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  1. Romeo Langford

    So, if Drew shows up on Saturday and the Bulldogs lose, will that make him bad luck?
  2. Caption This

    "Kansas and Vanderbilt, those are not the schools you seek"
  3. Romeo Langford

    At IU, he could've been the reason Robert Phinesee chose another school, like, Purdue. I thought we all agreed we wanted to close the borders and focus on Indiana kids? Go watch some Phinesee videos and see if those nightmares go away.
  4. Romeo Langford

    I think one of the was at a Magic the Gathering event last night and the other was watching a Lord of the Rings marathon, but yes, when they find out about our players being there, they will BOTH be upset.
  5. Romeo Langford

    Clearly their sources are not as good as dbm's
  6. Romeo Langford

    He's gone.
  7. Rutgers Postgame Thread

    Just gotta say, Sanders hit shots last night that I haven't seen since the old Bird/Magic McDonald's commercials.
  8. I think this is a great point, that should get another look. Months ago, when this story broke, the FBI indicated it was the tip of the iceberg, and indicated there were many more involved. They even went so far as to say something along the lies of "It would be much better for you to call us as opposed to us calling you". My guess is Sean called their no-so-bluff and is paying the price. I also suspect there are other coaches not sleeping so well right now. Also, I get that maybe unreimbursed meals are not that big of a deal, but in the past, the NCAA required repayment of the benefits and usually a suspension. Will Knox, or Bridges,or any of those players be forced to sit even a game by their respective universities?
  9. Robert Johnson

    Youtube. Audio isn't great, use headphones.
  10. Robert Johnson

    I just watched Robert Johnson's senior speech, and shame on those of you who suggested he had checked out, quit on his team, or simply didn't care.
  11. So Very Sad....

    I certainly do not think I have all the answers, and I also don't think there is any one right answer. This is a multi faceted problem, but these are some things that I think should garner some attention: There are processes already in place to keep people like the Florida shooter from getting a gun. As I understand it, the police were called to this kid's home something like 29 times, and others reported him to the FBI. How does that not show on his background check when he went to purchase the gun? What part of the system in place, failed? Let's look at that and fix the problem so that doesn't happen again. As I pointed out earlier, in 2010, the ATF referred over 4700 cases for prosecution where people tried to get a gun illegally. 44 of those cases were prosecuted and 13 people were punished. Why are we not enforcing the laws that are in place? Why are prosecutors not picking up these cases? Why are so many going unpunished? We need to prosecute all gun crimes with vigor. We have laws in place, but we are not enforcing them. That needs to be addressed. I do think mental health plays a part. I have not looked into the Vegas shooter, or the kid from Florida, but I believe the majority of the shooters prior to that were on some kind of prescription medication, I believe most of them were mental health medications. Perhaps we should relax some of the hippa regulations and make prescription records part of the background check. We maintain a "Do Not Fly" list, so why can't we have a "Do Not Buy" list? I'm not completely against raising the age to purchase a firearm to 21, but I would like to see an exception for active duty military. If Uncle Sam and put a gun in your hand and sends you off to kill the yellow man (Bruce Springsteen reference, not a racial comment), it seems you should be able to buy one at home. Schools need to be secured. My kid's school is in the middle of nowhere, but it is completely locked down from the outside during the day, and you can only be buzzed in through one door. Why was something similar not in place in Florida? I'm also not against a teacher carrying a concealed weapon on a voluntary basis, and only after completing extensive training. As it stands, a shooter knows he/she (why are all of the shooters boys?) can go into a school and face very little if any resistance. It's a whole other ball game when people are shooting back at you. I haven't even touched on family dynamics, or video games etc. I think this is a VERY complicated issue that will require a lot of uncomfortable reflection and questions. I do not think there is an easy answer. The easy answer for those who do not have guns or care to have guns is to ban them as it inconveniences them the least. I'm open to compromise but I think some of these underlying issues need to be addressed before any real change can take place. Just my 2 cents.
  12. So Very Sad....

    You stated the AR15 is a rapid fire weapon, and that is false. That is misinformation. I have not parsed what you said, I quoted you. I also never mentioned hunting. I do hunt, and I do have an AR, but I don't use it for hunting. I shoot it on the range, because I enjoy shooting it. However, it is your last statement that gives most gun owners pause, because you have made the very short step from the AR to ALL semi-automatics.
  13. IU Officially Mentioned in FBI Probe

    Are you suggesting that when Knight hired Norm Ellenberger, a proven cheater, he was looking to cheat? Knight wasn't dumb or naive.
  14. IU Officially Mentioned in FBI Probe

    I think it's completely naive to think offers aren't floated all of the time. Crean steadfastly alluded to losing out on players because he wasn't playing those games. How exactly do you think he knew a game was afoot? Offers were made, and Crean backed out. We recruited Whitehead, didn't get him, and our courtship of Bowen must have been so fast I missed it. to me, this revelation only supports what Crean was alluding to.
  15. So Very Sad....

    So, with all I said that is your response? What exactly is your point, that people who have lost loved ones should take solace that the drunk behind the wheel passed a test at some point in time? The Florida shooter trained with the ROTC, he completed the Federal Firearms Paperwork, and he passed an FBI background check, The Vegas shooter also passed a background check. Sometimes drunks kill people with cars, and sometimes crazy's kill people with guns. Let's ban guns and cars to keep people safe. Did the drunk that killed Edwin Jackson and his driver pass a test?