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  1. That was my thinking too. Do we have any idea which campuses he's visited?
  2. I see a lot of backcourt potential, but not much of anything proven yet. Sure Franklin, Galloway, and Leal could all very likely end up being core pieces and big time contributors, but a couple years ago many would have predicted that we'd be penciling in Anderson and Forrester for major roles this year. You just never know how young players will perform. So it's certainly possible that one or two of that group could outperform Mohammed for PT. But if I'm a five-star guard (reportedly) considering jumping straight to the G-League, none of those guys would keep me from coming to Bloomingto
  3. One plausible (and perhaps obvious) interpretation: the coaching staff was apparently overconfident about its chances to land Brooks (hence the lack of a backup plan), and may have fallen prey to the same hubris with Kaufman. If so, and assuming that your insider (or others) are getting their info from someone in the program, then it is only natural that the two prediction misses were the two guys that the staff was overconfident about. In other words, usually the staff has a good feel for who we're going to land. But when the insiders miss, it's the recruitments that also catch the staff
  4. This year was atypical due to COVID. In a normal year most top players are taking officials throughout the fall. That hasn't been the case this year. Most timetables have moved up as a result. Regardless, by dragged it out I just meant allowing the commitment to be delayed by months longer than what the insiders were expecting. That's not a Knock on Kaufman, to be clear. Maybe the insiders were wrong and this was always the timetable even with COVID. The point is that Archie waited so long for Kaufman that most other options have dried up. Just like the Brooks recruitment. I g
  5. Assuming that Kaufman does end up selecting Purdue, I am struck by how similar this recruitment will have played out compared to the Keion Brooks recruitment. First, despite the insiders hearing that IU was in great shape and that a commitment was imminent, the announcement ended up slipping for several months. That's not a knock on the insiders at all, just an interesting similarity that some here picked up on, and everyone probably should have paid more heed to. Note to future self: if a heavy IU lean goes months longer without announcing than everyone expected, he probably isn't a heavy IU
  6. I've seen one dude on Twitter. Where are the others?
  7. How do we know it was Kaufman's voice? Because a dude with 450 Twitter followers said it was?
  8. Maybe just an elaborate ruse to get this thread to 150+ pages by 6 pm tomorrow?
  9. None of this makes a whole lot of sense. Not sure how a radio station accidentally airs a segment it is recording live. Don't they usually use different equipment for that? Especially if it was leaked as a podcast, which usually don't stream live. Also not sure why Kaufman would agree to announce in an interview recorded 24 hours early if he wants it to be a surprise. I'd probably wait for confirmation from someone with more than 500 Twitter followers.
  10. I thought Kaufman had said somewhere he was hoping to play the 3 quite a bit in college. I agree his game is probably better suited for the 4, but if he sees himself at the 3 then Purdue makes a bit more sense than the above would suggest.
  11. I agree with this too, with the caveat that it is a bit concerning that Archie & Co. don't appear to have much of a back-up plan should Kaufman go elsewhere. Miller strikes me as a different kind of player, and Hopkins appears to be a long-shot at this point. I though it the roster could use at least two bigs in the '21 class, but if Kaufman goes to Purdue it's hard to see where we get an impact forward to join Duncomb in this class.
  12. On the one hand, Purdue always made a lot of sense for Kaufman, as I understand he's academically oriented and interested in engineering. On the other hand, it seems odd that he'd end up there after months of focus on IU, UVa, and UNC, with Purdue seemingly being a long shot at best.
  13. People wonder why someone might pick another school over IU, and then immediately trash Archie over a mere rumor that one recruit might select a different school...😵
  14. Several new crystal ball picks for UK have come in over the last few days.
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