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  1. @coachadragna did you do any of these last year? I'm wondering your general thoughts on the overall offensive improvement.
  2. So the Blazers have lost 6 of 8 and like 4 of them were to terrible teams. Anyone know the problem?
  3. CTC would have 3 of the last 10. Mid and low 200s are acceptable to start with. It's always interesting to see where everyone lands come Jan and Feb
  4. It made sense when you claimed you were 11teen. Now that we know you are in, what, your upper 40s or even 50s... I'm not immature enough to block people. No sense in making this personal. I'll just stop here. Edit: claimed to celebrate 21st at bluebird with Adrian belew in 1980. So you are about to turn 60? Happy early birthday buddy
  5. For sure lineups are going to change once Devonte gets back.
  6. We don't have to worry about Justin Smith going strong to the basket anymore he is dunking literally everything.
  7. Brunk with a really nice split of the double Team Up and Under the basket for an and one at 8 minutes
  8. Ill say, playing big with Brunk, TJD, and Smith, we have to get the ball into Brunk when he's being guarded by a 6 footer in the post. Have to recognize mismatches.
  9. Smith with a really nice pass to TJD out of the double team at 17:40. Tracye gets fouled going up.
  10. This is the guy who wanted me to believe he was 21 and blocked me when I actually took up for him. I assure he misread my intentions. Then let the cat out of the bag that he was at some concert at the bluebird celebrating his 21st in the 70s. The last few days, the way he has treated people, has caused me to wonder if he is just a slow moving troll. Either way, his style is peculiar.
  11. They have a game at 8 tonight I believe. This will be the only time I support msu anything. Really feel for the kid and family.
  12. Last tweet I saw IU up 1-0 on osu with about 20 to play.
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