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  1. I agree with this too, with the caveat that it is a bit concerning that Archie & Co. don't appear to have much of a back-up plan should Kaufman go elsewhere. Miller strikes me as a different kind of player, and Hopkins appears to be a long-shot at this point. I though it the roster could use at least two bigs in the '21 class, but if Kaufman goes to Purdue it's hard to see where we get an impact forward to join Duncomb in this class.
  2. On the one hand, Purdue always made a lot of sense for Kaufman, as I understand he's academically oriented and interested in engineering. On the other hand, it seems odd that he'd end up there after months of focus on IU, UVa, and UNC, with Purdue seemingly being a long shot at best.
  3. People wonder why someone might pick another school over IU, and then immediately trash Archie over a mere rumor that one recruit might select a different school...😵
  4. Several new crystal ball picks for UK have come in over the last few days.
  5. I know it's been said before, but for a top 15, 5-star recruit this has been an odd recruitment, and a final three of IU, Georgetown, and UGA is also all the more strange (except for maybe a recruit out of Atlanta). It's odd that for a kid this highly regarded, none of the other blue bloods have been involved at all.
  6. SIAP, but Peegs posted a crystal ball pick for Kentucky 10 days ago with a fairly high confidence rating.
  7. It was a reference to those who said that those who shut things down were soft. It was unnecessarily petty, though, and subject to misinterpretation, so I quickly deleted the reply
  8. I don't disagree with much of this, but to be fair, the growth of AAU basketball has also arguably made recruiting a more nationwide process. In the olden days, it was harder for coaches to get out on the road to see a prospect living halfway across the country play.
  9. What's the current thinking on what this commitment would mean for Kaufman/Hopkins? Do we still take one of them too? Do they both fill a different role than Miller, or would one of them overlap with him more than the other?
  10. Brian Snow on Duncomb here: https://247sports.com/college/basketball/recruiting/LongFormArticle/Big-Ten-basketball-recruiting-Michigan-State-Tom-Izzo-Maryland-Ohio-State-Indiana-Michigan-150200334/
  11. Jamal Walker coached under John Groce at Illinois. Groce and Archie are both from the Matta tree at OSU, so that's a third-degree connection.
  12. I have no idea what this means, or what the apparent significance is. If you're saying that the positive rate per test for football coaches is lower than the general public, then that isn't surprising at all. Coaches are being tested much more frequently than the general public, so in the aggregate they are going to take many more negative tests than will the public at large, who for the most part only get tested when potentially exposed or symptomatic. In any event, the preseason positive rate for coaches has little bearing on whether there should be a football season this year.
  13. I don't trust the medical establishment much myself. But if forced to choose, I trust medical experts on this matter a heck of a lot more than I do a group of football coaches. Look, I don't disagree that given the risks on campus in general, that playing football doesn't make things that much more dangerous. But again, that is more an indictment of the idea of reopening colleges during a raging pandemic than it is a defense of playing a few relatively meaningless games in front of few, if any, fans.
  14. You most likely can't. The waivers were being unilaterally imposed on young kids with no representation. Considering the power imbalance between the players and their coaches/administrators, not to mention the fact that these kids aren't even being paid for their labor, I doubt many courts would uphold any waiver of this sort. It also doesn't help that the NCAA is banning any liabilities waivers, of course. Look, I completely understand why you are disappointed. I would be too. But few, of any, medical professionals agree that players would be at lower risk with football than without. And
  15. Those are most likely unenforceable legally.
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