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  1. I didn't get around to this. I crocked a pork roast carnita style, fresh pico and guac. Dad is eating lots of salad greens. Not sure he's really in keto but he has lost 14 lbs in about 3 weeks now. Mom, hasn't changed her ways.
  2. I'm not sure what the complaint is. It sounds like this guys is exploding. He hasn't even started his senior year. He's a 6'6" guard wing combo, athletic and can shoot.
  3. I know very little about this dude. Care to give a synopsis?
  4. Ad could be a wild card. Never seen big man control a game like he did in that championship run in college. And he didn't even score a ton. Kawhi was hobbling up and down the floor during the playoffs. I would imagine he will be fine after an off-season of rest and no word of any other complications.
  5. I know, that's why I attempted to further clarify. LeBron is a question mark for sure. 35, he's up there. I'm just not convinced last year had anything to do with age. We will see. Everyone loves Kawhi and has dubbed him the greatest, deservedly so after that playoff performance. However, if that 4th bounce went off and sixers win, I wonder how different this conversation goes? Probably not by much. Remember 2 playoffs ago, Davis looked like he was ready to carry a team, just didn't have enough help. To be fair in regards to health and durability, Kawhi missed an entire season and only played 60 games last season. So these 4 are hard to gauge, especially comsidering how hot PG got last year. I'll also add, Kawhi wasn't even in the mvp conversation.
  6. That's just how much of an impact he can have. Maybe I'm living in the past. If LeBron is the 4th rated player in LA next year, then they will barely make the playoffs. So I answered the question, "impact" not rank.
  7. Lebron #1 all day. He has the potential to be mvp, he won't because he will rest, but if he goes full bore when he does play, he's still the greatest. He wasn't trying last year because it was a waste, not because he no longer has it. If it comes to be that LeBron is now old, then his impact will be a great negative, therefore he will still be #1 for lack of impact.
  8. Appreciate the info. I think the shooting can still be there but if you don't run and play full go for a year, it's safe to tamper expectations.
  9. I agree but another 10th Place finish and the fan base is going to go from anger to just not caring anymore. Archie will need a loaded up 21 class which I think he's going to do and hope will be restored. Really need to see this offense taking shape this year and players not going on podcast saying they didn't know what the goal was with our offense.
  10. I don't remember that, so I googled it. 6 projections had us pegged from 7th -10th. The defense is the only thing we can trust. I think we do have depth. The only question is are there guys that can get buckets at key times to win close games?
  11. This reminds me. I got the official election results email yesterday or the day before. I sent a response back that said b.s., I know hundreds from here and Facebook that have never voted but did this year.
  12. I remember the first game, we just kept hitting shots. Then you started sensing, holy crap, we are going to win this game.
  13. Seriously, give each guy a percentage of likelihood to be the guy this team truly needs them to be. Mine are above
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