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  1. Love the moves the Reds made at the deadline. Found Puig’s replacement and acquired a top 15 player in the process.
  2. Off to a good start so far, he's been up a couple weeks. Long term Stephenson is the guy though.
  3. Platoon of Barnhart and Casali has been enough. Barnhart is too good of a defensive catcher to part ways from, you need him behind the plate. Tyler Stephenson is 2 years away and has some pop. I think the Reds can make do with Barnhart/Casali for another year until Stehpenson is ready.
  4. Disco as a 5th starter is more than enough, although I may prefer Mahle as he is more suited to eat innings. Could possibly see Mahle out of the bullpen as well.
  5. Depending on how confident the Reds are in Aquino, may need another corner outfield bat. Need another middle inning reliever as well. Reds will at least offer Wood a qualifying offer as they get a compensatory pick if he doesn't accept. A rotation of Castillo, Bauer, Gray, Wood, and Desclafani is pretty good. No Wood you would be adding Mahle who I still think has potential.
  6. Baseball is different today than it was 30 and 40 years ago, especially the approach to hitting. You can't deny that. With most starters being able to touch 94 and 95 and they really good ones that can hit 97+, you just aren't going to hit the ball all over the field consistently. It's harder to manufacture runs especially when it's tougher to put the ball in play. That's why the home run ball has become so prevalent. The one way to combat dominate pitching is with power hitting. And how do you combat power hitting? With more swing and miss type pitches.
  7. Again, a HoF pitcher. There's guys like Hendricks and Kershaw who has lost velocity that can get it done, but on average you need pitchers with swing and miss type pitches to consistently get hitters out.
  8. You're missing the point. You have throw with that velocity and torque to put movement on your pitchers to get hitters out these days, especially in the long ball era. Hitters are going to eat up pitchers who only throw 88-90, especially third time through the order. I know you're going to use Maddux as an example and he's a one of a kind talent.
  9. Right? I guarantee if Nolan Ryan was making $25/mil a year he's not throwing a 150 pitches an outing.
  10. Arms are more precious because velocity is up and there is much torque on the ligaments than ever before. I know you want to believe that pitchers in the 60s, 70s, and 80s were the greatest ever, but pitchers today are bigger and stronger than ever before. This absolutely makes a difference. You have to be able to throw harder with more movement on your pitchers to get hitters out in this day in age and physically guys just can't do it for 130 pitches a game.
  11. I have no issues with the way the Reds used their pen last night. Stephenson hadn't pitched since Tuesday and only threw an inning. Lorenzen hadn't pitched since Sunday and looked great over 1 2/3's and Iglesias hadn't pitched since last Friday.
  12. Add Homer Bailey, Johnny Cueto, Edinson Volquez in recent years.
  13. Gray has a history of arm problems. Reds just invested in him, why risk throwing him 130 pitches a game just because they used to do it in the old days? With an advancement in stats and analytics that show hitters are more successful third time through the order, you want your starter to be as dominant as he can, not just efficient. I know you don't believe in this stuff, but it's true.
  14. Name of the game is to get the opposing hitters out. Sonny Gray has been next to dominant in that regard over his last 8 starts. Has lower his ERA almost a full run over the last month or so. He's paid to get the hitters he faces out, not throw 130 pitches a game because they used to 30 and 40 years ago.
  15. I think Clemson at once was a big favorite as it was his hometown team. But then he played for an Adidas sponsored AAU team and many thought Kansas was going to be his destination. Documents were released in the FBI trial that Zion's dad was asking about housing and employment opportunities in Lawrence. Zion's mom ended up in a big house in Durham.
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