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  1. It is so true we won that battle!
  2. If Immaculate Word goes after him we may be in trouble!
  3. Its pretty obvious we are done recruiting at this point. With 11 players though cant have injuries
  4. We gotta pray we do not have injuries like last year or we will be playing several walk - ons at a time.
  5. All I am saying is we probably did try and go after them and they were not interested. We have no way of knowing but I am sure we reached out.
  6. Except the one thing that gets these guys $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Tough to compete against that.
  7. I don't think they have any interest is us Scott or they would have us listed. I think they want Virginia or Michigan State.
  8. Let us hope he plays. I would be nice to have another shooter if he does not because then we are left with a big hole. That being said I think it is safe to say 2019 is over for recruiting. We just could not land anyone this spring. Lets hope we are done recruiting by next spring at this time with our players already signed.
  9. Archie has done a good job this spring of getting us in the final two or year with all of these guys. He obviously is not doing or offering something they need to close the deal and my guess would be $$$$$
  10. I doubt it. By the time the NCAA does anything he will be long gone. It takes them forever to do these investigations and is LSU even under formal investigation yet?
  11. Sadly nothing will likely happen to them. I really think Sean Miller will some how survive.
  12. I think it is safe to say the 2019 recruiting class is wrapped up for Archie.
  13. Look at Sean Miller. He continues to get 5 star recruits like nothing ever happened. Alot of thesed kids do not care if you are dirty and it appears you need to be dirty to get them.
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