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  1. Move on? I never even slowed down. Todd Leary is a nobody to me. My story is in other places on this board, and I have no sympathy for a thief or criminals in general. He might deserve a second chance, but I certainly don't owe it to him. Would you let a convicted pedophile watch you grandkids? 2nd chances and all?
  2. Sorry Scott, Defrauding people and stealing money isn't a mistake, it's a conscious choice. He knew it was wrong and still did it. Character is what you do when you don't think anyone is watching. We know what his is.
  3. Hummel complained at length last night because the game had no offensive flow. A big part of that was the number of fouls called. It (among other things) made the game unwatchable. 8 fouls were called in the first 3 minutes of the 2nd half. It was a joke.
  4. It's really not hard to hustle whistle to whistle when the whistles are only 22.3 seconds apart.
  5. Kid was in his own head all night. Worst game I've ever seen him play going back to his soph year of high school. He might not be here next year, but it won't be because he's in the NBA.
  6. I have a ton of stories from my time at IU, from friendship with Calbert to playing basketball with Anthony Thompson (I had him by a good 3 inches, but nobody was moving that guy off the block). But I will share a somewhat more recent story. The Derby Festival folks used to host a high school all star game. They would practice at a local high school and have an autograph session the night before the game. One year my middle son was maybe 11 and when he met Robert Johnson he asked if he could have his shoes after the game. Rob was unaware that this was somewhat of a tradition, but he said s
  7. There is a lot to unpack here, but let me first apologize if I came across as a "Church Lady" It's certainly not my intention. I went to IU and had four of the best year's of my life. My son who finished top 30 in his class was not admitted. Then I read Mitch dismiss instate kids to satellite campuses. I think that is wrong. Like most people on this board, I think an Indiana kid should get preference over an out of state kid of similar abilities, whether it be basketball or academics. But if two kids of similar backgrounds apply, the out of state kid will get preference because he or sh
  8. I don't disagree, but I'm also not a fan of Mitch. Mitch was quoted in the Indy Star saying that the WL campus was for out of state students, and that the satellite campuses were for the in state kids. Don't know if he got that from IU of if IU got it from him, but both schools are operating on the same philosophy. It's why I dropped out of the alumni association and stopped donating any money,
  9. There are almost 50,000 students enrolled at IU. How many are scholarship athletes? Less than 1,000? How many will make their living in athletics? Including sports reporters, coaches etc, maybe 500? The other 500 plus the other 49,000 should have a good education to fall back on. So yes, academics are more important than athletics. There are great schools across the country that don't have much if any athletics programs. If we are struggling in academics as you suggest, perhaps the plan is to spend more time and resources on fixing that and less on fixing a basketball team. You know,
  10. Sorry, if a perspective employee shows me a UNC degree, my first thought is to wonder if it is real. You can thank the basketball team for that.
  11. Wait, you're saying there are people at an institution of higher learning, which exists to educate people and help prepare them for life, that want to be known for successful academic programs as opposed to it's extracurricular activities?? How dare they!!! I want perspective employers to see my IU degree and admire me because a basketball team one some games. Who give's a rat's ass about the quality of the academics, I'm the right hire, because Calbert Cheaney was a really good player and I went to school with him.
  12. As long as we are speculating, I heard that the players had gotten together and were discussing their favorite indie films, and Rob said his favorite was "Billy Jack". Race laughed and said the movie was all fake and could never happen. Rob then showed him how he could take his right foot and "wop" Race on the side of his head. So technically it wasn't a fight, but a movie recreation. Of course, I'm just speculating...........
  13. Seems about right. No felon wants people looking at him.
  14. Say what you will, but Tom Izzo still has nightmares about Justin Smith. Since you responded, and have flipped sides, who is your choice for a replacement coach?
  15. So, anybody miss Justin Smith today???
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