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  1. so jealous. i didn't even know he had a class until my senior year
  2. westbrook finally came alive as a result. not getting as much out of him and hale as i thought we would but getting a lot more from whop and hendershot instead
  3. looked like purdue had the place sold out and their fans were raucous. how long would it take at indiana?
  4. rutgers is a 7.5 point underdog to liberty this saturday. at home. can we vote them off the island yet?
  5. who did he bring in? i'm sorry i did not take his class. how many students were in the class? what were exams like?
  6. of course. obviously the qb running effectively makes our offense even more dangerous. i've been openly questioning why penix wasn't running more and was glad to see him get 18 on the first play from scrimmage. hope he is healthy soon. i think penix can have some 100 yard games running in the future
  7. what were coach knight's classes like? were they heavy in strategy and x's and o's? what was his demeanor?
  8. because it takes our team to the next level
  9. you know who else might be interested in your swampland? the duke lacrosse team the twelve israeli boys falsely accused by a uk tourist this summer the tawana brawley accused 19 year veteran navy seal keith barry aziz ansari brian banks the fbi said an average of 22 false reports are filed in our country EVERY DAY how do you think ellison will fare when he gets released from prison? i don't share your humor on the subject but you go ahead and keep LOLing
  10. i hate it. if you keep changing your uniform it becomes a costume. stick with your uniform and make it look cool by winning, like penns st and alabama and michigan. but i'm old that way
  11. brohm getting david bell is going to haunt indiana for a few years. been watching a lot of purdue this year because i like to watch them lose. bell looks like a budding nfl receiver. bell and moore together next year? watch out
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