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  1. AAA to start, then probably back in Chicago soon.
  2. Caddyshack Hoosiers Platoon Mississippi Burning Glory Halloween (original)
  3. just a heads up...you don't need to buy Lowes coupon codes...just google lowes coupon code generator and some free sites that generate them should pop up! Congrats on finishing up the house by the way!
  4. 3 letters? That is only their honor students.
  5. It is/was. His house was off Hwy 35 between Michigan City and LaPorte. He used to decorate his house/grounds at Christmas when I was a kid and let people drive through. A friend of my uncles actually worked at a place that sold fresh fish that he would go to every week. I still have an autographed baseball from him he got me. Sorry...I haven't been there in over a decade, so I can't recall the horseradish question! Maybe they have Brooks catsup for the fries! 😀
  6. I've eaten at Heston Bar many times....really good prime rib!
  7. Really think Rob P is going to be a great 4 year player. Very impressed by his demeanor and play this season.
  8. Romeo steps up big tonight with Morgan banged up....IU 73 PSU 71.
  9. I hope Juwan is ok and back for next game. I'm glad this game was at home because I think a good chance IU loses it at NW. Romeo seemed like the beast was unleashed a little when Juwan went down late. Perhaps he was being a little too unselfish and tentative because he was deferring somewhat to Juwan? I was really pleased with his defense overall today as well. The free throw shooting is driving me crazy!
  10. Some team will definitely give him another chance. He is in his prime while Rice was towards end of career. It will definitely cost him $$ though as you pointed out...but as Rico pointed out, the most important thing is he gets his sh$% together.
  11. Great job of Romeo being clutch down the stretch.
  12. Looked like Archie was going to have more words with the refs at halftime...get them CAM!!
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