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  1. I know you are not naive enough to think that these guys ranked 25-75 don't live, eat, sleep, drink basketball with the number 1 goal of getting to the NBA. Now that I stated the obvious, Virginia and Nova both have been stocking up those types of recruits. So why is it some are so hard on kids trying to go pro, whether they are good enough immediately, or it takes precious time on the college clock and dime.
  2. He wasn't worth the time looking up his stupid name.
  3. Thanks for the responses. All valid and true. Don't we need future pro material to win at the highest level? Does it seem this board looks down upon those that don't fit their definition of college athlete? I always though CTC had the right idea, target heavily those that are ranked 25-75. He just wasn't able to put them all together and keep them balanced and healthy.
  4. Question for the board. Are One and dones different than guys that want to get to the league at any cost, whether it be 2, 3, or 4 years? Some really love Thomas Bryant but even he told Juwan to hurry up and get to the league as fast as possible. But most really loathe Vonleh. Most love Romeo but from all accounts had even told the IU staff the plan from the get go was one and done.
  5. If your name is literally OG you can wear whatever the heck you want.
  6. Remember when Kawhi and the Spurs more beating the crap out of this same rendition of the Warriors when that stupid Pikachu undercut Kawhi ending his season and the series?
  7. He really only has 2 one and done types. If he sends 4-5 five then he's one hell of a coach. https://247sports.com/college/memphis/Season/2019-Basketball/Commits/
  8. IIRC it came from our one of our 'insiders' Guess not
  9. I thought the staff was done with one and dones?
  10. Okay I was wrong maybe little cousin will decommit here soon
  11. @DC2345 a quick Google could not confirm anything on Detroit. Just that there is interest.
  12. I missed that he graduated. That's impressive since what I saw (could be incorrect) said he had played 2 years of 3, so he graduated in 3. I have no clue of he's still working out on campus. Just responding to the talk of him getting a scholly and to recommend brake checking all the hopefully expectations.
  13. It's already been noted strongly by some of our 'insider's that IU is not really recruiting the youngest.
  14. I need more hope juice. I think we can deduce that Blackmon is a model student athlete becoming an all conference academic team member. If he stays around one more year he will have his degree and also be immediately eligible to transfer and play without sitting out. CAM benefits from having a mature true student athlete that already knows the system and can be a solid practice teammate. Hoping that he will catch fire is more probable to end in disappointment. There is no evidence other than his last name to suggest a switch will be flipped. I have no problem with him taking a scholarship, just can't wrap my mind around him being more than an apr stat stuffer, great teammate for practice and end of bench. If he fits that role, great. I'm also not going to act like he fills any glaring on court need.
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