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  1. I understand and appreciate the info you shared. And I understand the frustrations of the players...especially the defense.
  2. Nagy needs to let someone else do the play calling. That game was flat out ugly last night on many levels. I think Bears need to GM if the team doesn't make the playoffs this season (and they probably need one anyway). Pace needs to address the O-line and quit trying to hold it together with bandages. Can you share anymore about what your friend said about behind the scenes? It appears from the outside looking in that Foles does not care for Nagy much (or at least his play calling).
  3. "streaking" always reminds me of the Will Ferrell scene from Old School.
  4. My neighbor has a Michigan "M" painted at the edge of his driveway. He is a douche. I would love to stomp UM by about 30...but, one step at a time. I would love for this program to have similar success to Iowa, but would settle for what MSU had the past 15 years. Let's go Hoosiers!!
  5. I was too young to remember Corso coaching...but my dad used to tell me stories...I remember the one about him taking a pic of the scoreboard at halftime against O$U with IU leading.
  6. I'm no Nostradamus, but as long as there is no letdown from this weeks big win and the team is focused, I believe IU wins comfortably. Go Hoosiers.
  7. And hopefully he will embrace the team/program as well.
  8. I hope you are right about packing Memorial...and I really hope that this program can become perennial bowl team. Hoping the new AD keeps investing in football.
  9. I was hoping you would chime in on this...I respect your opinion on IU football. I agree about Allen and he seems to have his finger on the pulse of what is necessary to build a program. I am hopeful that we can see consistent 7-8 win seasons and some decent bowls. I would love to see fans packing the stands after the pandemic on a regular basis but I think we will need consistent winning for that to occur. Nice point about the athletic department not making football a priority during the Mallory years. I always appreciate your take on your student years miles.
  10. So...we can all agree it has been a great week for IU football. However, it got me to thinking...I am old enough to remember the Mallory years, even 1987 when we beat O$U and UM. I expected that IU would be "good" in football for a long time under Mallory...it didn't last as long as I had hoped. Coach Allen seems to be a fantastic fit for IU football long term, but it has me wondering what expectations we can expect for next 5-10 years (assuming he stays in Bloomington). We have improved facilities and recruiting is much better than in the past it seems, especially with the Florida pipeline. I
  11. Agree x1000. I just had a similar conversation with a friend of mine who I have known since high school. We are both on the wrong side of 40 now, and were saying how we miss the simpler times. Technology is all well and good...but when my wife texts me 10 times a day when we are both in the house...let's just say it makes me miss the 80s/90s ha.
  12. It's my birthday this week as well...Surely he wouldn't announce for PU on the week of my b-day.
  13. Great win. Nice mental toughness at the end. Go Hoosiers!!
  14. I pitched and played 3rd base. I was "old school" as well, but I think I was nicer than @IUFLAand @Billingsley99ha. I had excellent control as a pitcher and could throw in on a hitter without plunking them very often...and still was able to get my point across if they were crowding the plate. I would intentionally throw wild in warmups to give the upcoming batters something to think about. I have one story of intentionally throwing at someone...there was some sort of beef between a player on the other team and some of my teammates who were also from my neighborhood. They told me before the gam
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