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  1. Iconic songs that make you think about life

    Mike & the Mechanics..."The Living Years"...
  2. 2017 MLB discussion

    Quintana is starting tonight for the Cubs and Lester is pitching game 2. Also, Corey Seager is not on the NLCS roster for the Dodgers as he is hurt. Let's go Cubs!!
  3. 2017 MLB discussion

    I agree Cubs are starting out in a big hole in first couple games with the long flight and delay after a grueling series with Washington. However, the thing that concerns me the most as a Cubs fan is how bad the bullpen has been...especially with all the walks. It pains me to say it, but I think the Dodgers take the series in 7 (really hope I'm wrong!!) Go Cubs!!
  4. 2017 MLB discussion

    As a lifelong Cubs fan...I hope not. My hope is that Q can pitch game 1 since he only threw 12 pitches yesterday. However, I have no idea how much he has thrown on the side. If Q throws game 1...it would set up Lester for 2 (I'm thinking 3 days rest is sufficient after he threw those few innings the other day), then you can have Hendricks for 3 and Arrieta for 4, both on normal rest. I just don't have a good feeling about Lackey vs Kershaw for game 1. Having said all that, it won't shock me if Maddon goes with Lackey.
  5. I wonder if Underwood will be implicated in any wrongdoing?
  6. UNC Goes Before NCAA Today

    I think they will get hit harder now than they would have prior to the FBI investigation. The NCAA already looks weak and if they give UNC a slap on the wrist they will appear even more so.
  7. I wonder how many of the assistant coaches are going to point the finger at the head coaches in this fiasco. I think this will get crazy with the blame game as this unfolds.
  8. I would guess 95% Pearl...but I think S Miller may get the benefit of doubt unless damning evidence that he knew...so I would guess him getting canned at 25%.