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  1. Muddy River

    Purdue post game

    I think if it had been Davis or Morgan, and we were in Mackey, it would have been.
  2. Muddy River

    Edward Smith at it again

    Archie is not the biggest obstacle in the way of Justin's improvement.
  3. Muddy River

    Crean statement today

    Priceless from the guy who brought Bob Knight up in the Crean thread only 5 posts in.
  4. Muddy River

    Did you know !!!!!!!!!!

    Jesse Helms?!? I thought he died....what's he giving out trophies for?
  5. Muddy River

    Crean statement today

    Sometimes I really don't understand this board. We complain about soft players and then about coaches if they don't handle said players with kid gloves. Earlier this season, Painter was accused of throwing his kids under the bus in a press conference, and half of this board (and yes, Eastern's mom as well) laughed at or poo poo'd him for it. Meanwhile Archie tells us he's not disappointed after the Iowa game. A quick look at the B1G standings will tell you that maybe one coaches method is better than the other's.
  6. Muddy River

    Ohio St post game thread

    Personally, I hope it was Morgan grabbing some guys by the throat and explaining to them that his Senior season was not going to go down like this.
  7. Muddy River

    Crean Lands Anthony Edwards

    Seriously, I knew he played some pick-up ball with George Clooney on the set of ER, but I had no idea he had elligibility. Way to go GOOSE!!!
  8. Muddy River

    Here I go again!

    We don't have the luxury of playing in the West.
  9. Muddy River

    Michigan State post game

    does anyone know why, when Morgan went down his teammates all left? I was a little startled that Morgan was left out on the floor by himself,
  10. Muddy River

    Internal issues or not?

    This made me think, can you imagine AJ Moye's brain and heart in Justin Smith's body?
  11. Muddy River

    Rutgers Post

    I agree with this. At one point last night it looked to me like Al and Justin were jawing at each other. I was worried about the bad chemistry, but on the very next possession, Al hit Justin on the fast break for a lay-up. I was impressed to see Al go right to him when only seconds before they seemed to be jawing at each other.
  12. Muddy River

    Rutgers Post

    So, the bench got 43 minutes of run last night and contributed 2 points. I guess we know why Archie has kept a short rotation.
  13. Muddy River

    Antoine Davis

    Mike Davis himself said otherwise. He wanted IU to recruit his son. From an old Sports Illustrated article " I have a younger son (Antoine) who is going to be a high-level player, and I want him to have a chance to see a game at Indiana and maybe get recruited by them one day.”
  14. Muddy River

    What’d he do? Devonte Green

    We all wanted Devonte to be more consistent this year, and it seems he has stepped up to the challenge. He is now making bad decisions both on, AND off the court. Bravo Devonte.
  15. Well, then it would be you vs. your former players. That doesn't seem very fair.....pretty sure I could coach 5 guys to beat one.