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  1. Funny that this suspension coincides with hie hip surgery to which he probably be off anyways lol
  2. It's like watching a recruit's highlight video. Got nothing to compare it with. I would bet ours would be much of the same but vice versa.
  3. Glad he got one. There are times during the season a Technical is useful!
  4. Hoping some info leaks out afterwards. Damn sounds like game recaps after the MichSt/Gonzaga scrimmage. Would love to hear about a good performance vs Marquette. A little momentum to use going into the Garcia visit next weekend.
  5. It was Louisville first. The dad communicated that to CAM and Archie asked if there was interest in doing so. The Landers know that Archie is doing everything in his power to ensure that the floor will be open for PT upon arrival.
  6. I believe there was a recent renegotiation. Jurich had a deal where they were basically raping the profits from the YUM Center. That place is the most comparable arena to anything in the NBA and nicer than most. Recruits eat it up.
  7. I would love to see your figures. They actually have a pretty good APR for combined Athletic department. Fourteen programs at the school recorded perfect APR scores for the last calender year including the football team. The basketball team recorded above 960. They actually have one of the best unless comparing to Duke, UVA, and ND.
  8. I listen to sports talk radio 8+ hrs per day. I happen to catch shows representing UofL, UK, and IU. There is very little if any talk of Trey in this market (Louisville/Lexington) except the IU based shows. UK fans don't even know who he is. If you aren't a top 15 player, you don't get love from UK media.
  9. I don't think much more will happen to them honestly. They have already taken down 2 banners, lost scholarships, forfeited wins. Pitino and everyone associated is gone for 3yrs now. Athletic director fired. President and large number of trustees gone. What else could they do? Seriously. You will not see a death penalty.
  10. Not much difference. Literally mins.
  11. But, RMK has never belittled the fans of IU. Maybe a few asshat students now and then, but has always talked in high reguards of the fans. The passion, the knowledge.
  12. They both have been on campus numerous times on their own dime. Think that bodes well for us.
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