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  1. I can only speculate that’s the reason why his dad wanted him to go there because I do believe he would be more a center piece in a smaller program like Butler. However, he’s not going anywhere but this did happen.
  2. Yes and not to mention.. Trey isn’t going anywhere. He is staying, but this took this place in the early early off-season after Matta announced he was leaving for Butler.
  3. Like Woodson had to have a meeting with him to convince him to stay. His dad loved Matta and thought Trey would be more a center piece at Butler, rather than a solid role player here at IU.
  4. There is a rumor floating around that Galloway was considering transferring to Butler. Supposedly loved Matta, but decided to stay in Bloomington.
  5. Hearing from local sources in Center Grove. That Trayce had a heart to heart to with Woodson last Friday. Sounds like it’s either first round or he’s coming back.
  6. I second that! People in charge at Indiana are commies!
  7. Time to pay Trayce to stay! Not a six figure deal. Time to get him a million dollar NIL deal… if UK can draw up 2 million for Oscar, we should be able to do the same for Trayce.
  8. Just a reminder that we play Kansas next year…. 😂
  9. This intensity and athleticism across the board is insane.. only IU team(s) that I think could compete pace wise in this game is the 2015-2017 roster…
  10. Man… this game is just shows me how far behind we are… the intensity and speed of this game from both sides is just on a whole other level.. we’re light years away.
  11. I agree. I think Cal is totally overrated as a coach. Guy just gets talented players every year with his BS recruiting pitches. Only reason he wins. Actual X’s and O’s… he’s average and development wise he’s not that good.
  12. Yeah him mentioning Nike was interesting.. I believe this one comes down to NIL… beating out Oregon for NIL might be tough.
  13. I believe this one is going to come down to how he can develop the most in which system in order to get ready for the NBA.. as well as how much money he can make with NIL
  14. He already broke team rules and now he’s doing this lol.. sounds like a recipe for seeing the door
  15. Xavier, Hood-Schifino, JG, Race, and Trayce would be a nasty starting 5.. just saying..
  16. That’s what this off-season is for. We need that kid in the game with Race and Trayce at the same time. Woody should make it a priority of his to get that kid ready to play on the wing next season. We need him out there in that starting 5.
  17. I think he’s a better defender than Miller.. him being a 3 on the wing doesn’t mean he has to be a secondary ball handler.. he can simply be a slasher and cutter towards the rim and get in the paint for put backs/rebounds/dunks.. and he has shown he can hit a 3. I think they should develop him into a wing because being 6’6… he can’t play down low primarily at that size. He can play a role on the wing like Will Sheehey did.
  18. He’s literally the last guy left that I wouldn’t mind leaving. He did nothing for us in the grand scheme of things.. he’s no different than walk-on McRoberts. Who might damn near be better honestly.
  19. I’d prefer booting him to open up another scholarship, then bring someone in who’s way more athletic and can actually play defense and shoot consistent.. but I digress.
  20. Lol.. for real though if he starts next year we have bigger issues.
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