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  1. Would they have taken the same action if they were 15-4 with a win over UK??
  2. And literally nothing else, morals, ethics, decency............
  3. I used to Taco Bell as well. Then I discovered real authentic tacos from a food truck, and taco bell has never been the same.
  4. I posted the stats in the Devonte Green thread, but he clearly has been playing to the level of competition. The last two years, he has finished strong, as we were in the meat of the B1G schedule. My hope is that he does it one more time.
  5. So, poking around some numbers this morning, and I came across something I found fascinating. Against the last three ranked teams on our schedule (OSU, MD, and FSU) Devonte shot 10/17 from 3 and scored 67 points. Against the last three non-ranked teams (Neb, Rutgers, and NW), he shot 1/9 from 3 and scored 4 points. I guess that is the definition of playing to your competition (or inconsistency). I hope this pattern holds true as we get into the thick of the B1G schedule.
  6. If I simply looked at the box score, I'd agree, but if bad shots counted as turnovers....
  7. Whoever taught Devonte to dribble behind his back need his ass hide-strapped to a pine rail and sent up the Monon line.
  8. Apparently he has family in Ohio that are OSU fans
  9. I'd pay good money to see you make a cheeseburger comment to Deron's face...like, real good money...I'd even bring popcorn, and a mop to clean up.
  10. Do you ever have anything nice to say? You must be a peach in real life.
  11. At this rate most of the people on this board will be crapping themselves by the time we win another BB championship.
  12. The reason Deron sits is because if he stands up, it's likely to be called a foul, and since he wouldn't be in the game, it would be a technical, giving the other team free throws. He's keeping the other team from scoring by sitting....it's defense.
  13. Pete Dye passed away. He was one of if not the most talented golf course designers ever. Of particular note to IU fans, when he was asked to design one of the most popular courses in Lexington Kentucky, Pete added an IU logo bunker to the course. You can see a picture of the bunker in the link below. My kind of guy....RIP Pete. http://bluegrasspreps.com/bgp-break-room/which-ky-golf-122516.html
  14. I'm not sold on the good guy angle. I think he has treated some players very poorly, by recruiting over them, telling them they no longer had a spot on UM's roster, then trying to restrict where they could play after that. Bielfeldt, Albrecht, and Doyle come to mind immediately, and I think there was another before them. I just don't think that's a good look. I'm not a Beiline fan.
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