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  1. He divorced his 6th wife 6 times?
  2. So, if that happens, will you finally follow through with your threat to leave IU basketball forever? I only ask because it might make a difference in how I view this coaching search.
  3. And Tom Crean is out recruiting Holtmann right now, so I guess Georgia got one over on all of us.
  4. I guess I really don't understand all of the love for Beilein. Several years ago, he had a kid that wanted to transfer, and Johnny refused, it made national news, and the pressure finally grew to the point he relented. Then he told Max B he no longer had a place at UM, and threw a fit when he transferred to IU. Not having learned his lesson, he did the exact same thing to Spike Albrecht. The whole "you're no longer good enough to play here, but you can now only play where I approve" attitude really turns me off. He may be a great guy, but this was not a good look.
  5. Don't we already play UofL as part of our 3 year agreement (last year being the first)?
  6. What about when you align yourself with John Calipari, or Sean Miller? Do the same rules apply?
  7. Well, that's not good, If he comes to IU, he'll be playing in front of Archie every game.
  8. I'm curious, are you suggesting the Zeller and Ferrel families are dirty?
  9. What's a "former alumni"? Did they take his degree away?
  10. Clearly you've never been to Kentucky..........
  11. It wasn't just about Knight, He said AJ and his team were what ruined IU basketball, all the while forgetting that he himself was present and accounted for during the Sampson Follies. He and Coach Knight are much more alike than DD would ever want to acknowledge.
  12. I know he has said some things about Guyton publicly and I think there was a football player as well. I'm sure there are more.
  13. How long has DD been pissing on IU and former players?
  14. HA!!! I read this as "Little 5 will give Lester the opportunity to see EVERYTHING IU has to offer in shorts......" I guess it works both ways,
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