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  1. NotIThatLives

    2018-19 Player Preview: Race Thompson

    Maybe Archie knows exactly what Race is going to give and wants to hold it closer to the vest? Remember Dakich talking about don't sleep on this Race Thompson guy and by mid season everyone is going to know him. Those quotes came in the same week he was bragging about having a long conversation with Archie.
  2. NotIThatLives

    Starting 5

  3. NotIThatLives

    Starting 5

    Well if he's most improved and can do it under pressure, that makes him way more valuable than what he pulled off last year. I'm also going to drop that I'm pretty excited about Race T.
  4. NotIThatLives

    Starting 5

    Mother would that be sweetness if he can launch at 40% this year.
  5. NotIThatLives

    The Off-Topic Thread

    What's the word? Calhoun's health. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/former-uconn-coach-jim-calhoun-named-coach-at-division-iiis-university-of-st-joseph/
  6. NotIThatLives

    NBA Thread

    I just don't think it takes more than a few days of watching game tape to prepare a game plan to stop a guy. Not an entire off season.
  7. NotIThatLives

    NBA Thread

    Not trying to be rude or anythimg but after 20 games into the season it became apparent that this was Vic's team not Turners, did teams not focus on him the last 3/4 of the season? Everyone knew he was the key to stopping the pacers last year and was already being doubled.
  8. NotIThatLives

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Most companies 401K match is a joke. My current employer is pretty nice but my previous employer was one and a half percent.
  9. NotIThatLives

    2018-19 summer workout videos

    Remind me who all?
  10. NotIThatLives

    A few things...

    If Romeo wins B1G Player of the Year, you have to think IU would have to win the B1G. Yea or nae? Have to also think Juwan is a likely 1st teamer, worst case lead man on 2nd team. Give me more strong Kool aid. I'm getting excited.
  11. NotIThatLives

    Podcast with Coach Miller

    I meant nothing personal, just fun, like our time spent on this board. I'll say this. If DG plays as the 3rd or 4th most valuable point guard in our league, we will be very happy. Not 3rd or 4th best point guard but one that does what he's needed to do at a high level with more consistency.
  12. NotIThatLives

    Podcast with Coach Miller

    I'm hopeful. He fills a massive need. Max had some advantages on him, physically he was an ox, he was coached by a fantastic coach in Michigan, veteran point guard distributor in yogi. Again I am hopeful I just can't see his floor being Big Ten Sixth Man of the Year on a championship team at that. It's really almost unfair to put those expectations on him, kind of like when we did with Evan Gordon thinking he was going to come in here from Arizona State and tear things up, he tore it up alright.
  13. NotIThatLives

    Podcast with Coach Miller

    Correct I would not put green in the conversation of top point guards in the nation but totally agree with you that as he goes, so goes the Hoosiers.
  14. NotIThatLives

    Podcast with Coach Miller

    I believe the first sentence but after that my glass of kool aid must not have been as strong. Floor meaning lowest level of impact equal to a B1G 6th man of the year? Y'all got anymore of these strong glasses of kool aide? https://goo.gl/images/UjZmcF
  15. NotIThatLives

    2018-19 summer workout videos

    Did y'all notice it flashed best player in the big ten for Juwan?