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  1. Muddy River

    Talked to OG today

    Vic Olidipo disagrees with you, or course he doesn't know how accurate your track record is with things like the timing of Crean's firing, Where Romeo would go to school, Greg Marshall to IU.......or maybe he does.
  2. Muddy River

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Appeasing you??
  3. Muddy River

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Anybody know what Kyrie Irving said about his in home visit?
  4. Muddy River


    Paying Chinese toddlers $3.00 a year to make new shoes didn't bring down NIKE. This won't either.
  5. Muddy River


    I'm not saying "Mission Accomplished" (pun intended). I'm saying we are getting better. I can't speak to your sports analogy, but in the business world I come from, a great worker will not necessarily make a great manager. I've had great workers who I promoted only to find that while they were incredibly skilled at what they did, that did not make them a great leader. I can only assume the same is true in the sports world. Ted Williams was a great player, but not so much as a manager. Tony Dungy was a great Head Coach and leader, but a pretty average player. Different skill set is the best I can come up with.
  6. Muddy River


    To be clear, I'm not comparing Kap's message with that of WBC, I am comparing two groups who each think they are right, and who have the right to be heard, co-opting a moment set aside to honor someone or something else, to spread their message. To me, both are being disrespectful. I will also add that I find it disrespectful whether I agree with the message or not. Some things and times are sacred. And Kap's actions have had negative effects on other's or we wouldn't be having this conversation. He upset plenty of people.
  7. Muddy River


    This was simply too long to quote the entire thing, but in the first quoted point, you say it's human nature to blame others as apposed to accepting responsibility. I agree, but I see plenty of that on both sides. ALL parties would need to accept some responsibility before a dialog could ever take place. I'm not optimistic that either side would. What is your vision of the status quo? In my lifetime there have been immeasurable advancements in opportunities for minorities. We recently had a black President, and a black Attorney General. We've had a black woman Secretary of the State. Has there ever been more black CEO's than there are right now? Perhaps things aren't moving as quickly as we would like, but things today are better than they were 20 years ago, when they were better than they were the previous 20 years, which was still better than the 20 years before that. I hane no reason to think they won't be better 20 years from now. There has never been a time in the history of this country where minorities had more opportunity than they do now. We can still improve, but we shouldn't dismiss how far we've come. We're getting better, and if improvement is the status quo, then let's not dismiss that.
  8. Muddy River


    I haven't told anyone to stop kneeling, I've simply stated my opposition to it. I recognize he is free to kneel, the same as I'm free not to watch, or buy NIKE. His actions won't have any other impact on me, just as mine won't on the NFL or NIKE. As for your second sentence, I didn't understand. I'm not being flippant, I really didn't understand. Did I miss something?
  9. Muddy River


    So the First amendment only protects those on the "Right Side of social justice"? I was taught it was to protect unpopular speech/ideas. Both groups want to protest at what many believe are inappropriate times. I think that is a reasonable comparison. I also know service men who have no issue with the kneeling, and I know others that have a big issue with it. Certainly you would agree that because he spoke to "a serviceman" that person didn't speak for all, and that we shouldn't just dismiss those servicemen and women who hold the opposing view. Their sacrifice was just as great. I believe the right way to protest is to start with positive change. People by nature want to be on winning teams, We are bandwaggon jumpers. Start something good and people will join you, I don't see how being shocking and offensive to those you want to join your cause is helpful. But, hey, I'm old and set in my ways, so what do I know?
  10. Muddy River


    So is simply telling someone they don't understand the issue fundamentally any different that telling them they are wrong? Have you advanced this dialog? You are correct, I am not following you well.
  11. Muddy River


    The "BS" was in reply to the "Routinely" which was why I highlighted the word in your quote. But, hey, good job deflecting the point of my post completely.
  12. Muddy River


    From this , I gather that you support the Westboro Baptist Church's right to protest at the funerals at fallen soldiers, and I assume that you have written your representatives if you live in one of the places that has passed legislation preventing such things. There is a time and place for everything, and co-opting something set aside to honor something or someone else, to push your own agenda is at the very least disrespectful.
  13. Muddy River


    I'm sorry, this is BS. FBI studies show that in 2016, 7881 blacks were murdered, 225 of those were killed by police, and only 16 of those were classified as "Unarmed". Now, should this open dialog be about the 16, or even the 225, or should we start by talking about the other 7650? I'm all for open dialog, but I think we should start with the things that move the needle the most,do you agree?
  14. Muddy River

    Roy Williams Court

    Are you suggesting we should honor Coach Miller for doing what is expected of him?
  15. Muddy River

    Tom Crean/Kevin Wilson Revelations

    Geezus man, another swipe? Let it go. You really need to get over your obsession with this man. He is gone, let it go. This is not healthy. See a therapist.