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  1. I mean I don’t watch much Indiana games as I don’t follow the football team like I do the basketball team but if your offense is never on the field because they suck and the defense is asked to be on the field most of the game it’s just destined to be bad for the defense. If you can show me where Indiana won time of possession in more than three of their losses then you might have an argument. Defenses in any program are just not built to me on the field for a majority of the game like the IU defense has been forced to do.
  2. As I say to my wife listen to what I mean not to what I say haha
  3. You mean Tuesday not Saturday 😂😂😂
  4. I’m recording the Irish game and watching it afterwards 🕺🕺🕺
  5. So are you ok with how X has played then because I haven’t been that impressed with him considering their age difference. X is technically a senior and turns it over and commits fouls like a freshman
  6. I didn’t realize that because I forgot about the technical haha I was hoping it was because of benching someone for playing bad.
  7. I love how X wasn’t playing good then lander came in and played well so CMW left him in and didn’t go back to Johnson until the second half.
  8. I also love how he’s the first person on the bench to stand up and cheer on the team giving them high fives helping them up. He is going to go down as one of my all time favorite Hoosier players even if he’s only here 2-3 years.
  9. I thought you were gonna say supposed to be at the game tonight (via video stream) 😂😂😂
  10. I completely agree and what I meant was I hope he earns those minutes. He should never ever ever get to play to keep his mom happy period and Woody won’t play with that.
  11. 1000% agree. When I saw that I was like seriously? Woody plays who earns it period. He doesn’t play politics
  12. I hope Lander gets enough minutes this year to keep him happy. It’s two games in and his mom is already mad on Twitter about how many minutes he gets. He seems like a great kid and could eventually be good for our program.
  13. I do think part of it was the system. He felt the same system CAM ran TB runs at VA.
  14. That’s a fair assessment thanks for the response
  15. I think our game depends on X and Rob. Is it me or did it look like X forced a lot and looked kinda sloppy at times where Rob looked like a completely different more aggressive player than last year. If that continues Rob has to get more PT
  16. Maher comes from some of the greatest family you’ll ever meet and IU is lucky to have all three boys go to IU! It’s great to see a family I know and have coached be so successful at IU and the way the Maher boys will have helped shape IU soccer once Josh comes to IU and eventually leaves will be such a great footprint for the city and private school they came from.
  17. Totally agree… you’re right his NBA stock isn’t important but I guess I just meant he can’t miss those types of shots… he is absolutely our MVP and the heart and soul of our team.
  18. I’m gonna be a little harsh here but Trayce missed way too many easy baskets yesterday and that to me was a trend from last year. He missed at least 4 layups that were give me’s that has to be corrected and figure out why he’s missing those because NBA teams look at that and that will hurt his stock IMO
  19. Yep exactly because if we lose out on him I trust the new staff to pivot to someone just as good if not better because IU believe in them.
  20. I kinda like the idea of all the coaches showing up though. I know that’s sometimes not possible but putting on an all in front could be what puts it over the top UNLESS they already know he’s coming so they don’t have to do that
  21. Are you high on booker and Cupps? I don’t look at ratings for Cupps but who do you compare him to?
  22. Haha I’m calm actually lol just hard to show that in a message. People are just always over the top with things so sometimes a calling out is needed 🤷🏻‍♂️ 😂😂😂
  23. People get so worried and panicky off of the smallest things when it comes to basketball. Look I get everyone is passionate and wants our team to win but if he comes he comes if he doesn’t then I trust Woody will get someone talented and won’t settle for low hanging fruit like previous regimes. Parents,recruits, or people associated with a recruit look at boards like this to determine what they are getting themselves into. Do you know how silly we look by freaking out that he set an announcement date two weeks after you thought he might do it so now oh my gosh he must not be going to IU. SMH y’all these are high school kids and he’s one recruit. He’s not Reggie Miller who will be here to change our franchise for the next however many years. In the words of Aaron Rodgers R-E-L-A-X
  24. I’m not worried about bama… IMO it’s us vs Va. Tech
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