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  1. I would call Mark Stoops. Seems if you can get Kentucky football relevant, you must have the goods.
  2. Simplisafe is a quick, easy, efficient, and cheap way to go. You can install yourself in 10 minutes, set up online and active. My grandpa used to put an NRA sticker on all his windows. I would 8magine most are trying to break in when no one is home. Simplisafe yard sign and aome window stickers will do the trick.
  3. Vic became a pro. Jezz, Jordy Hulls is technically a pro.
  4. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/five-teams-who-missed-the-ncaa-tournament-last-season-but-could-make-a-march-madness-run-in-2020/
  5. Question? Do you guys consider these politicians, activist politicians? If this kills the NCAA, a lot of people are going to be pissed. Great, screw the NCAA but don't take away our college sports. How can we actually have both?
  6. Billion dollar corps don't easily fold. That would also hurt every single state's economy as well.
  7. This is basically the end of this conversation until stuff passes and the ncaa is forced to respond. To go along with NBA changing rules as well.
  8. I hope we can find a topic that Scott and coachv can disagree on. Get the popcorn ready.
  9. No. I said I won't ask you to leave. Even if I don't like or disagree with what you say. I won't ask you to leave or not participate, you know, "if you don't enjoy the discussion you certainly are not required to participate or read it."
  10. So the earnings aren't subject taxes? Feel free to blow holes in my arguments if they don't hold water. I won't ask you to leave.
  11. Oh I just realized we were making up fantasy rules for the hypothetical conversation we are having and the irs doesn't exist.
  12. Not sure why that changes anything. If you transfer you sit out.
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