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  1. Meaning there is only one front-runner, or that 3+ teams are in the mix?
  2. Obviously the late-April/early-May window for a Kaufman commitment have passed. Is anyone hearing anything new about his potential timetable?
  3. My $.02, for what it's worth. Losing Smith hurts defensively, but more so on the wing than in the post. I personally thought Race was better defensively in the paint last year, but Justin was a very solid defender on the perimeter given his size. The depth in the post is also a concern, especially come B1G season. I agree that finding a grad transfer at this late date might be tough, but we really only need someone who can provide some muscle for ~5 minutes per game, while defending adequately, grabbing a few boards, and being a positive contributor in practice and the locker room. I'd like to think that guy is out there, and would jump at the chance to don the candy stripes for a year, but I admittedly haven't looked to see who is still available.
  4. I agree that the lack of interest from the highest-tier schools has always been a concern regarding Mohammed. But on the other hand, the weaknesses in his game ironically also make him a more attractive prospect in some respects, as he would appear to be the type of guy who would be more likely to stick around for 2-4 years. Put differently, Mohammed may be over-ranked given the lack of UK/Duke/KU/UNC offers. But if so, then he's probably in reality more of a top 20-40 type guy, which is exactly the range of player that most people here think we should be targeting.
  5. Phinisee (When healthy) Langford Jackson-Davis HM: Thompson
  6. I thought that I read that Mohammed drove in the morning of the Maryland game and drove back to Missouri that afternoon. So he probably barely got to see any of the town, facilities, etc. I assume that's why he is waiting for an OV.
  7. If we were to land Kaufman and Mohammed, along with Duncomb, it is hard to overstate how strong a class that would be. And if Archie could get all three of them locked up by early May...wow!
  8. I agree that it is much too early to predict. But the university has already announced that it is moving to all online instruction for the summer. It wouldn't shock me if it eventually does the same for the fall. At that point, I think it would be extremely unlikely that we would have November or December basketball. Some experts are predicting a series of lockdown periods over the next year or two, as waves of corona ebb and flow. If that were to happen, it is difficult to imagine how IU would have residential instruction next school year -- since students may have to disperse for several weeks at a time at the drop of a hat -- which in turn would make it difficult to imagine a 2020-21 basketball season. Hate to be a Debby Downer, and I hope we get this thing solved in the next few months, but I have to think it is certainly at least possible that we miss a season of hoops. Which is crazy to think about.
  9. Turner is a good one. 6'4" guard out of Detroit. Averaged 36-37% from 3 the last three years. Not unexpected, he participated in senior day activities a couple weeks back despite only being a junior eligibility wise. If we want to add an experienced guard with good touch from deep, he'd certainly fit the bill. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/player/_/id/4067366/justin-turner
  10. Not sure how many times a team has given up a 30-5 run and still won the game. Great effort and intensity outside of that run though, which was nice to see. I wasn't sure why Archie waited so long to put Smith on Stevens, when he seems like the best matchup there for us. Also not sure why we only had two ball handlers in at the end when we were getting pressed. But a win's a win. And this was a big one. Lots to build off of.
  11. I don't see how Beilein makes any sense. Our roster matches up with his style about as poorly as possible. So you'd be looking at a 3 year rebuild, at which point he's 70. Unless he's committed to go to 75+, you basically have a 3-4 year window, before starting over again. Doesn't make a lot of sense as a long term strategy.
  12. Again, it may be a matter of interpretation. If Archie is told not to run anyone off due to APR concerns, that might entail keeping certain players reasonably happy (including PT). But that's different than telling him to play X player Y minutes.
  13. Some of this is a matter of what one means by having one's hands tied. The IU Athlete Bill of Rights does limit the coaching staff to some extent (the four-year scholarship guarantee in particular) that may not be true at some other schools. APR concerns could as well. But the idea that the AD department is dictating who to play, seems a bit far fetched.
  14. Not saying this can't be true, but if it truly is free reign for the players then why would Forrester leave? If true, though, then do you stick with Archie longer on the assumption he'll be more productive once all of the holdovers have left?
  15. A few random thoughts: 1) A team is never as good as it looks during its best stretch, nor as bad as it looks during its worst. After the MSU game, having won 4 out of 5, people were talking about how the returning core could compete for a B1G title next year. Now after 4 straight losses, people are ready to burn the thing down. 2) There's no way you can fire Archie this year. Not with the AD and President situations in flux. Even then, he deserves to get 4 years given the limitations placed on him when he came in. 3) The 2021 recruiting class is mission critical for Archie. Recruiting momentum appears to have stalled heading into the best in-state class in recent memory. Like some others, I'm not feeling particularly optimistic at this point, but coaching continuity probably gives you the best shot of landing 2-3 high impact players in the '21 class. Put differently, even if the next recruiting class is disappointing under Archie, it probably would have been from an in-state standpoint with a new coach, too. 4) If Archie can't right the ship this year or next, then you probably have to pull the plug. At that point, you look at Beard, of course (Pearl is a non-starter, rightly or wrongly, here). I'd also keep close tabs on how Nate Oats does in his first two years at Alabama. He was a hot commodity last year at Buffalo, and is holding his own in year one in Tuscaloosa. If he has a big year two, he could be an ideal target. Midwestern, great recruiter, (at that point) a proven winner in another P5 conference, but at a school clearly a step or two down from IU (in basketball, at least).
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