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  1. I’m not sure if this has been said or not but how about Ritchie McKay... Born in Indiana coaches at Liberty and worked as assistant coach under Tony Bennett.
  2. For all you Pacers fans. Oladipo has been traded to the Rockets.
  3. No worries. It’s easy to do on a board like this.
  4. I don’t disagree but so many people complain non stop about Archie and I’m just sick and tired of it. I feel like most of the people that complain have never coached basketball.
  5. A coach can teach skills and build them up but he can’t teach intensity and killer instinct. When he has to call timeouts just because players got lackadaisical that shouldn’t ever happen. You should realize this is the Big Ten and scouts are always watching. When you go to school on a full ride isn’t the goal hopefully NBA? Well if I don’t bring it every game it’s going to be noted on my scouting report and if you’re on the verge of being drafted or not then that could be the tiebreaker. STOP BLAMING ARCHIE PEOPLE.
  6. I have screamed this from the mountains.... people are calling for Archie’s head but if you fire him then 1. Why would I want to leave somewhere to come to a school that might fire me quick and 2. Other just gonna completely start over again and we will be going through the exact same thing over and over again.
  7. He also could be focusing on learning the playbook on his own because if he comes now to practice they are way beyond reaching him the playbook and defense without him having some knowledge of it in advance. I mean he is clearly ridiculously smart so it wouldn’t surprise me if he can pick up quickly on his own and with zoom meetings with team coaches and team leaders.
  8. I partially agree but I also think when you work your butt off to start the game and the guards are scared to feed you the ball at some point you stop trying. People said he didn’t work hard to demand the ball but you can only seal someone off so hard
  9. Give Tracy’s the bleepity bleep bleep bleep ball... it’s not hard.... UGH
  10. I think we got the best big man in Duncomb
  11. To me Kaufman is the only one in Indiana that we lost out on. We ended up recruiting nobody else in Indiana besides him. We stopped on Furst and Wesley. Isn’t the quote get old and stay old? I’d rather have a 22 year old player with two years of eligibility who has had success in the ACC and now has motivation to make his dad proud compared to a freshman that has to adjust to being in college for the first 2 years potentially before he makes an impact. I understand Lander is in the 2020 class because he reclassified but we didn’t recruit his position in 2021 because he reclassified early so th
  12. Just because they are high rated doesn’t mean they are worth getting. Furst got absolutely dominated by Duncomb. You really think that Furst is that good? If he is #2 ranked Indiana high school player then it’s a complete down year.
  13. To me I’ll take Duncomb 7 days a week over Furst. I think the only person worth recruiting in the 2021 class was Kaufman. Furst is big and scores points but that’s in high school. To me he is going to be overwhelmed and outmatched and not be that good in the big ten. So Purdue is up 1-0 on Indiana recruits this year only and as good as Kaufman is I might want an older grad transfer like Stewart compared to a freshman Kaufman. Stewart doesn’t come here if Kaufman is here IMO
  14. Don’t forget a 2022 can always reclassify to fill those voids. To me unless Brunk doesn’t want to play overseas he comes back next year to showcase himself
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