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  1. FritzIam4IU

    Michigan pre-game thread....

    Is it just me or does Jim look like... in that pic?
  2. FritzIam4IU

    Proud father

    Congrats!! I'm glad your son is finding lots of interests that he is excelling in!!
  3. FritzIam4IU

    Colts-2018 and NFL talk

    Da Bears!! 👍
  4. FritzIam4IU

    MLB discussion

    https://www.bleachernation.com/2018/10/23/report-bryce-harper-bidding-will-start-at-10-years-and-350-million/ Let the speculation begin...
  5. FritzIam4IU

    MLB discussion

    Russell was suspended for 40 games...which will include the games he missed this season (11 I believe). He is not appealing. https://www.mlb.com/news/addison-russell-suspended/c-296985058
  6. FritzIam4IU

    MLB discussion

    Agreed. I'm just speaking about how the Cubs are rumored to be dumping Addison Russell due to his issues while they were fine acquiring Chapman despite his similar baggage. If the front office is claiming that they have to jettison Russell ASAP then I just think that is a little hypocritical. Look what the Reds got in return for Chapman from the Yankees vs. what the Yankees got from the Cubs. My only point is that from a baseball trade value standpoint...the Cubs would be better off letting Russell serve his suspension (40 games by the way)...then trading him at some point after.
  7. FritzIam4IU

    MLB discussion

    I would be fine with Harper...but like I have stated I just prefer Machado. Especially with the Russell situation and this will probably be Zobrist last season with club. My personal preference is Machado at short and Baez at second. I do think it would be a mistake to just let Russell walk away or trade him right now without getting anything decent in return. I get the moral reasoning behind it, but where was all that morality when they traded a top prospect to the Yankees for Chapman and his past? I'm all for trading Russell, but I just think it would make more sense letting him serve his suspension first, then letting him reestablish himself so you can actually get something of value for him in return.
  8. FritzIam4IU

    MLB discussion

    Hearing they might get rid of Russell soon. Also, Bryant can play outfield as well...or Baez second.
  9. FritzIam4IU

    MLB discussion

    I wouldn't be mad if the cubs sign Harper by any means, but I would rather see Machado...especially since Russell will likely be moved at some point.
  10. FritzIam4IU

    MLB discussion

    I would replace Bryce with Machado. I think that Russell is not going to be a Cub much longer and he would fit better than Harper. Although I am hoping the Cubs hold off on trading Russell until after his suspension is over and he maybe is playing well. Otherwise I fear the cubs will get a bag of peanuts in return. Regarding 5, I would just exercise the option on Cole Hamels and try to find bullpen depth in free agency. Hopefully Bryant is back 100% next season...as well as Darvish, Morrow, Smyly, etc.
  11. FritzIam4IU

    MLB discussion

    Reds were supposed to wait until after he pitched against the Cubs one more time!
  12. FritzIam4IU

    Where were you?

    I was still in school...got out of a class, walked in and saw it on the televison and sat and stared at the tv the rest of the day.
  13. FritzIam4IU

    Big Ten Football

    And down goes PU!
  14. FritzIam4IU

    Armaan Franklin Commits to IU

    We will know he is going to announce momentarily once Jerry Meyer switches his crystal ball pick to IU from PU. Probably 5 minutes before.
  15. FritzIam4IU

    MLB discussion

    Well, I'll be rooting for the Reds to win lots in the next month (excluding the final 3 game series with Cubbies). Just don't start Homer against the Cards or Brewers ha.