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  1. Loved the pile on. Romeo was on his chest slapping him and celebrating. That was a good sign.
  2. NotIThatLives

    Justin Smith

    I think there was summer charter that he might be a draft sleeper this year. That may be the biggest disappointment but he is trending positively as of late.
  3. NotIThatLives

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Does anyone have access to the plus minuses? I have searched about 8 different box scores. Thanks
  4. NotIThatLives

    Jalen Blackmon

    Big rivalry game. I know kokomo started terribly and looked bad but they also had some guys still playing football, but then again so did Marion. I remember watching JBJr effortlessly score about 40 in the regular season game as Marion blew them out, only to watch Kokomo full court chin guard him in sectional, while his dad got completely out coached and never did anything different to get him the ball as he finished with like 12 points in the L.
  5. NotIThatLives

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    what? I jumped over to espn scores and realized it was ST. Jumped back over here and saw the St. I said, What? Still, they are d1 and only 3 teams behind them on Kenpom.
  6. NotIThatLives

    De'Ron Davis Trending Up

    I'm extremely happy for the kid. Shows how big of heart he has to come back from that injury better than before. I did have doubts about ever recovering and he has destroyed my expectations and now I truly believe he will be a massive force in the time to come. Help me out but will he have 2 more years or the 2nd year would depend on them granting the full medical redshirt from last year? Edit. He played in 15 games last year.
  7. NotIThatLives

    Archie Miller in Close Games

    I think the key word of artesians post was "talk". I'll leave it at that so I don't take a pot shot at a former coach.
  8. NotIThatLives

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    He's been real good in the past about getting out of Dodge before crap hits the fan
  9. NotIThatLives

    NBA Thread

    I remember magic being about the physicality of a LeBron without the massive hops and he also spent a lot of time backing guys down. He's also regarded as a top 10 if not top 5 player of all time. So we cherry pick one of the all time greats to be contrarian.
  10. NotIThatLives

    NBA Thread

    Can he and situationally will he and be successful, sure. He's a multi position player so of course he can. Do you think bird handled that whole deal correctly?
  11. NotIThatLives

    NBA Thread

    Playing pg at power forward is moronic plain and simple
  12. NotIThatLives

    Archie Miller in Close Games

    Partially to blame for the francon levels???
  13. NotIThatLives

    Mock Drafts - 2019 & 2020

    I have been told by someone that got relatively close to the family throughout high school, is that they think about marketing and branding quite a bit. To be a Hoosier Legend could pay itself back. Couple that with what others in the southern Indiana area have been saying, one and done is no done deal. I personally would be surprised but we will all be on pins and needles.
  14. NotIThatLives

    UofL post game

    Anyone else see Archie go ballistic in the 2nd half after I think it was 3 missed free throws in a row? It was heading into a timeout and he was so pissed and was screaming at Ostrom.
  15. NotIThatLives

    Phinisee's Finish

    I remember Yogi being a 4 year press breaker, even as a freshman. Some on this board have called pressing/ speeding this year's team up the blueprint for beating them. Credit Yogi for being unpressable.