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  1. Going to open a lot more eyes... Wants bigger or more offers.
  2. I countered your opinion with facts. I missed the drought, ran down stairs for a snack. Came back up and TT had scored about 17. How long was our drought?
  3. I asked last week if you were trolling. Are you? Read the comment above. Ignore the 30-2 run. 4 or 5 of the turnovers came in the first 8 minutes. Meaning the last 3 occurred over 32 minutes of play. Your translation is this team can't do the basic fundamentals of basketball. I think in 10 years I've blocked one person. Anyone else smell a troll?
  4. I actually laughed when I first read this, then got sad. I've been so tired of the ragging on Al. He may not have the highest b-ball iq on the team but he works his arse off and cares as much as anyone about winning.
  5. Personally have no clue who this kid is and don't remember his brother either. Is he still playing? Don't answer that. I don't care.
  6. So there is money connected to the team. Sounds good to me.
  7. Cost of room and board to live like an IU basketball player with full master's tuition paid vs living in a 450 sq ft studio in eastern europe making 60k. Sign me up for a master's in basket weaving.
  8. Also depends if Joey wants to be Dr Brunk and if Al wants a master's.
  9. Maybe McCutchon has him worried they will be drastically limiting practice and games this year with fear of covid. He may be thinking, I need to train and train against top comp as much as possible. Utah? No clue on that angle. Must be a school stock piling talent and that appeals for daily competition as well as the opponents they may have lined up.
  10. I'm guessing that ship has sailed. It took them until about a week ago to release the current schedule fully.
  11. If immunity is only lasting around 120-180(last I read weeks ago). How long will a vaccine work? Booster 3 times a year?
  12. All I'm gathering is elite elite athleticism. And only 20.
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