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  1. Totally my thoughts. I almost think he is already a go and we are waiting on UCLA to lose so we can set this up the way Dolson wants it. Hire Mike Lewis as Asst HC with Beilein. This way we get our 5 or 6 years out of Beilein and when he is ready to call it quits...you have Lewis ready to take over.
  2. Pitino was a no due to his wife not wanting that small town feel.
  3. I want him to be like Race was the last 10 games at the end of last season.
  4. And this team moves the ball and gets alot of open looks about the first half of the shot clock. This team (except Franklin) can't hit open looks at the percentages needed. You can't keep having 3 for 15 nights from beyond the arc.
  5. FSU is 60-3 at home over the last 4 seasons. That's a bunch of games over a tough ACC schedule. The thing that tilts this our way is we've played more.
  6. C'mon 5fouls, you're local like me! Are you doubting an IU get lol!
  7. He has made an awful lot of trips to Bloomington over the last couple of years and has made alot of comments about having good relationships with his teammates and coaches. I just don't see him pulling the trigger for Purdue. Most around here (I am 4 miles from Sellersburg) still believe that IU is the choice. I am not wavering from that being my pick. Just like my feelings about Romeo, which if many of you recall, folks were bailing on their thoughts of him choosing IU a week before, my gut hunch is still 'the Candystripes'!
  8. Yeah, same for me and I live 3 miles from Sellersburg.
  9. All depends on Lander's season. A highly rated PG might not want to come in and sit behind a senior Phinese and a So Lander.
  10. This is one kid that I really really hope shows marked improvement this season. Like his toughness. IU is a dream school for him. I'm sure CAM has told him that we will be in contact with him and watching. Gives us plenty of time to get in on some really good PG'S and see what we can hook. Especially if Lander has an excellent FR season. If not, a player like Smith could fit right in.
  11. Intended for CAM to see. Probably something that the staff showed him in film to work on during one of those Zoom calls. Really like our chances with this kid.
  12. If they delay the start of the season until end of November, it will still give us the schedule strength that would good before being diluted by the cupcakes we will not be playing because of the late start.
  13. Plus, it is still relatively early in the process with the '22 guys. Alot changes. Gives a few instate kids a chance to improve their stock with the upcoming season. Waiting to see those like Braden Smith who could receive an offer with a nice season.
  14. The spot will be there if he wants it. They can get Miller and the ouch won't be as bad. Still have Hunter and Race for another year. Gives Miller a year to get his feet wet. Then go after someone in '22.
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