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  1. The Watshot is my favorite. I was there as a student row 13ish. I just remember sitting with my head in my hands as thinking we had blown it when the ball gets passed to Christan and I jumped/ yelled and started helping people to the court. I didnt trust myself hopping over seats so i just helped folks get down to the court ha. Such a fond memory one of my buddies dressed up like a gorilla for that game as well ha I think there might have been more than one that day ha
  2. Jacarcio

    Butler Postgame Thread

    I think some folks have PTSD from Crean. So as soon as they see some negative attribute they saw under Crean then the hair on their neck starts to rise. For those uneasy about Archie give him a bit more time. Hell we gave CTC 9 we can give Archie a few. Its still pretty young in the season with folks meshing together we added a lot of new faces and I am thinking Archie's system is predicated on older players being in the program 3/4 yrs ( obviously that will need to adjust a bit based on the influx of talent he is getting, but that's brand new to him)
  3. Jacarcio

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Rob P for president
  4. Jacarcio

    Indiana-Butler Game thread

    If we could figure out how to settle in earlier in a game it would make life a lot easier ha. Feel like we spot teams 10 points before we get going
  5. Jacarcio

    Khristian Lander

    I imagine its similar to my dad's view of the lottery "Can't win if you don't play" 63 yrs and still waiting lol
  6. Jacarcio

    UofL post game

    My goodness my poor heart ha when we fouled the three shot I almost lost my mind ha thank goodness we were up by 4 at the end. They couldn't miss their hail marys
  7. Jacarcio

    Penn St. Post game

    That person isnt a fan... no matter what they tell themselves.
  8. Jacarcio

    Penn St. Post game

    I wasnt able to watch did our guys coming back from injury look pretty good? Sounded like Green had a pretty good night?
  9. Jacarcio

    Penn St. Post game

    Wasnt able to watch only listen Really need justin Smith to value the ball more. Seemed like a lot of unforced turnovers. Listening on the radio based on the reaction from Don there were a lot of questionable calls
  10. Jacarcio

    Penn State Game Thread

    Glad we won. Wasnt able to watch but listened on the radio. Justin Smith has to get more bball iq idk how we increase that but it felt like he had a lot of unforced turnovers Listening to the radio seemed like there were a lot of questionable calls on both sides.
  11. Jacarcio

    Big Ten Football

    I live in Columbus and work with a ton of OSU fans. Quite a few wanted Day to take over if/when Urban stepped down. I didnt get it either but I really dont watch osu unless they are playing IU
  12. Jacarcio

    Hoiberg to UCLA?

    Think we could get Steve to come on board to teach free throws ?
  13. Jacarcio

    Northwestern Postgame Thread

    Just glad we won... wasnt able to watch the game too close for comfort
  14. Jacarcio

    Isaiah Stewart Cuts IU

    I mean if Brooks in the fold having him and TJD in Stewart's ear cant hurt, right? He's going to be in college for a year might as well do it with his friends lol ( I do think this is highly unlikely ha )
  15. That's awesome!!! So glad this one is locked up. Here's looking at KBJ