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  1. Muddy River

    Indiana / Kentucky All Star Games

    I can't speak for Fouls, but if you go by recruiting stars, or offer lists, or schools committed to and the final score of the game, I can't see how there could be a bigger upset. i heard someone at the game refer to it as "The Miracle at Bellermine"
  2. Muddy River

    Indiana / Kentucky All Star Games

    Some random thoughts for the game: Kentucky came out as a team on a mission. They hit the floor and promptly hit Indiana in the face (figuratively), and hit Romeo in the face (literally) on his first shot attempt. There was no call on the play, and this seemed to set the tone for the whole game. Indiana was outplayed, out hustled, out coached, and out classed. I found it hard not to root for the Kentucky kids, because they clearly wanted it more. I was shocked to see Mile's box score. I would've guessed Romeo had 6-8 points. That was the quietest 17 I've ever seen. I know it was an off game for him, but if that was the first time you had sen him, I think it would be fair to question all of the hype. The people behind me were going down the rosters prior to the game, "Indiana, Michigan State, Purdue" and "Kansas Community College, St. Louis, Northern Kentucky", and laughing....they left the game early as well. Phinisee had zero assists!!! Anderson is an athletic freak. He'd make a hell of a wide receiver. I'm going to enjoy watching him. Indiana must've missed 12-15 lay-ups. I'd love to see a shot chart. After the game, Phinisee came out of the locker room and hugged who I presume was his mom. He spent a couple of minutes with his family and moved out to the floor to sit with the other players and wait for the bus. Then Romeo came out Rob's mom went up and gave him a big hug. I thought that was great to see. It really adds some truth to the "Big Family" behind IU basketball. Anyway, it was a great game to watch, much better than most of these all star events. The team that wanted it more won, and they deserve all of the credit for that. Now, the Indiana kids need to respond tonight. Just my two cents....
  3. Muddy River

    Trendon Watford

    Agreed. I'll add that I am not a fan of painting Trendon as some random out-of state 5 star recruit. He is a legacy. He should be recruited. "Being a Hoosier" is more than some random lines drawn on a map. There are "Hoosiers" that don't come from the state.
  4. I've been hearing that for 30 years.
  5. Muddy River

    Rumor floating around.

    Don't think of it as "dodging" them. Think of it as "not allowing them the honor" of playing us.
  6. Muddy River

    Romeo Langford

    C'mon man. Surely you can see Tim was just being polite. Everyone with an IQ higher than a banana knew he was only dragging it out to avoid backlash.
  7. Muddy River

    Romeo Langford

    Wait. What? We're recruiting OTHER players?
  8. Muddy River

    Romeo Langford

    "Everyone"??? Or just those with the IQ of a banana? Will you ever learn that you do not speak for everyone, or know everything?
  9. Muddy River

    Romeo Langford

    Let me take a stab at the script for this: Random KU fan: "I have it on VERY good authority that Romeo will be announcing for the Jayhawks. This is a done deal folks. Put it in the bank." Romeo chooses IU. Random KU fan: "Well, it was a done deal, but something undid it. I don't know what happened, but it isn't like this is unprecedented. Remember Jarred Jeffries? He was a lock to Duke, the night before his announcement, yet chose IU the next morning. Something 'magical' about IU and these last minute flips."
  10. Muddy River

    Announcing a new position

    I know Mile is a fine choice, but much like last year's head coaching search, I never even received a call to gauge my interest. I'm more than a little miffed and I'm beginning to take these snubs personally. Oh, congratulations Mile on winning a one horse race. All kidding aside, Mile is the man. No one represents this board and everything behind it better.
  11. Muddy River

    Romeo Langford

    Well, someone wasn't paying attention.....
  12. Muddy River

    Romeo Langford

    So Michael Jordan once referred to Purdue as a quality basketball school? That seems at least as banner worthy as a Helms Championship.
  13. Muddy River

    Romeo Langford

    Neutered!?!?!?!?! Guess I'm not going now, just in case!
  14. Muddy River

    Romeo Langford

    So, you're saying he is waiting until after the Mr. Basketball announcement so he doesn't lose the vote? That can't be good for IU.
  15. Muddy River

    Trey Lyles

    Man, the more I read about this guy the less I like him. I'm so glad he has no affiliations with IU. Give me Vic everyday. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/trey-lyles-had-not-nice-234546122.html