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  1. Hahaha he you sure did and I ran with it because well I just had no choice lol!!!
  2. or a gif that said we ain’t done yet!! 😂😂😂
  3. You’re as cryptic as TJD 😂😂😂
  4. I have a feeling Fife can fix that three point shot and I love he said he will fix whatever coaches tell him to fix.
  5. I also think Indiana should utilize the baseline more with a 4-1 set... you can do so much if a player is running baseline. Back cuts, back screens, ball movement, and open shots because when you’re constantly moving behind the action it’s easy to be lost.
  6. If Lewis is the guy they want to be coach in waiting we can pay him what he would make as a kid major head coach and tell him every couple years we will give you a raise to make sure you’re happy. Especially since we aren’t paying Woodson nearly what we would’ve paid top coaches so we can absolutely get donors to chip in if they believe Lewis is the guy in waiting and Lewis wants to be the guy in waiting to where he won’t bounce after 4-5 years.
  7. If I understand the rules correctly Brunk doesn’t actually count towards our scholarship count
  8. I absolutely agree. I’m a show me facts guy and based on those facts I make a reasonable decision. I just want to win... I don’t wanna talk about records from 17 years ago... records man... we talkin about records... we aren’t talking about his recent success... we talking about records... records man.... records. 😂😂😂😂😂
  9. Ok so I’m not for Moser or against Moser I’m just along for the ride honestly. With that being said people keep mentioning two tourneys in 17 years. It’s been said that he changed his philosophy 4 years ago and that’s what brought him success. So let me ask this question. If I’m fat for 13 years and I try things to lose weight but I’m still fat and then I change my habits and now for the last 4 years I lose all the weight and become skinny and I know if I keep this same philosophy are people going to say well you were only skinny for 4 years and fat for 13 so you’re still fat? No they are going to say what did you do you look great. So instead of Judging Moser for his career look at him since he made his change. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🙈🕺
  10. They are also successful and proven college guys... Woodson is strictly an NBA guy with zero college experience. Yes I understand Juwan Howard is having success but Juwan Howard also offers a name, respect, and likeability due to him being younger that Woodson doesn’t have. Juwan Howard, Izzo, and Underwood are all guys you would know if you’re standing next to them. Woodson you would have no idea as you said above.
  11. To me I don’t care about the losing record... my problem is his no nonsense attitude... that’s the exact same thing that hurt Archie. Yes winning cures everything but Archie didn’t win with the same personality and his track record in college was more successful. Indiana needs passion, fire, high energy, great recruit, and knows how to win. Woodson doesn’t check those boxes to me.
  12. I think it also matters when Izzo is planning on retiring... let’s say JB is hired and they call fife and say hey the IU job is yours in 4 years come be an assistant. He technically already has that in Michigan Stare but we don’t know the timeline. The issue is the Jim Boeheim example. They had a coach in waiting who was promised the job and Boeheim gave a timeline of retiring them Boeheim changed his mind and the coach left. What if JB does the same thing when getting here I’d hate to burn bridges with Fife. So in a coach in waiting scenario like JB/Fife it has to be executed to a T
  13. I think the problem is people have unrealistic expectations meet passion... they want things now with no patience and no one including myself likes to be wrong but the moment you put your neck on the line and are wrong people call you out and think you aren’t allowed to defend yourself... if rolls were reversed we would all handle ourselves the same way you do.... btw no one else knows what goes behind the scene and how people treat you or message you. You tell people you’re gonna leave the board because of people being keyboard Warriors essentially but then they beg you not to go and to ignore the “haters” that’s way easier said than done. I’m sure it’s exhausting. I’ve definitely went hard after you before and for that in sorry... I’m so tired of people being rude and disrespectful on this site if it’s something that doesn’t go their exact way. To me this site is special and it shouldn’t be compared to other boards yet people still do but lately this board is just as negative as positive. We have to do better as IU fans and just embrace when people like you give information. If you’re wrong who cares it literally doesn’t affect any one persons real life just their lives as fans yet they hold it against you in ways you shouldn’t have to deal with for being human and willing to share.... if you left people would freak out and beg for you to be back and in need of an “insider”
  14. Hahaha on my way back so been there done that too!!! Lol
  15. Very true I think Howard is a very recognizable name and can say I know how to get you to the league successfully so that’s the difference between him and Davis IMO
  16. I agree completely. It will definitely be interesting if more leaks come out today... ill be on a plane for hours... currently bored in Vegas airport
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