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  1. IUfaninIllinois

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Wow what a great article yet again! You write such great respectful unbiased articles and I wish everyone in the media was as good and unbiased as you!
  2. IUfaninIllinois

    Sean East..

    If you shoot me a pm I’d be happy to have a discussion with you!
  3. IUfaninIllinois

    Sean East..

    I’d prefer not to say just because I don’t really want to get that out there because I don’t know how my source would feel about that sorry! But I will say it’s s division 1 school in Florida
  4. IUfaninIllinois

    Sean East..

  5. IUfaninIllinois

    Romeo Langford

    It’s 7 pm eastern 6 central right?
  6. IUfaninIllinois

    Romeo Langford

    I don’t remember when I suggested this might be a possibility I believe sometime last year......but I really hope he follows the race train and reclassified to 2018 and commits to IU
  7. IUfaninIllinois

    Romeo Langford

    Ok great thank you
  8. IUfaninIllinois

    Romeo Langford

    I may be totally wrong on this but I thought the rule in the nba was you had to be a certain age to come out not just in college for one year? Maybe that’s the NFL lol
  9. IUfaninIllinois

    Romeo Langford

    Thanks to you and everyone else who responded. I appreciate it
  10. IUfaninIllinois

    Romeo Langford

    Can someone explain why Jerry Meyer switching is such a big deal?
  11. IUfaninIllinois

    Romeo Langford

    What if it actually is to give TJD time to get all of his in home visits in....
  12. IUfaninIllinois

    Matthew Hurt

    Exactly.... I mean why wouldn’t Indiana pitch that to him... he would be better than any grad transfer we can get.
  13. IUfaninIllinois

    Matthew Hurt

    I think he’s talented enough to do it.... Indiana is not considered the front runner right now but what if they said to him if you reclassify and you and Romeo join you get to play with Race again and we will instantly be a top 5 team... maybe that could be the pitch to him to get him to come to IU
  14. IUfaninIllinois

    Matthew Hurt

    I’ve actually suggested this like three times on this site... glad I’m not the only one thinking it!
  15. IUfaninIllinois

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Considering a lawsuit was filed today against the university pertaining to the former spartan men’s basketball players!!!