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  1. And that’s completely fair and understandable
  2. IMO the bigger issue is how off topic conversations truly get and there is no way to stop it. It doesn’t bother me that much personally because it’s the off-season and people are truly just having fun with things because this board is an escape from reality and every day true life stuff.
  3. If it was anyone else I’d believe it but hard to believe something Dakich says.
  4. I understand this is an IU board but sometimes things in life happen and we need to pay our respects to a sad situation. An article says he died of natural causes at 25 years old. That’s just entirely too sad.
  5. I totally agree. We have a lot more annoying IU fans on here than those 3 “outsiders”.
  6. Just because I like to stir the pot I’m gonna throw a conspiracy theory out there 😂😂😂😂😂 Dane fife saw writing on the wall he was gonna get fired by IU and knew Michigan state was the leader in the clubhouse and he wanted to be loyal to his former school that he coached at for so long so he sabotaged IU so much that Michigan State would land Booker 😂😂😂. Oh can’t wait to hear the responses I have my popcorn ready lmao
  7. I thought it was gabe cupps lol
  8. I think what that comment means is his current players aren’t getting any money so he’s not going to get new recruits with the promise of money without his guys getting paid too. I unfortunately respect that thought process
  9. you have to be from St. Louis to understand the LGB!!! Let’s go blues is what it means 😂😂😂
  10. Armaan coming back to IU could be a good story line.
  11. The gator tail at the red wagon in Poseyville is my absolute favorite Evansville area restaurant
  12. Speaking of favorites… which Ex Wife of yours was your favorite??? 🤔 🤔
  13. I’m on my iPhone and I cannot hit previous or next. I was going crazy thinking it was my phone. Glad you brought this up.
  14. I saw him play at a shootout in Highland,IL and I wasn’t impressed. He was out worked, didn’t do much with his size, and couldn’t make layups consistently. With that being said he is a sophomore and I go to highland shootout every year so I’ll be seeing him play a couple more times.
  15. I think he will do more recruiting than you think. I don’t know that Cupps comes here if it wasn’t for Coach Walsh. I would have agreed with everything above if it wasn’t for how much Cupps and others talked about how much of a relationship they have with him.
  16. Oh gotcha well that makes sense on the reason Surface gif that role then.
  17. Thanks! Do you know what the difference between those two positions are? Know anything about this Steven guy? All I know is he was an analyst.
  18. I googled it and you’re right. He was in his first year in that new position.
  19. I thought Walsh was director of basketball operations
  20. Why was this Steven surface guy picked and not Adam Howard? Does anyone know? Also is this a new position they created for Hulls or did Hulls replace Matta?
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