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  1. I tried to look away, i tried not to take a video and be that guy and make it worse. I've posted like 10 times in 2 months because I've been so busy remodeling a house and this is how I break away from my grind? I'm so tired of cardboard and Styrofoam, loading the truck and going to the recycle center.
  2. I'm sorry I fed the troll guys I won't respond to him anymore. I was just trying to give the guy a chance but he's obviously unwilling to admit any fault in his logic or be corrected with facts.
  3. I saw your all's averages which were way different than what was computer generated by the stat website that I posted yesterday. 20 - 21 has not been published yet
  4. You literally just argued with yourself. So if someone shows you the averages of experience from last year's team to this year's team you will walk away or will you flip back to age?
  5. now you are talking about experience not age? stand on your point. lay out the averages and it's over.
  6. hey thanks for calculating the average age all while neglecting that the entire rest of the team got a year older. why did I try? for anyone who ever played. I'm not going to stoop to your level. just do the math so this stupid argument you have created can disappear.
  7. experience, returning minutes, and returning points are all more valuable than age. The argument went on and on and on over semantics of the word "younger". No one ever defined what younger is. Is it strictly age which is what sark kept coming back to or experience related which is what kob kept coming back to. So, data is showing this years team will have more college experience returning. anyone care to do the math on age? Sark, why don't you since it was your side of the argument?
  8. I saw a headline today, 40 million may lose their house due to corona economy. We keep hearing buzzwords like science. what about math?
  9. not to restoke you guys fire but neither of you ever provided an average age. Here's an average years of experience.
  10. So is Garza coming back? B1G is going to be stacked.
  11. I'm cooking today and was just looking at the ads. Meijer is looking good. Thinking slow cook carnita style.
  12. makes sense. we don't live at the house yet and depending greatly on the sporadic downpours for water. I did read about the calcium and egg shells. Thinking I may add some mulch if I can find some natural/aged stuff.
  13. hey guys and girls. been remodeling but my wife threw a few plants in. cucumbers are taking over. squash is not looking like summer squash and actually in the past 24 hours the plant has taken a nosedive, pic later. My tomatoes are starting to produce but look pathetic. here's a pic. what is this?
  14. I think the feathery brand took a PR hit. And rightfully so it was poor timing poor wording poor delivery.
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