $100 in value it’s not a violation so maybe the ncaa has a rule in place that a gift like a ticket can’t exceed a certain price or something?
  3. Northwestern Postgame Thread

    To be honest actually watching mcswain in person I thought he looked terrible... he looked so lost in my opinion and him being undersized really showed in person. His footwork was absolutely terrible!!!
  4. Northwestern Postgame Thread

    I was trying to figure out what other recruits were in attendance.. have a list?
  5. Romeo Langford

    I was in section C and we heard it real good and everyone around us started asking if Romeo was at the game. I said it was nationally televised so maybe that’s why they did it?
  6. Parking pass for tomorrow vs NU

    I am looking for a parking pass for tomorrow’s game vs northwestern!!!
  7. FWIW.... Hey Tom Crean

    Mile as part of the deal with the ACC to allow Notre Dame to join their conference in all sports but football they were required to play at least 4 ACC teams a year. That way they could keep their yearly games
  8. basketball tickets

    Thanks for the link... yeah stubhub used to just do fees for the seller and not the buyer so because they got greedy and charge both it’s hard to afford stubhub tickets these days!!!!
  9. Trendon Watford Visit

    yes he was a stud and very explosive in high school. maybe he hasn't gotten playing time because he is timid and when he does shoot he doesn't score very much. I understand he's adjusting to not being the star but there's one way to fix that. prove yourself in games and in practices. You don't think Archie would play those two if he didn't think they would help? Clearly Archie sees something in practice that we don't/won't ever get to see that dictates why those two currently aren't playing
  10. De'Ron Davis

    ok so why is De'Ron creating these fouls when he does get in. Is it not understanding the game, bad positioning, over aggression, or something else. He's a great kid and has the talent and the ability to score. His confidence to me is down right now though and that's not a good thing because I definitely think he's going to be needed next year if Juwan decides to jump to the nba if he keeps playing like he's playing ala victor oladipo and his path to the nba.
  11. De'Ron Davis

    Mile I know De'Ron is someone you are rooting for and know so I tried to tread lightly. Trust me I like De'ron and this is not a thread to bash him hope you know that my friend
  12. De'Ron Davis

    Hey Y'all I just figured id start a thread on him. Wanted to get your opinions on him. I think there is no question he is now a 4 year player. He worked so hard in the offseason to lose that weight and at times has looked dominant. He still makes silly fouls and has really been struggling lately IMO. Do you think that attributes to trying to learn the new system or he is just not as good as we thought he would be so our expectations were higher for him?
  13. Vanderbilt loses

    ohh wow thanks for the clarification
  14. Vanderbilt loses

    what scandal I haven't heard about this?
  15. basketball tickets

    ohh perfect thanks