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  1. I've always preferred staggering true PGs on a two year basis, so that you always have two true lead guards on the roster, one as the starter and one as the understudy. The timetable for Phinisee and Lander may not make that possible in this case, though.
  2. I wonder if Archie might hold a scholarship back on the off chance Clarke decides to reclassify in the spring...
  3. Reportedly receiving interest from IU, among others: https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2019/05/11/basketball-recruiting-kamari-lands-impresses-eybl-game-awaits-offers-iu-and-louisville/3643234002/
  4. Peegs added a crystal ball pick of Leal to IU yesterday.
  5. Rayjon Tucker is reportedly deciding between Memphis, Kansas, Iowa State, Auburn, and West Virginia sometime next week: https://247sports.com/college/kansas/Article/Report-Rayjon-Tucker-to-choose-between-KU-Memphis-Iowa-State-Auburn-West-Virginia-131800466/
  6. Given the recent spate of bad recruiting news, locking down the state in 2021 is looking like it may be even more critical for CAM's long-term prospects than originally thought...
  7. Morton was Archie's first offer for the class of 2020, no? Hard to read this as anything but a gut punch, should he commit to Purdue. But it's still just one player.
  8. If he's serious about going somewhere he can trust 100%, one would think that would have to rule out Alabama and LSU, no?
  9. The big question seems to be whether Watford is going to visit or not. There hasn't been any real confirmation of that rumor. If he is going to visit, then he clearly has interest at this stage. If he doesn't visit, then he doesn't have much interest. It's as simple as that.
  10. According to the 247 recruiting class caluclator, not factoring in Brunk that class would currently be ranked 7th in the country...
  11. Imagine a potential 2020-21 lineup of: Phinisee (Jr.) Quinones (So.) / Franklin (So.) Hunter (R-So.) Watford (So.) Jackson-Davis (So.) With a bench of: Durham (Sr.) Franklin (So.) / Quinones (So.) Anderson (Jr.) Thompson (R-Jr.) Brunk (Sr.) And then all but Durham and Brunk potentially returning for 2021-22.
  12. Worth a look as a grad transfer: https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/players/jaevin-cumberland-1.html
  13. Six days out from the end of the season and still no announcement that Langford is entering the draft. There's still plenty of time, obviously, but the delay plus the fact that Miller doesn't seem to be prioritizing adding a wing who is ready to contribute from day one can certainly be interpreted to suggest that the odds Langford stays are stronger than commonly believed...
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