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  1. He totally nullifies what he does well with his poor play. He does more bad than he does good… why in the hell is he shooting 9 3’s a game?! He shot more than Stewart and Kopp combined.
  2. I’m very serious. I would boot him from this roster any day.. and if you’re saying that Xavier is the only reason we’re not 7-5 then that’s pretty sad… considering how terrible our non-conference schedule is. Says a lot about this team as a whole if that’s the case.
  3. Can we wrap Xavier Johnson up as a Christmas present and ship him to PA
  4. If Xavier Johnson is starting tomorrow I'm turning the TV off.
  5. Sorry some of us can’t be on these boards 24/7 because we have other sh** going on in our lives! Quit acting like fans have to be a certain way and to your standards! If you don’t like the criticism and the way some of us express it then why even respond if you feel the way you do.
  6. Takes 40 minutes to win a game Scott. Not the first half.
  7. And who’s that on Scott?! Who’s supposed to tell them to put foots on the throat?! THEY ARE BIG BOYS!!! IT’S COMMON SENSE AS AN ATHLETE TO PUT FOOTS ON THE THROAT WHEN YOU’RE UP!!! THEY SHOWED THEY’RE NOT COMPETITORS!! QUIT MAKING EXCUSES! This team is soft!!
  8. He left the guy in who single handily killed us down the stretch!! Made NO adjustments!!!
  9. This one did it for me.. don’t care what anyone says but this team is NOT good! We’re in for a long season, especially if we’re playing that kind of offense (nonexistent)! Y’all let me know when Xavier Johnson isn’t starting and I’ll start watching them again. Otherwise I’m done!
  10. Coaching lost this game as well. Period.
  11. Xavier single handily lost us this game!!
  12. Get rid of Xavier from the starting line up permanently please!!
  13. We look awful… he better rip their ass in the locker room!
  14. Where is the foul on that alley oop?!
  15. Not to mention he blew that whistle late! Same guy who called the bullshit offensive foul on Trayce
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