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  1. He’s not a Hoosier for life because he left after two years.. didn’t get a degree here.. a Hoosier for life would be if he was a grad transfer going to play his final year of college eligibility else where. Glad we had him for two years, but not a Hoosier for life.
  2. It is what it is. Goodluck. Don’t care. Leave and replace. Time to get someone!
  3. I know personally from his ex, but Race works a lot on his 3 point shot! I know he likes to shoot but don’t think Archie ever gave him the go to do so. Too set oriented.. Race can stretch it
  4. Should have hired Woodson years ago!!
  5. I will strongly root against him and hope he performs very poorly if he leaves to go in conference to Illinois.
  6. Oh trust me I completely agree and I strongly feel the same way but if they’re to come back I’ll be happy.. but I agree it’s not settling with me well at all that they’re looking elsewhere when we have a new coach with real and successful NBA experience.. don’t know how they could transfer out with a coach like that at their disposal!
  7. Wasn’t Franklin’s meeting with Illinois supposed to happen today? Maybe we’ll get more info tonight or tomorrow. Honestly, don’t see why two guards would leave an NBA coach to go somewhere else.. you heard Trayce say yesterday that Armaan is a big “trust” guy and isn’t the type to take a leap of faith.. he will be much more valued at IU with Woodson.. a lot of these coaches are just spitting BS to these guys to get them to come there.. I have a genuine feeling that Woodson is going to do what it takes to get these guys to the next level.. I can’t see why Armaan would leave honestly..
  8. I wonder when we’ll be hearing from Lander and Franklin?
  9. Adam Miller from Illinois in transfer portal.. possibly raise question marks for Armaan?
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