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  1. The normal verbiage is "name, image, or likeness," with the latter referring to non-photographic depictions of the person. So, for instance, a company couldn't get around the law by simply using an artist's rendition of a player, in order to avoid paying the player for the use of his actual "image."
  2. So South Dakota tips off at 12 or 4, with Purdue-IU football that same day. I had that game penciled in for a night tip for sure given the football game. Not sure how they're going to manage both.
  3. According to Dustin Dopirak's piece this morning in the Athletic, RJ Davis' coach said that IU is no longer in the running for Davis.
  4. According to Dustin Dopirak's piece this morning in the Athletic, Zack Loveday said that IU hasn't been in contact for months, and that he is moving forward with other schools.
  5. The possibility of a 5 or 6 man class this year seems odd after we've heard in the past that Archie prefers not to use all 13 scholarships, hence having fewer than the allotted number of scholarship players on the roster this year.
  6. It seems to me that it's certainly possible that both things are true: Davis may be in the best shape of his career and Brunk could be ahead of him for the time being. That seems like a best case scenario, in fact...two guys competing at the top of their games, elevating the talent level at the position.
  7. It's hard to summarize given the nature of the piece, but in short it captures how central to the UNCG program he was, both in terms of strategy and recruitment. He single handedly overhauled the team's defensive scheme, for instance, resulting in a significant improvement. He also was the lead recruiter for the best player in program history.
  8. A really good piece on Roberts for those that subscribe to the Athletic: https://theathletic.com/1163269/2019/08/28/what-is-indiana-getting-in-assistant-coach-mike-roberts-ask-the-boss-who-is-losing-him/
  9. The other beauty is that it sets things up perfectly for a run at Lander and Kaufman in the 2021 class. No PG in the 2020 class in this scenario, and assuming TJD is gone by 2021, then Kaufman has a day one starting spot and would form a dynamic starting front court with Garcia.
  10. A decent number if you include his assistant coaching days at Arizona, Ohio State, etc. Just off the top of my head, he coached Evan Turner, Kosta Koufos, and Jon Diebler at Ohio State. He also coached Derrick Williams and Solomon Hill at Arizona... And Jeff Ayres during his one season at Arizona State, along with Julius Hodge and Cedric Simmons at NC State.
  11. Not sure where you are seeing Arkansas' schedule. It's not up yet at the official site: https://arkansasrazorbacks.com/sport/m-baskbl/schedule/?season=2019-20
  12. Interesting that Arizona was the one school in his final six not to get an official visit. Also interesting that he's spending an extra day on campus at UNC and Louisville...
  13. This all begs the question of whether we'll get a schedule or new assistant announcement first...
  14. The simple way to look at it is how to replace Romeo and Juwan statistically, but I think that oversimplifies things personally. I anticipate the front court to be much improved due to increased size and depth, for instance. Stat-wise, TJD and Brunk should be able to come fairly close to replacing Morgan's production, with potential improvement from Davis, Thompson, and Smith covering the difference. Defensively, though, that group should be much better if for no other reason than we won't need to run Morgan out there for 30+ minutes at the 5 so frequently (that's not a knock on JMo, his effort last year was considerable; he was just undersized and overworked). The bigger question in my mind is the back court. If healthy, Phinisee for a full year at the point should be fine. I'm also an Al Durham fan, and expect to see him take a step forward. Realistically, though, this team will rise or fall based on the productivity they get from Green, Hunter, Anderson, and Franklin. I think that group could easily match or surpass what Langford gave the team last year, but it could also easily come up short. Everyone will focus on 3pt shooting, and an improvement there is important, but the overall production offensively and defensively from the 2 and 3 spots will make or break the season, IMO.
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