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  1. That is the face I make in the morning as well. Especially before I have my coffee. Congrats!!
  2. You are going to need to post how to make the Arby beef n cheddars. My kids love Arbys.
  3. I am contemplating between smoking a brisket this weekend or pork butt. I already swiped a case of Ultra from @IUFLA
  4. I wonder how many are left? I used to go to the one in Michigan City and Valparaiso. I used to love their breakfast food as well. I think it has been 3-4 years since I had it.
  5. I am a Culver's guy...I love their burgers. Schoops (a small chain) up north and Redamaks in New Buffalo MI are some of the best burgers I have had as well. But...it sucks when your favorite food places change for the worse. It has happened to us with a pizza place we used to love so I can relate. Hopefully they find their way back for those of you who love the Steak and Shake burgers.
  6. I would expect to at least challenge for big ten title next season and a sweet sixteen...It should be a fun season and plenty to be excited about.
  7. In this article long after the search warrant, it is stated he isn't considered a suspect in the case. https://www.wrtv.com/news/local-news/carroll-county/call-6-man-who-owns-property-where-delphi-teens-were-found-released-on-home-detention?_amp=true I'm not saying he was a good man or anything like that, but I think the police ruled him out as a suspect. Since then they have focused on the "Anthony Shots" online profile and asked the public in help with that aspect. I just don't believe that is a coincidence. Maybe I'm way off, but I think this is just old information getting released to the public.
  8. I've read that Indiana Packers processing plant had very similar jackets...if that is true hundreds of people who work in the processing plant in Delphi had them.
  9. I am still thinking the killer is tied to the social media angle. I don't think it is the younger Kline that has been arrested with the pedo stuff on his computer, but I think someone with a connection to him (dark web?) and his dropbox. The monon bridge was a popular spot for the young people of the area, and his property bordered it. I don't think the girls went there to meet someone, but I wouldn't be shocked if the killer knew they were going to be there that day. They had a sleepover the night before, and possibly told others/posted about going out the next day. I think I read Ron Logan owned 47 acres, lots of it wooded, so it wouldn't be unheard of for someone else with knowledge of the area taking them there without him knowing. I read plenty about him having some unsavory friends/acquaintances, so perhaps someone he knew did it and was familiar with the area. In rural Indiana, I am not sure how accurate the cell phone towers are to pinpoint exact locations. I am not an expert by any means, but I thought they could only give approximate locations, especially in rural areas where there aren't nearly as many towers? How would the towers know if his phone was in his house and on the trails/edge of his property? I am just skeptical that he did it. I do think he was the primary suspect early on and was probably investigated thoroughly.
  10. If I remember the reddit stuff correctly, he was drinking/driving and on probation. I think he was sent back to jail after they found this out. I think he was the prime suspect early on, but they seemed to switch gears in investigation. The cell phone pings are interesting, as I don't recall ever reading about that in connection with him before. I always felt he was trying to cover up his drinking/driving so he wouldn't get sent back to jail. I thought they searched his property thoroughly and didn't find evidence connecting him. I just hope they can find out for sure who did it to give at least some closure for family members.
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