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  1. Down 6 with decent field position and plenty of time...Here we go...
  2. Yep. If IU loses this game, they truly beat themselves today. So many chances...
  3. 2 big penalties keeping drives alive killing IU. 11 of 17 points for Cincinnati from 4th down penalties. Let's go Hoosiers!!
  4. Not with that offensive line for sure.
  5. This is embarrassing... https://sports.yahoo.com/hoosiers-somehow-spelled-indiana-wrong-on-a-jersey-for-season-opener-iowa-hawkeyes-big-ten-214043655.html
  6. IU just got punched in the mouth today. Let's see how they respond next week....
  7. The first one was on the receiver though...it bounced off his shoulder pad, but I get your point. Turnovers killed.
  8. I'm going to need more beer to keep watching this. What a clusterf$%&* first half.
  9. Disappointing first quarter for sure. Lines need to play better and Penix settle down a bit. I'm sure rust is a major factor for Penix. Step up and let's go.
  10. Good job D...Let's go! Settle down and get a TD here IU!!
  11. Let's go Hoosiers! IU 27 Iowa 20
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