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  1. Glad nobody was hurt...that sucks about your tree/property, especially after all the work you put in the past couple months. Like others have mentioned hopefully insurance comes though for you.
  2. I also do it fairly quickly. We usually use cages.
  3. Just saw this post...cute puppy! We cut up and freeze our peppers in those plastic freezer safe ziplock type bags and use them in chili etc all fall/winter.
  4. We planted some zucchini, many tomato plants, eggplant, carrots, bell peppers, and cucumber (can't remember if we had pablano peppers this year). Planted a couple weeks ago. On the "to do list" this summer is staining the deck and shed.
  5. you can come over...bring some fried chicken with you!!
  6. Very jealous of the baby back ribs! I saw an ad for the meat market I go to for them this week and have been seriously craving them. They are calling for storms here tomorrow, so today will be the last day grilling for me this weekend.
  7. I don't have any in the house, but I am itching to make some baby back ribs soon (with some corn on cob). I'm trying to figure out what to make today...I might have limited options as I used last of chicken yesterday. Might just do bacon cheeseburgers and dogs with baked beans and deviled eggs today, that will make kids happy.
  8. Every time I watch that replay I remember having that split second knot in my stomach as I was sure Kris Bryant was going to make a wild throw when he started to slip while throwing to first.
  9. Since it is unofficial start to summer and summer weather is here in midwest...
  10. I have not been that way for some time...but next time I am nearby I will definitely check it out. I have my almost 4 year old daughter wanting brats on the grill ha.
  11. I was doing yardwork all afternoon yesterday so just did some burgers and brats on grill. Today I am thinking grilled chicken and homemade potato salad. Hope everyone has good weekend!
  12. This is what I thought reading the quote from CAM as well. If true, then good for Archie for sticking to his guns in regard with which position Smith needs to play to help the team. Sounds like this is best for both parties. Good luck to Smith next season.
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