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  1. If this guy is who I think...His info is prime grade A. For this recruitment, no one on this board is as close to it as him. Pay attention!!
  2. You wouldn't by chance be with a certain HS program in SouInd?
  3. Has there been any since 2015? Duke had 3 that year and I believe pUKe had 5 in 2012.
  4. Is that because you have been pushing Wesley on here?
  5. Tend to agree with this. The team felt they lost out on a real opportunity to get 2 straight and going into their senior season with a real shot at 3 in a row. They will be locked in and Trey being one of the team leaders will realize that and not want any distractions to affect the end goal for the season.
  6. He's got a real sweet step back fade for a kid his age.
  7. Mohammed speaking with the Maryland staff today, then the Pittsburgh staff tomorrow. per Stockrisers
  8. I like the ESPN slight. Leal is just the type of player that will take this to heart and come in with a chip on his shoulder.
  9. Bennett has also visited Kaufman I believe.
  10. Not hearing anything down here in Clark Co.
  11. And that is why I like the way Archie is building this program. Our bench will always be strong and experienced. We build the core with these 3/4 yr 4* players and we can afford early departures and the ability to sprinkle in a couple of top shelf players.
  12. Must have showed every 3pt shot he made all season long. How would he have shot if he was pressured at all? Plus, he looks really slowwww!
  13. Has already been to campus. Attended the Maryland game.
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