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  1. So tell me what is your opinion based off of what I said?
  2. I would agree but we see how corrupt the NCAA is. What do you think it would take to shut all of these “illegal” activities down? My thinking is NCAA will still get the money they are hungry for but give up complete control of rules, regulations, and discipline. Something has to be done to fix all of these issues to create a fair playing field
  3. But two of those teams pretty much were caught cheating but nothing happened... 1. Kansas on tape regarding Zion and 2. Duke based off of what Kansas offered for Zion and Duke still landed him means no way they didn’t pay for his services... If we compare colleges they should be in tiers based off of cheating tier 1 cheaters would def be Kansas Duke Auburn LSU and probably Kentucky. Tier 1 non cheaters Would start with Gonzaga.
  4. Speaking of cheating and Missouri do you think it’s cheating if a coach hires a parent who may or may not be qualified or a kid’s AAU coach to get that elite player?
  5. The problem with Illinois is you have Illinois Missouri and now SLU fighting for those players along with Duke and Northwestern because the elite Illinois kids traditionally love going to Duke or staying close to home.
  6. I mean there is an actual recruiting thread that we could discuss these things instead of in a thread where a kid committed to a different school.
  7. Sometimes all of us do this but we forget we are behind a keyboard so things may seem different than they meant as if you were taking to the individual... I’m not saying you were disrespecting him but your choice of words and your follow up of why do you care can come across as being disrespectful. That’s my perspective so think about how he may feel. I’m not trying to pick a fight and I love that you’re passionate about IU just giving my observation
  8. I don’t think he was hoping for a point of contention I actually find STLboiler to be a very respectable member of this board and he has said before how much this is one of the best boards out there. Just because he is a Purdue fan doesn’t mean we can’t/shouldn’t respect him. P.s. STLboiler. LGB!!!!
  9. Ohhh I totally agree with your statements I just know the conversations I’ve had with my friend and I trust that Baylor wasn’t dirty.
  10. They also say Scott Drew from Baylor is dirty and I can personally tell you that wasn’t the case as of a couple of years ago because trust me when I say I would’ve heard about it... his top assistant who is now head coach at UNF doesn’t even allow you to cuss which is absolutely unheard of.
  11. We have no shot with this kid... we just don’t have our foot in the St. Louis market enough
  12. I have a friend who coaches at UNF and came from Baylor and he texted me when Archie Got hired and said what a great hire it was and he’s legit and we hit a home run...
  13. I actually think we could be better... IMO a healthy hunter who is a better shooter than Romeo will be better than an injured Romeo... TJD could develop to be just as good as Juwan and think about this Juwan had to play out of position and got into foul trouble a lot which hurt us during our losing streak and battling back to try to get into the tournament plus we didn’t have depth at his position so he is played tired which also contributed to him and Romeo not playing to their potential... Davis will be a year removed from his Achilles injury and anyone who has had an Achilles injury knows it takes over a year to fully recover and that’s why he also had small minor injuries because he over compensated for his Achilles injury. Now with bringing in Brunk we have 3 players who can play down low and that will in turn help Davis. Fitzner was supposed to help Davis and Juwan but quickly it was known he couldn’t hang down there that won’t be the case with Brunk... Durham will be healthy and recovered from his dislocated finger which hurt his shooting stroke when he was actually starting to develop a really good shot... Damezi will gain confidence and now has a year under his belt... Race also can play down low and will finally be recovered from his injuries and he will now have two years learning the system and an offseason to recover from his injuries he should be able to contribute right away and think about this he came a year early so he’s still very young and he would’ve been a top 100 recruit coming in last year. This team has the potential to be wayyyy better than last year even though we aren’t getting a top 5 player in the nation we are getting depth which is IMO gives us the better chance of being really good
  14. Brian Kelly changed his coaching style and complete staff.... he made the adjustments necessary to succeed
  15. Id be very shocked if we got him... between Missouri SLU and Duke I just don’t see it... it’s weird but for some reason SLU gets these recruits to stay home that you wouldn’t expect. Travis Ford is a hell of a recruiter who got 3 top 100 players the last 3?years but one of them was a knucklehead and transferred to DePaul
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