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  1. why is it that every single time i ask you and your ilk to cut and paste one single insulting post i instigated, there is not one single reply. if i am such an awful, insulting poster, that should be easy. and yet no one can. very strange behavior going on here
  2. it's true that i am too lazy to capitalize. yet, although my effort could be more chalant, i contend that my grammar is more than peccable. locating the shift key several times per post requires far more effort than finding the ignore button once
  3. davis tried to jump over the car. holt was the designated driver who had just dropped devin off
  4. we might be going. not familiar with jacksonville or the stadium. we're waiting to see how much ticket prices come down at the last minute
  5. i put you on ignore a while back for baseless personal attacks and poor grammar. show me one negative comment i have made or one rule broken. i'll wait
  6. i almost forgot musselman was the new coach at arkansas. he is one of the great minds in basketball and i'm more worried about him than the players on the floor. a big upgrade over anderson. i'm glad we get arkansas in musselman's first year because he is absolutely going to succeed there
  7. wow. i'm glad glass passed on a third tier basketball tourney. glass has been an excellent a.d.
  8. in what way do you think basketball will be a driving factor?
  9. couldn't agree more. that post by zline is the funniest thing i ever read here
  10. no way. i love that he made it difficult to fire allen and locked him up. you don't like the job allen is doing?
  11. i remember in my early years as a fan and kitchell sometimes raining outside jumpers. can't remember his jumping ability, just that i expected his jumpers to go in
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