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  1. Yep. It was a very smart move in my opinion...he is technically not an official hire until paperwork is complete so he could recruit for IU all last week. Smart move and a perfect example of operating in the "gray area" without breaking any rules. Kudos to Woody, Matta, and Dolson for that decision.
  2. I feel like Woody realized recruiting was a weakness of his since he never coached college before and is trying to surround himself with very good recruiters who can negate his weakness...I think some are overthinking it.
  3. I don't think they are worth much now...since you can find lots of them online for free downloads. I need to go through and see how many shows I have...I think I have around 500 shows on discs.
  4. Bootlegs anyone? I used to collect and trade "bootleg" live cds of concerts from my favorite bands. I have hundreds of cds of various concerts and bands ranging from the Beatles rooftop concert to my favorite band Van Halen. Anyone else collect or listen to bootlegs? Now you can download etc, but back in the day we used to trade cds via snail mail. I just started going through some of these and giving some a listen again. Some are really poor quality, but some of the soundboard recordings are quite good.
  5. I think all 3 will be doing heavy lifting regarding recruiting. Hunter out East, Fife in the Midwest, and Rosemond in South.
  6. So I got curious and looked. 4 still in Indiana. Valparaiso, Wheatfield, Muncie, and Plainfield. Next time I go up north, I might have to stop at the Valpo one.
  7. Are there still Quiznos around? I thought most/all of them closed down? I used to love me some Quiznos!
  8. I believe this is the player who is connected/close with Yasir... https://247sports.com/Player/Jabari-Smith-46058607/
  9. I'm guessing they are keeping him on as an assistant until they hire the third assistant so he can keep recruiting, then maybe place him as DOBO.
  10. I believe you are correct...I am fairly certain he was cleared of any wrong doing.
  11. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/transfer-portal-names-to-know-florida-sharpshooter-noah-locke/ Shout out to Daily Hoosier for another great read. I am definitely intrigued by Locke.
  12. One thing I just thought of...TJD seems to imply that he knows someone else is coming in. Perhaps Franklin knows too and was concerned about playing time or who knows what else. I think with the Portal this season there will still be 1-2 more additions and the roster will be fine.
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