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  1. If you can get beilein you take him. With archie being on a red hot seat next year the 2021 studs wont touch us.
  2. Our defense isnt that good so yes you taske a chance on brown.
  3. IU board..i think he is aechies to lose if he offers.
  4. Alot of talk about brown on another board. Word is getting out and only a matter of time before he gets some big offers it seems. IU should pull the trigger soon.
  5. Totally agree. Its clear he is over his head at this level but the iu brass always waits way to long to make a move. So of course they will wait at least another year. Stiff baffling to me we never went after chris mack or greg marshall.
  6. Miller is on very very borrowed time. He doesnt have the luxury of waiting three years for those guys to develop.
  7. Agreed. You pay someone 3.6 million and then tell them what to do. I dont buy that at all
  8. Not sure what giving him another year does other than give the new ad more time to evaluate possible new hires. I mean we are actually getting worse and there has been nothing thats screams we are in the right track. I think by now we would have seen some signs this coach could win at this level.
  9. But what about the millennials on the other teams who are killing us? Last i checked they were the same age.
  10. Well that is good i suspect recruiting is not going yo go well given the product on the floor.
  11. Some were still saying last week things are moving in the right direction. No joke.
  12. This thread Are you related to him or something. It looks like you make 90% of the posts regarding luke( damon) ??
  13. The most winnable road game left imo. If we are to win a road game this is it. I don't see us winning any other road games.
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