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  1. I don't understand why people are uncomfortable that he may have called some guys out. Are we worried that he hurt somebody's feelings? My opinion is that if you don't want to be publicly called out, don't do anything to be called out for. I respect TJD for saying this stuff, I think it's the leadership we've been missing for so long. This is his last shot at this thing, and if he takes a "with me, or against me" attitude, that's alright by me. I recently saw Eli Manning talking about walking into the locker room as a rookie and wanting to win, not for himself, but for the veterans in the locker room who hadn't won before. And then later, guys wanted to win for him so he could have 1 more SB win than his brother. Everyone in the IU locker room should be trying to send TJD out on a high note, that should be the focus.
  2. I'm not piling on, and this is in no way directed at Scott, but this reminded me of a funny saying one of my former bosses had: "If everywhere you go smells like dog s#!t, you should probably check your own shoes".
  3. Clearly you haven't been watching IU basketball in recent years. Especially the end of the Miller years....
  4. Riiiiight. That's what Matt Haarm's told all of the PUke chicks too
  5. Great....that means he'll go 8 of 9 from 3 and 15 of 17 from the fouls line against the Hoosiers....can't wait....🤬
  6. I understand that you think people are worth whatever they can get, and on some level I agree with you, but it also assumes that cash is king and nothing else matters. Is Nigel Pack who puts a ball through a hoop (sometimes) really "worth" more than my neighbor the firefighter? Modern society has a perverted sense of value, and it's why I don't buy athletic jerseys any more. It's why I don't hardly follow professional sports any more, and it appears that I may not follow college sports much longer. From my perspective this NIL thing is really placing the "I" before team, and that really does go against what most of us were taught growing up. I understand why some people are struggling to accept it. If you had an adult daughter, and someone was willing to pay her a million dollars for sex, clearly she is worth it since someone is willing to pay, but would you advise her to take it?
  7. Yeah, because ESPN clearly has no bias....
  8. So, what happens when a player signs a deal with, say Nike, but that player's school has a deal with say, Adidas, and all of the Jerseys have Adidas logos? Does Nike allow the player to wear Adidas product? Does the player have to transfer to a Nike school?
  9. pretty sure #3 and #7 are the same person...
  10. And here in lies the scholarship solution if a problem arises. I hear the NCAA is currently in emergency meetings. Based on the current political/social environment, they are going to make it a violation to have a Kopp and a Gunn on the same team. Someone's gotta go folks.
  11. I googled "Double D" to see who you were talking about....pretty interesting....I'll probably be off the board for awhile.....
  12. In no particular order: 5Fouls marital advice Bluegrass' family tree Scott's sense of nostalgia What a "True Fan" is Purdue's Helms banner Substitution patterns
  13. I'm really not sure what to make of this. No one on this board pines for the "Old School IU" than you Scott, and i don't think there is anyone on our roster who better represents the "Old School IU" than Trey. I firmly believe Coach Knight would've loved Trey Galloway, and quite frankly, I'm shocked you of all people don't.
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