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  1. You absolutely wait on Garcia. You take Cross if he wants to come and then if Garcia or Love for that matter want to come you oversign. If Cross commits, you're going to have at least 6 guys (Franklin, Anderson, Leal, Galloway, Geronimo, Durham) who all essentially play the same position, 7 if you count Cross who can also play wing as well. That will push somebody out most likely. These things always have a way of working themselves out. IU has a good enough class established as is, and they are going to be very selective with who they take from here on out. I'm guessing Garcia, Love, or Cross are the only players that IU is going to take going forward. If they all commit elsewhere, save the scholly and use it on a GT need be.
  2. I would 1000% categorize that as an academic issue. I wasn’t taking a dig at him or anything, simply stating the obvious.
  3. De’Ron’s biggest problem is that he just can’t get and stay in shape. If you’ll remember, he didn’t report to IU with the rest of the freshman his incoming year as he had to stay in Colorado and shore up an academic issue. He came in out of shape and behind the bell curve. I thought he looked his best as a sophomore until his freak achiles injury. Davis probably should have been held out to start last year as he was back playing in less than 11 months which is pretty remarkable for that type of injury. But he had to play out of necessity due to lack of interior depth. Carrying that much weight while out of shape which Davis was led to a lot of stress on his lower extremities. It’s why he only averaged 10mpg with 5 DNP’s through the first 20 games. IU shut him down for 2 weeks and he was able to come back and play effectively for almost 20 mpg the last third of the season. I don’t doubt Archie when he says Davis is in shape because it’s the first time in over a year where he’s been able to fully focus on getting in shape without rehabbing.
  4. I attribute that to Butler’s style of play. Remember, he was recruited by Holtmann who prefers to play through his bigs. Jordan likes a more guard heavy offense and Fowler is a much better pick and pop guy with more range. Brunk started 13 games to Joey’s 13 but they played almost identical minutes (18.6 for Brunk to Fowler’s 18.5) yet Brunk was extremely more efficient from the field, averaged more points, and grabbed more rebounds.
  5. I agree, just hope it's not to Michigan State or Ohio State.
  6. Can you elaborate on this? Where and when? Not saying you're wrong just have never heard this until now.
  7. He’s closer to 6’7 than 6’5. He can play some 4 in small ball lineups but he’s not a traditional power forward.
  8. Dominoes would have to fall meaning Cross would have to commit elsewhere and all 3 of the bigs IU is coveting (Brown-Ferguson, Loveday, Garcia) also say no. Shouldn't impact Lander's commitment but if I'm Pack why would I want to come play behind Phinisee and then possibly behind Lander. Can't really pair Peck with Phinisee or Lander as you give up a lot of height defensively.
  9. Ostrom is widely regarded as the lead recruiter for IU. Schilling was likely that third guy on IU's bench and didn't pull his weight. I see Roberts role as more of scouting/big man developer. He's probably Purdue's version of Brantley. Former player with in-state ties that is responsible for coaching their bigs. Someone like Roberts embraces the Indiana culture and history and genuinely seems like he wants to be here. If we're being honest, if IU really wanted a "recruiter" for their third assistant coach, the best they were going to get is someone from the AAU ranks. And while that may seem like a flash in the plan hire, chances are it doesn't work out in the long run. I'll take a guy who is fundamentally sound, has ties to the school/state he's coaching in and take my chances.
  10. Fran McCaffery is approaching that territory. Missed the tournament in years 7 and 8 but didn't have near the success that Painter did his first 6 years.
  11. I think that's the likely scenario. Kauffman and Lander are likely slated to play with each other on Indiana Elite next year and like Galloway and Leal could be a package deal.
  12. I think Geronimo's visit to IU was pretty strategic as he is taking his OV the same weekend as Cross is taking his last visit to A&M. Cross has always intended that he'd like to make a decision sometime late Aug/early September and a commitment somewhere seems imminent. If Cross chooses elsewhere I think IU wants Geronimo to strike as quickly as possible so his recruitment doesn't continue to drag. IU really needs to secure 3 Fall signings so they can really hone in on Garcia/Loveday/Brown-Ferguson who are likely Springs signings.
  13. Garcia is garnishing the most national attention out of the 3 so on the surface it may appear that IU may be a long shot, but I think IU has a decent shot of landing Garcia. Ostrom has been recruiting him very hard as he is from the same area as Garcia and Garcia seems to be good friends with guys like Galloway and Leal as they have played against each other on the Adidas circuit for the last few years. I've heard Galloway especially, is really trying to convince Garcia to come to IU. Not sold he comes, but I at least give IU a puncher's chance. I think he'll schedule an OV before it's all said and done.
  14. That's how I take it. I think if Cross commits, Archie is going to be very selective on who he takes from there on out. A Cross commitment likely rules out Geronimo, Diarra, and Jalen Bridges, the latter who we don't have a very good shot of landing anyway. I think he would still give that 4th scholarship to Love if he wants to come but I think he turns that focus to Garcia, Loveday, and possibly Brown-Ferguson who is working on re-classifying and Archie is recruiting as such. If we don't get either of those 3 look for Archie to bank the fourth scholarship that we can use on a grad transfer big or ball-handler that won't affect the 2021 numbers. Personally I don't see Kauffman and Furst playing together. I suppose it's possible if TJD leaves after 2 years and then you start Furst and Kauffman together but they both play the same position and both will want to play a 4 role at the collegiate level as that is what will prepare them for the next level.
  15. Sounds good. I see Geronimo listed as just outside the top 100 on the composite which I believe is new as well.
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