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  1. Romeo Langford Poll

    You saw "Psych the Movie" that was out in December on USA right? I would like to see them come out with a couple of those a year ha.
  2. Charles Manson

    That's insane. I wish it could be given to victims families.
  3. Home Renovation

    That is interesting. I will take a closer look at it tomorrow if the guy doesn't come for it. Thanks for the idea!
  4. Romeo Langford Poll

    I still think he will be a Hoosier!
  5. Home Renovation

    You win! Luckily (and knock on wood) we have not had any major injuries during remodel (and that includes me using several different saws ha). We have stairs that are a little creaky...I tried adding more screws to make it less so before carpet went over them, but couldn't silence them. I am impressed you did the stairs yourself. I have never attempted that! Currently, we are about to repair/redo/properly support our back deck which is huge, but was not done correctly. Problem is, the people put in a hot tub that is still there (old and probably doesn't work) that is built around part of it. A guy (who is also a contractor) wanted it and was supposed to take it out so he could restore it (gave it to him for free to remove it) but he hasn't responded in last couple days. If he doesn't come and get it by tomorrow I think I am going to cut it down enough so we can put deck over it. Keep your fingers crossed he comes for it!!
  6. Home Renovation

    I have sworn it up on many occasions! I am about ready to be done with the house...the wife agrees ha.
  7. Home Renovation

    Ha! That is hilarious.
  8. Home Renovation

    Yep. It has been an adventure. Did you have surprises when you did your renovation?
  9. Home Renovation

    Ha. Unfortunately yes. The sellers told us that they did not believe there was any live knob and tube wiring...there was. In two upstairs bedrooms, the hall and master closet. There were many plaster cracks found that were "covered up" with wallpaper. Crazy outlets that I have never seen before. They had stuffed up insulation and boarded up one of the fireplaces (the older, original wood burning one) that we found some not so great surprises in. They did not insulate the water line properly to the sink in the bathroom and it was right next to exterior wall...the first cold snap the pipe froze and we had to unfreeze it, insulate wall, and wrap the pipe...luckily it didn't burst. The most serious was probably that there were tons of gas line leaks in basement that we didn't notice. A contractor said they smelled gas and we called out the gas company to discover all the leaks at the connections. We had new furnace and AC put in so they came back out and fixed it quick for us thankfully. Lucky we are non smokers ha. What did you "uncover" during your renovation?
  10. Home Renovation

    Well, It sounds like you are better at plumbing than I am! Thanks for the kind words...we are exhausted but we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel...hopefully finishing up in the next 2 months. The disappointing thing is that we are on a really busy road and decided to just remodel this house more as an investment project than a permanent homestead. After the past year though, we are planning (hoping) that our next house will be our last move for many many years ha. As I type this we are finishing the drywall/plaster repair in last rooms upstairs before painting and beginning to repair the decks. Except for finishing touches here and there, we just have to finish the two bathrooms after that (and outside landscaping).
  11. MLB discussion

    New limitations for trips to the mound... http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2018/02/19/major-league-baseball-mound-limits/
  12. Around the B1G/NCAA

    I seriously doubt Purdue will fire Painter if he doesn't get past the sweet 16. I agree that Brohm is a good coach, but I don't see him staying at Purdue long.
  13. MLB discussion

    Cubbies to sign Yu Darvish! https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/chicago-cubs
  14. NFL Talk

    McDaniels agent drops him over fiasco.... http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000915282/article/agent-drops-josh-mcdaniels-after-coach-spurns-colts
  15. Colts...

    Just saw that McDaniels apparently didn't even tell the assistant coaches that the Colts hired for him that he was backing out. Stay classy scumbag.