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  1. I think most of us realize that information regarding recruits is fluid and don't expect those with connections to the program to be right 100% of time. Most of us appreciate your info so I would encourage you and the others with sources to keep posting what you feel comfortable sharing and don't let the few negative folks keep you from sharing your info!
  2. I might have missed this...but does anyone have any real idea what Scott Dolson thinks of Archie? Glass hired Archie obviously, but is Dolson in Archie's corner or does he want to bring in his own guy? I really hope for Archie to succeed and elevate this team to more "W's"...it has seemed all season minus the Texas game that this team is playing everyone close but can't turn the corner and turn some of those moral victories into wins. I still want to believe in Archie and that he will get IU to where they need to be, but I am becoming more skeptical and as some have mentioned...something
  3. Congrats to HCTA....a well deserved honor. Hope he is at IU for a long, long time.
  4. No smoking this week, but I grilled some burgers yesterday for the first time in a few weeks in 30 degree weather...my wife made homemade buns and they turned out tasty. My six year old who typically only gets really excited at dinner for pizza or tacos was chowing down and a few times let out an "mmmmm mmmmm" so I took that as a win.
  5. https://www.windycitygridiron.com/2021/1/4/22213029/rumor-chicago-bears-targeting-kansas-city-chiefs-mike-borgonzi-general-manager-ryan-pace-matt-nagy I would take him over Pace in a minute.
  6. Meh....if the bears are a true playoff caliber team, win today and show it.
  7. I want the Bears to win today...especially against the packers, but if they lose I hope Arizona wins. I don't want the bears to get in at 8-8 backpedaling in...if they want to be in the playoffs show up and beat the packers or go home.
  8. Lots of interesting thoughts in this thread. In previous years I would just hope that IU could win enough games to get into a bowl game. Now, thankfully, the bar has been raised and I am excited to see if we can knock off the top tier teams in the Big Ten and how high the team will be ranked and if they can make a NY6 bowl game (which they should have had this season). I'm excited for the future of IU football...hoping for top tier bowl game, 3 straight bowl appearances, and to finally get that elusive bowl win since 91 so we can all stop hearing about that.
  9. Rickets are going to use the success of 2016 for years I fear to justify their cheapness...."We brought a world series to the North Side so you should not question our cheapness...blah blah blah"
  10. You are making me face all of my nightmares today apparently....my other fear is the Bears will lose...Cardinals will lose, and Bears will back into playoffs at 8-8 and the cheap a$$ McCaskeys will use that as justification to keep Pace and Nagy. Pace will then proceed to either 1) sign Newton to an insane 3 years/fifty million guaranteed contract (or something similar with another washed up or subpar QB, or 2) Give up a ton of draft picks to move up and select another QB bust.
  11. This literally made me laugh out loud....funniest post I've read in some time.
  12. Agreed. My fears are if the Bears miss playoffs and fire Nagy they will bring in Fitzgerald as next coach and I'm just not convinced he will make a good NFL coach.
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