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  1. It seems chaotic...some are saying Tennessee was fighting to go to Gator over other bowls and some saying Gator Bowl was pushing for Tennessee...
  2. Tennessee pushing to get to Gator from what I have read
  3. Da Bears...I mean IU 86....UK -6 GO HOOSIERS!!
  4. Hopefully this means we are getting the Gator.
  5. Bleacher Report has us in Gator.... https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2865884-college-football-playoff-standings-2019-final-rankings-bowl-game-projections#slide2
  6. Do you know if Mike Hart received a raise as well? I would pony up for him as well.
  7. Really nice job overall tonight...especially without Rob P.
  8. I agree about the panache and I also think that field goal was good last time we played the pinstripe...but I really want to see these kids from Florida rewarded with a bowl in Florida where hopefully their families can attend the game...and I would assume it would benefit our future recruiting.
  9. I would be disappointed with the Pinstripe, but the other 4 all would be good.
  10. Ramsey game ball. Who and where are we playing in bowl game?
  11. Alright....let's get a TD and win this now
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