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  1. I didn't know you are a Creeker. Graduate or implant?
  2. There are so many. Add this year, not making the tournament when your state is hosting the entire thing. 5 years straight losing recording conference, 1st time in 100 years. Smh
  3. Done. Asked him if he would kick the tires on it Stevens wants to restore glory. If not we would be fine with Drew or Matta if healthy.
  4. Didn't they have to shut a huge dorm down due to mold a few years ago?
  5. Heard him talking about his life and journey and battle I'm guessing over a year ago. Sounded like a great man.
  6. I keep hearing this concept. Is there actually anymore room at IU for more students? Isn't enrollment around 50k and they are taking more out of state students than ever?
  7. And if we are being honest, if Sean isn't cheating his butt off and loading his roster with talent, his record wouldn't be that good. Not to mention all the choke jobs in the tourney. There was talk of Sean to IU in previous hires but without cheating, he's Archie.
  8. I love the stories that come out. The Journey has actually softened my hard heart. I now like Fran, the Illinois kid Villasausageburger or whatever his name is and a few others. Love cinderella's and we really need the conference to win. Just not a team that can sustain the success like Michigan or OSU. And clearly don't want Purdue winning it all.
  9. Did I miss something? Is Armaan hurt more again?
  10. Smh. I said before if he wasn't from up the road, Trayce would be taking a ton of heat this year, stats be darned. The loafing down the court, the lack of leadership, and a few quotes that he really should just keep to himself and prove it on the court because we all know talk is cheap.
  11. Dang I just broke my phone I hot the like button so hard, I had to get on my computer to make sure this went through. We need to make 10 years a hundred million a meme.... to the moon. Some of you will get that
  12. To follow up my rant. Has anyone considered the ramifications of Michigan winning it all? Sure, a B1G team needs to win it all soon, very soon. But we are talking dynasty ramifications for Michigan if they aren't stopped soon. Sadly I don't see Howard getting exposed anytime soon. He's way smarter than a Chris Weber timeout call, with no timeouts remaining. We need Iowa to out play McCafferys coaching. I would survive MSU somehow getting UCONN hot just so Izzo would retire and go his whiney self away. Shoot, while we are at it. Let Ron Harper Jr win the darn thing. The story w
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