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  1. FritzIam4IU

    MLB discussion

    Reds were supposed to wait until after he pitched against the Cubs one more time!
  2. FritzIam4IU

    Where were you?

    I was still in school...got out of a class, walked in and saw it on the televison and sat and stared at the tv the rest of the day.
  3. FritzIam4IU

    Big Ten Football

    And down goes PU!
  4. FritzIam4IU

    Armaan Franklin Commits to IU

    We will know he is going to announce momentarily once Jerry Meyer switches his crystal ball pick to IU from PU. Probably 5 minutes before.
  5. FritzIam4IU

    MLB discussion

    Well, I'll be rooting for the Reds to win lots in the next month (excluding the final 3 game series with Cubbies). Just don't start Homer against the Cards or Brewers ha.
  6. FritzIam4IU

    MLB discussion

    As a cub fan...I'm just happy that Homer is starting today for the Reds!
  7. FritzIam4IU

    MLB discussion

    ...and the redbirds fire Matheny https://sports.yahoo.com/cardinals-unexpectedly-fire-mike-matheny-seven-seasons-manager-032209076.html
  8. FritzIam4IU

    MLB discussion

    Hoping for a sweep today!!
  9. FritzIam4IU

    50 famous athletes from "The Region"

    I did not realize that Don Larsen was born in Michigan City. Also, when I was little I remember driving through Charlie O Finley's property at Christmastime in LaPorte as he had tons of Christmas lights/decorations out and it was open to public.
  10. FritzIam4IU

    Challenge to HSN. Give me words that....

    I'm a far cry from a genius...but I do like word games! You caught me right before I was about to crash for the night! For today... ate and eight principal and principle bye, by, and buy
  11. FritzIam4IU

    Challenge to HSN. Give me words that....

    dye and die bear and bare jeans and genes dear and deer hear and hare to, two, and too dew, do, and due one and won ok...I'm done!
  12. FritzIam4IU

    Challenge to HSN. Give me words that....

    which and witch
  13. FritzIam4IU

    Indiana/Kentucky all star game

    https://www1.ticketmaster.com/indiana-v-kentucky-high-school-all-indianapolis-indiana-06-09-2018/event/050054489B1C3967 Presale starts Friday.
  14. FritzIam4IU

    Romeo Langford

  15. FritzIam4IU

    Romeo Langford