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  1. IUfaninIllinois

    James Bouknight

    Thanks for the info! Do you think if he continues to blow up he finishes top 50?
  2. IUfaninIllinois

    James Bouknight

    So is this guy just not a high ranked player because of injuries or is he just underrated? I don’t know much about him!
  3. IUfaninIllinois

    EJ Liddell

    A couple things about each team Illinois- they got me basketball from previous year to come to Illinois even though he has since transferred and he was from Edwardsville Illinois which is in same conference as Belleville west and close.... MIZZOU- cuonzo Martin is from east St. Louis which is right next to Belleville and always Is in the mix for the St. Louis area kids based off building relationships just like Archie is with Indiana kids... Kansas State-Bruce Webber had a successful run at Illinois and built a lot of in roads and I’m sure has maintained relationships... Ohio St.- they are the hot team right now and I’m assuming that he recruited EJ while at Butler since EJ wasn’t a high end recruit until this year.... Wisconsin-I have no idea why he’s in top 5 lol
  4. IUfaninIllinois

    EJ Liddell

    ???? Lol
  5. IUfaninIllinois

    EJ Liddell

    I guess he changed course again and instead still released a top 5... mizzou, Illinois, Ohio st., Wisconsin, and Kansas state... I’ll tell you what Ohio state is no joke on the recruting trail and we are going to start being in for some dog fights with them!!!
  6. IUfaninIllinois

    EJ Liddell

  7. IUfaninIllinois

    EJ Liddell

    https://www.bnd.com/sports/high-school/article216226590.html. In this article it says we have started to show interest in him but in my opinion we are probably too late in the game! He won Illinois Mr. Basketball as a junior and it wouldn’t surprise me if he won it again as a senior! In Illinois there is 8 classes and Belleville West is In 8A. He has been on varsity since his Freshman year and has skyrocketed up the top 100... if I remember correctly he wasn’t even top 50 last year and wasn’t top 100 his sophomore year! It is hard to get these southern Illinois kids away from MIZZOU and SLU and Illinois unless you recruit them from the beginning which we haven’t done! In my opinion he’s a really good player but we should definitely prioritize the ones we’ve recruited from the beginning!
  8. IUfaninIllinois

    2019 DJ Jeffries decommits from Kentucky

    But what if I’m just a fan of IU basketball and not a fan of the school as a whole? I’m from St. Louis I didn’t grow up watching anything IU except basketball! I’m not a bandwagon fan and grew up watching what I knew to watch! College or not I’m rooting for who I’ve rooted for based off of who I liked as a kid from watching with my older family members!
  9. IUfaninIllinois

    2019 DJ Jeffries decommits from Kentucky

    I disagree with this! When my dad was growing up it was Notre Dame football and Indiana basketball therefore that’s all I’ve ever known! Do you think that if I like Indiana basketball I should also like the pacers and the colts only?
  10. IUfaninIllinois

    Armaan Franklin

    Based off of his comments I’d be very surprised if y’all don’t get him! Both IU and Xavier he only mentioned coaching staff but with Purdue he talked about players and staff and used the word great which he also didn’t use in the other comments! IMO he would have to be blown away at his visits to not pick Purdue
  11. IUfaninIllinois

    When will we get our first 2019 commit?

    I don’t know if anyone remembers this just because I’m not a regular poster and this might’ve been on the old site but I stated I got to see him at the highland Illinois shootout and he stole the show with a bunch of high end high school prospects there. He was a beast and dunked over multiple people. I think him and Romeo are going to pair up so nice!!!
  12. IUfaninIllinois

    Matthew Hurt

    My only argument to that is we are still two years out and you never know who is going to all of a sudden breakout. Think about where DJ Carton and Brandon Newman were this time last year!!
  13. IUfaninIllinois

    Matthew Hurt

    Here’s the thing about Cal! I’ve heard his interviews and he is an entitled selfish jerk who knows he beats the system. I will say if I knew he was genuine in caring for his players then he’d gain back some respect points. But I have no way to tell with him what is and isn’t a show!
  14. IUfaninIllinois

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Why don’t we just start an Archie Miller vs. the world thread and all things Archie including who he lands, his coaching style, or recruiting techniques compared to the rest of the coaching world.
  15. IUfaninIllinois

    Matthew Hurt

    I definitely think you make some great points and almost piggy back off of what I was saying but with better explanations. So when I said he’s not built for multi year players that’s exactly what I meant when you elaborated on the x’s anfd o’s.... if he loses the one and done types to the nba I don’t think he can develop the tier 2 players he would have to get!