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  1. MLB discussion

    They will never do it due to $$, but I really wish they would shorten the season back to say 154 games. Then they could start the season a week later. The weather can turn in late September/October as well, so ideally they could start a week later and end a week early and schedule a few double headers like they used to...but we know that will never happen. As bad as this start of the season has been weather wise, it is even worse during the playoffs sometimes when there is much more at stake and they are playing in 30 degrees and snow at the end of October and into November.
  2. MLB discussion

    I like where your heads at!!
  3. Home Renovation

    Mmmmmmm Redamaks!! I love me some Redamaks ha! Growing up Redamaks was about 20 minutes or so from my house...we ate there several times a season.
  4. Home Renovation

    We looked at a house that was a "historic home" once and decided against it because of all the red tape. I can only imagine the headaches dealing with all the bureaucracies on a regular basis...I don't think I have the temperament for that ha. That said, it sounds like you have found a nice niche market. I am not overly familiar with that part of Indy. I have family that lives on the northwest side, near Eagle Creek Park, and some of the surrounding areas such as Noblesville. The house we have been working on is in Southwest Michigan. The issue we have had here on a couple of occasions, is that because contractors are in such high demand in this area, all kinds of new "contractors" have sprung up and don't know what they are doing. I have had a few heated encounters with a couple of them on this house. The good/trustworthy ones are booked solid for weeks/months in advance and are probably making a killing, so all these newbies are springing up to try to get the overflow and are generally more trouble than they are worth. I did understand your point on home inspectors, and agree. The first house we bought we were moving back to Indiana from North Carolina, so we just went with the guy our realtor recommended. This was a mistake. The guy either didn't know what he was doing, or did a half ass job as I found out after we moved into the home. I have also had to deal with my share of incompetent realtors...so I hear you on that as well. We are negotiating with the seller of the home we are trying to buy over the home inspection this week, so we'll see what happens. Hopefully, it works out as we really like the 2.2 acre lot this home sits on (very private with lots of trees etc)...and the house was custom built and has more space than we would ever need. It needs lots of cosmetic work done to it, but hopefully we can get that knocked out over spring/summer. We have thought about buying another property as a rental/flip down the line...but something we can work on while living in the house we are buying. My wife and I are in agreement that we don't want to live in a house we are rehabbing again!
  5. Home Renovation

    That was crazy about the toilet! I would not have been able to hold it together if that happened to me ha! The commission thing is what lots of people don't understand who have not sold a house in some time (or ever) and watch those HGTV shows. We actually have a really good home inspector for the house we are buying. He has a reputation in the area we are moving to for being really thorough. He did a house we sold for the buyers, and we have used him once before as well for a house we bought previously. I actually hate geothermal. We had it in our last house and I didn't care for it...BUT...the house we are buying has no natural gas running to the subdivision so we will need to stick with the geothermal for now. We got a quote form some HVAC people we have used a couple times and do lots with geothermal units as well and was quoted about 12k for a new system (there is a 30% tax credit I believe right now however). Thanks for your input! What area(s) do you do your rehabs at?
  6. Announcing a new position

    Congrats Mile! Well deserved!
  7. MLB discussion

    Ha. Most Cardinal fans I know want Matheny gone. I think redbirds can challenge for wild card this year...we'll see!
  8. Romeo Langford

    I think they already needed to be turned in, but I am not 100% sure.
  9. MLB discussion

    Yep...and I'll take it! I just hope the Cubs aren't going to repeat last seasons first half struggles.
  10. MLB discussion

    I figured the Cubs were going down today when they were losing big early. Good to see them battle back.
  11. MLB discussion

    That's awesome you bought a Schwarber jersey! I just have my old school players jerseys...Sandberg and Grace. I should pick my son up a Schwarber jersey though.
  12. MLB discussion

    Hey now...I thought you were on the bandwagon!??!
  13. MLB discussion

    Agreed. And they are putting a whooping on the Cubs.
  14. Romeo Langford

    Most definitely some rough patches in the region to be sure ha!
  15. Fort Wayne

    "honorary rat?" ha. I have not had Schoops in many a year unfortunately.