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  1. Down 6 with decent field position and plenty of time...Here we go...
  2. Yep. If IU loses this game, they truly beat themselves today. So many chances...
  3. 2 big penalties keeping drives alive killing IU. 11 of 17 points for Cincinnati from 4th down penalties. Let's go Hoosiers!!
  4. This is embarrassing... https://sports.yahoo.com/hoosiers-somehow-spelled-indiana-wrong-on-a-jersey-for-season-opener-iowa-hawkeyes-big-ten-214043655.html
  5. IU just got punched in the mouth today. Let's see how they respond next week....
  6. The first one was on the receiver though...it bounced off his shoulder pad, but I get your point. Turnovers killed.
  7. I'm going to need more beer to keep watching this. What a clusterf$%&* first half.
  8. Disappointing first quarter for sure. Lines need to play better and Penix settle down a bit. I'm sure rust is a major factor for Penix. Step up and let's go.
  9. Good job D...Let's go! Settle down and get a TD here IU!!
  10. Let's go Hoosiers! IU 27 Iowa 20
  11. Happy 14th Birthday!! Keep kicking butt in golf!!
  12. Speaking of predicting the weather...my wife went to college and was friends with Ginger Zee.
  13. I know a few Astros fans who love those unis. I used to love these caps back in the day...
  14. That's terrible. Sorry for your loss.
  15. I missed this...thanks for posting. It is really sad. I bought countless packs of cards when I was a kid in the 80s. Topps and baseball cards go hand in hand.
  16. When I was in grad school I was working midnights and one night while driving to work on highway two deer ran right out in front of me and literally froze like a deer in headlights. They were standing in such a way I couldn't avoid them without driving off the road as I slammed on the brakes. One went down and stayed down and also smashed up my car bumper/hood. I had about a 45 minute drive to work and was only 10 minutes in, so I had to go back home and call off as my hood was flying up and I didn't have a bungy cord in my car so I proceeded to drive home at about 25 MPH.
  17. That is what I was thinking....anytime now. I'm hoping in the next week or two they will come in. I remember seeing some winter beers in October last year.
  18. Anybody know when the fall/Oktoberfest beers come out for the season? I figured it would be sometime before Labor Day but haven't checked yet.
  19. If I were the Bears I would offer to trade the Colts Foles for a new football...assuming they take on his contract. On second thought, the football doesn't need to be new.
  20. I like Nico and Contreras. I always feel Hendricks is underappreciated because he doesn't have overwhelming "stuff"....but to me he is a poor mans Greg Maddux...just smart and finds ways to get it done. They also shed a ton of payroll and should be major players in the free agent market this offseason, assuming Rickets is willing to pay up. As others have mentioned...the core Cub group is eerily similar to me as the 85 Bears...each could have won multiple championships but fell short. I won't complain too much though, at least I got to finally witness them winning it all.
  21. Keith Law breaks down the Cubs trades...so far from what I have read, I am good with what they received back, except for maybe the Bryant trade. I feel like the Giants would have paid more after all the moves the Dodgers made. Oh well, time will tell. https://theathletic.com/2743328/2021/07/30/the-cubs-go-all-in-on-the-fire-sale-so-lets-take-a-look-at-the-return-keith-law/?source=user_shared_article
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