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  1. Somewhere a boilermaker's heart just skipped a beat.
  2. I'm curious as to why everyone assumes we didn't offer Chris. Mile posted a couple of days ago that Bradley was working hard to keep him. I knew Chris from my time in Bloomington, and he is a family man through and through. He was my choice, but I would've felt better about our chances if he were still at NW or ND. The fact that he had made it back to Peoria lessened our odds. Fact is Chris spent more years of his life playing basketball on Bradley's campus than he did IU's. He's an "IU Guy" no question, but I think it's very plausible that he could've said, "Thanks for the opportunity, but at this time I'm going to stay home". For the record, I think the ridiculous comment about the Coronavirus and continuity is evidence that Chris said "No".
  3. if dbm switches schools, it's gonna be Vanderbilt. You can take that to the bank......
  4. Wait. I got this! Dook = Men's Lacrosse UNC = Academic Fraud UK = Point shaving...Fed Ex envelopes... KU = Stripper poles at Midnight Madness (I almost forgot about the big brawl) Do I win a prize?!?!?
  5. So the kid is leaving because he doesn't like to be taken out of games when he makes a mistake? Remind me again what everyone wanted Archie to do with Green....
  6. IU football hasn't been to the Rose Bowl since 1969, Men's basketball hasn't gone undefeated since 1976. When given opportunities to hire Bill Belechick in football, and Brad Stevens in basketball, he failed on both counts. Therefore, Fred Glass is the worst AD ever!
  7. Funniest thing about that is Matt Jones saying there is nothing to see here. If that was Jordan Nwora in the video, Matt would be on the air for 48 hours straight discussing it. Oh, has anyone checked in with Casual Gay Marie for his take?
  8. I think this is an underdiscussed point. Everyone can imagine the current player that frustrates them the most (From reading the board, it would be one of 3), and then look at all of the kids Archie has recruited. Who among the recruits looks, plays, acts, has the same demeanor, as the player that frustrates you the most? Shouldn't that give everyone reason for optimism?
  9. Why are you so defensive? Did you feel attacked? I clearly stated "nothing personal"
  10. Um....you do realize my post was an almost exact mirror image of your original post.....right?
  11. Nothing personal here, but I would love to see some of these posters move on. Clearly some are educated, but to watch them continually shat on our program and players time and time again is painful. Of course, others are as dumb as a bag of hammers. Watching them be so negative during and after games, it's almost as if they enjoy when we lose. A win doesn't affect these posters at all. They don't enjoy a win, they want to lose so they can be "right" with their negativity. All that being said, I hope some stick around. variety is the spice of life. But the mentality is still the same, It's all about putting my opinion out there,and not really about adding anything to a discussion.
  12. Doug Gottlieb calling someone a "Condescending D!(k" is like Piccasso calling someone a good painter.
  13. I disagree. I'm also curious if you hold yourself in life and career to the same standards you hold IU basketball coaches to? You have thousands of posts on this site, and thousands on the previous versions, and the overwhelming majority are you expressing your absurd opinions as fact. You haven't advanced, or developed, or gotten better, why not? When can we expect you to "get it", because we are way past year three. It's all negative, all the time. Nothing changes. And, before you call me a sunshine pumper, my issue isn't that you and I disagree, my issue is with your absurd opinions constantly presented as facts, and your constant negativity and snark without a shred of constructive criticism. But, perhaps I should simply accept what you bring since you aren't a "top 10 paid" poster: as if that means something. A wise man once said if it smells like s#!t everywhere you go, you might want to check your own pants.
  14. So, does this mean PU is out on Kaufman? A certain boiler poster led me to believe they were comfortably out front.
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