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  1. Jacarcio

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    And a five star recruit is going to be noticed and grow no matter the high school... what's the positive? Its not like he is lacking in exposure and the development isn't that much greater I'm sure.
  2. Jacarcio

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Boy, we lose one recruit an out of state kid ( whom we likely never lead for) and the sky is falling. Lord knows how Michigan feels lol
  3. Jacarcio

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Any ideas on when he might announce or are we still a long way away?
  4. Jacarcio

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Dont know unless you reach out right? Hopefully we are still in good position and we can lock TJD up soon. I am hoping without any background info that his commitment will spur others to hop on board.
  5. Jacarcio

    Morgan withdraws from NBA draft

    Oh we will find something to gripe about. Sooner than later ha. Let me help 1980-1990s was the greatest NBA era if you disagree you must not have watched it
  6. Jacarcio

    Morgan withdraws from NBA draft

    Thought it was the 30th
  7. Jacarcio

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Sorry if I missed it, but any more rumblings of a summer time decision?
  8. With the current climate around Adidas and college basketball with the FBI. I have a hard time believing IU or any Adidias school would do something unsavory. It would just be stupid. Sounds like folks are trying to get some clicks in the off season using one of the highest ranked kids choosing from all Adidas schools. Also, if we are getting more and more 5 stars expect more stories like this one. Unfortunately it seems to come with the territory with highly regarded kids. I trust this staff until they give me a reason not to and I trust the Langford's wouldn't jeopardize their childs eligibility with something like this. I'm not losing any sleep over it. I just think we as IU fans expect the other shoe to drop with some negative news. Here's hoping we have years of continued recruiting and on court success to ease some of your minds
  9. Jacarcio

    Evan Fitzner Commits to IU

    Have we offered yet? I googled around and didn't spot an answer
  10. Jacarcio

    18-19 Lineup(just for fun)

    Since this is just for fun I like the idea of a unit. Unit 1- DG,RL,McBob,Smith,JM Unit 2- RP, Al,Hunter,CM or Race, DD Unit 1 has experience and will get a majority of the minutes. Unit 2 has a lot of youth but if DD is healthy he could provide a steady outlet and hopefully steady hand on the court and with Al out there we would have a pretty steady hand for a 2nd unit. Allows for the young guys to get experience while still running with an experienced big that can take over in the post if healthy (Duke game). I would cycle the freshman early in the season to spread experience. I like the mix of talent on this team a lot. I just wish they were all a year older except JM lol
  11. Jacarcio

    Will anyone redshirt?

    No idea of who, but I really like the thought of red shirting. I wish Cliff would have. Him having a year to focus on just getting better is tremendous and I think an under utilized tool in college basketball.
  12. Jacarcio

    Romeo Langford

    No pressure ha
  13. Jacarcio

    Romeo Langford

    Yeah the Kansas salt is real lol couldn't handle that board ha
  14. Jacarcio

    Romeo Langford

    Lol yeah we cheated right when the FBI is all over Adidas
  15. Jacarcio

    Romeo Langford

    Its Indiana baby