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  1. You got it. Self will retire with hero status from kansas.
  2. We have tons to prove losing out 2 best scorers. The problem for Indiana this year is that they just don’t seem to have a ton of talent on their roster. But that might be the best thing for Miller and company in Bloomington. Miller did a great job at Dayton with less talent and maybe getting his type of guys in his system will prove to a better solution. We know Miller can coach but can he do it in the Big Ten. They need him to get them going on the right track or the cries for his job will be getting even louder. He needs to be judged on the next couple years, not just this one. But in the meantime, this might be a rough year for the Hoosiers.
  3. I think we are likely going to have to take guys ranked outside the top 100 as there just does not seem to be much traction for any top 75 ranked players coming to IU. I think last year really hurt us bad in recruiting.
  4. They said the same thing about brooks. I used to listen them but they are just iu pom pom no matter what. They dont really know anything. Obviously i hope we get him but phillips is not that connected. I think he lives in california and i dont like rabby but he has far better connections.
  5. Rob? Not a chance at his height a yogi scenario is his best bet.
  6. Well california needs money for all their give aways..
  7. He might but do you really want to take brown, leal and galloway? They all seem like similair palyers.
  8. So the question has not been answered yet. Is he or isn't he? Luke Brown - The next Damon Bailey?
  9. No just hoping we get some soon.
  10. Huh? Set us back from what? We have missed the tourney three years in a row.
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