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  1. How awesome is this! Heck ya! That is all
  2. Oh my heart lol, another one of those years, eh? Cant wait for us to get back to where winning at home comfortably is the norm and tight games are few and far between (at home) lol
  3. Poor deron man, I still remember watching him dominate in spurts a few years ago. Feels bad watching him now.
  4. Wasnt able to watch the game what happened with the 3 missed fg? Was it weather related l?
  5. I don't think I'm going to forget where the ball is placed when pass interference happens in the end zone for awhile.
  6. We aren't really slowing them down like I thought we would. Them being so bad statistically in offense
  7. This one hurt. Feel like we were a couple penalties away from stealing this on the road. Feel like we are getting better. Think we can go bowling this year
  8. Man I love how hard TT plays they are throwing their bodies around ha
  9. Seems like a crappy way to win for Virginia but I'm sure they dont care ha
  10. Lol this is the best case scenario for my final four haha
  11. If UK and Duke can lose il be cool with however else this tourney dishes out.
  12. I'm stuck in meetings all day. Come on boys. Let's make a run. We need to make the dance
  13. Well I'm not sure if it will be a similar situation but a football player lost his scholarship for a YouTube channel. Theres more nuances im sure but it could be an eligabilyy issue https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.engadget.com/amp/2017/07/31/college-football-player-loses-scholarship-youtube/
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