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  1. So watching IU football in their locker room after a game was awesome. I’ve seen the football team do that quite a bit and you get to see how the players love and respect their coach. I know Archie is mostly all business but don’t you think videos like that makes recruits want to come to IU?
  2. This is what I found out... when I originally thought what he told me I didn’t realize that was so far back and when IUScott posted the articles those were after when my friend told me that stuff so I admit I was in the wrong and apologize. With that being said this is what I found out. The It’s up to each school” comment is in reference to me asking if a player wants to stay an extra year does the school still pay for there food and travel etc.
  3. I’m not anymore tbh... I’ll have to reach out to my friend again and see if he has new updates.
  4. The 3 articles you posted don’t mention basketball at all. The only thing mentioned is the article asks what if winter sports aren’t played. Here is the text from my friend. Also the other article you posted mentioned specific fall sports affected and basketball wasn’t one.
  5. You don’t need to be better about it.... I love it please keep being you
  6. Basketball is a winter sport and treated differently. A great friend of mine is a coach at UNF and I asked him about it
  7. The only way there is an extra year of eligibility is if half of the season is not played... so even if something gets pushed back to January and only conference games are played then no extra eligibility
  8. You and that Jeffries rule... cracks me up every time... we should have a monthly drinking game... however many times you mention Jeffries and however many times you mention we are not charging like others then we have to take a shot or a drink of beer/whiskey all together at the end of the month 😂😂😂
  9. Hey at least I’m not 5fouls and married after my first marriage... I’ve stuck with one and if it ever ends then never again 😂😂😂
  10. Hahahah 🤦🏻‍♂️ I’m a dummy I thought Korver was a 1st Round pick lmao!!!!
  11. In regards to MM. being the guy means nothing if it doesn’t give you a great chance to get drafted high in the NBA draft. There have been only two first round draft picks for Creighton since 1985 and both of them were stone cold killer shooters. MM is not that and going to Creighton doesn’t give him the chances of getting drafted high like at IU no matter how relevant IU is or not.
  12. Facts are facts so I’ll take this on the chin and admit I’m wrong 🤷🏻‍♂️
  13. He also played though and proved himself so they didn’t really have a choice.
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