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  1. I kinda like the idea of all the coaches showing up though. I know that’s sometimes not possible but putting on an all in front could be what puts it over the top UNLESS they already know he’s coming so they don’t have to do that
  2. Are you high on booker and Cupps? I don’t look at ratings for Cupps but who do you compare him to?
  3. Haha I’m calm actually lol just hard to show that in a message. People are just always over the top with things so sometimes a calling out is needed 🤷🏻‍♂️ 😂😂😂
  4. People get so worried and panicky off of the smallest things when it comes to basketball. Look I get everyone is passionate and wants our team to win but if he comes he comes if he doesn’t then I trust Woody will get someone talented and won’t settle for low hanging fruit like previous regimes. Parents,recruits, or people associated with a recruit look at boards like this to determine what they are getting themselves into. Do you know how silly we look by freaking out that he set an announcement date two weeks after you thought he might do it so now oh my gosh he must not be going to IU. SMH y’all these are high school kids and he’s one recruit. He’s not Reggie Miller who will be here to change our franchise for the next however many years. In the words of Aaron Rodgers R-E-L-A-X
  5. I’m not worried about bama… IMO it’s us vs Va. Tech
  6. Wait they aren’t guarantees? Your word is not the gospel??? 😂😂😂😂
  7. Message them and ask to provide the records 🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. I mean I’m sure you can message them and ask them to produce those records 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. As much as y’all hate on them they also do a lot for our players. They started their own NIL for the players that they didn’t have to do. I get that their video was out of line and uncomfortable but no average joe fan even considered stepping up like they did to help the players out.
  10. Is that why Fouls has so many wives? 😂🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. If they can build that bond with the coaching staff that makes a huge difference.
  12. I think Alabama ends up number two and that’s only because of the football atmosphere
  13. Yeah I was afraid of Hunter leaving and would hate to see him go. But that’s the price of success unfortunately
  14. What I think isn’t talked about enough is what assistant coaches want to pursue head coaching jobs because IMO that’s the most important battle we have on our hands because we are going to become successful. IMO fife stays because he is the next coach when Woodson retires. At this point does Hunter want to become a head coach or is he now content being an assistant? If he’s content then we are set for years. Coach Ya I think is the one I could see leave after some success.
  15. Could you imagine almost any time a team comes to face the pacers if IU is in town they can have that nba player come speak to the team or at anytime he can just zoom someone and have them speak to the team
  16. Omg yasssss my favorite thing about going up there. We would always have a team meal there
  17. You just made me think of my high schools days where I would go up to Arthur Illinois for a Christmas high school basketball tournament that the Mennonite school put on and we would see soooo many buggies.
  18. I think Kopp stays both years as well
  19. I think it depends on how high he raises his draft stock.
  20. Is he that good? I know nothing about him or his skillset
  21. I just wanna know where sea turtle is. Where oh where can that turtle be. He seems to be hiding from me. 😂😂
  22. I think if this staff was here last year we would’ve had Kaufman.
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