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  1. Yeah, but I bet you can't find one that will average 30pts/game throughout their HS career and not make the IN all-star team!
  2. Wouldn't be surprised if Vitale didn't put that in his ear again. He has always thought and been very vocal that Coach should come back.
  3. Though scientifically unfounded, I tend to lend credence to superstition. I will definitely say I believe in this 99.999%!
  4. Kinda back and forth between Peach Jam and the other tourney for teams that didn't qual for Jam finals. Watched Matt Cross this morning.
  5. This! This really pisses me off and I find this irresponsible reporting. I know this information is of public record but sometimes there is a point where common sense and respect takes over.
  6. His movement, shot and demeanor remind me of a very, very exceptional player from our state. Maybe not a fair comparison but I see it. Alot I like here. Very Bird-like.
  7. What did he bring? Heard it a thousand times. Guys who are connected blah blah. Not a tough stretch saying IU connections interviewed unless you provide names.
  8. Shannon a good X&O coach with over 600 wins. Well respected across the state by the coaching fraternity. Kids love him. Would be a good hire. Don't know how much it would help with recruiting outside of Indiana, but the doors will be open in-state.
  9. Really? FWIW Rick Bozich is a CBB Writers Hall of Fame journalist. An IU Alumni who has won numerous awards. Knows as much about IUBB as anyone who posts here. The only student writer that Coach Knight would let into practice. His opinions are well earned.
  10. Actually just the opposite. If CAM doesn't get the job done, fans and alumni have the replacement right there on the bench. That's why Archie would NEVER bring Fife in the fold. You don't hire your own replacement if you plan on coaching somewhere for awhile.
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