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  1. Luke Brown walks on to Purdue, Braden Smith decommits, grown men everywhere lose their mind.
  2. Just scrolling through their videos with no audio, i was getting annoyed just looking at them.
  3. I couldn't find the video so the staff must have realized how bad it was and scrub the internet.
  4. Thats what I said months ago. Vaccinated quit getting tested.
  5. I would think it they have already hit their ceiling. Who are they competing for recruits, Utah? The strong Mormon kids are already going there and its not even in question.
  6. Oh, I forgot to mention the issues he has at Green Bay. Thanks for pilling on the guy, haha.
  7. Rodgers must be mentally unstable. The reports of his family tiffs, the constant drama around all his girlfriends. Now he's suddenly engaged to a much younger actress gal. Its exhausting to watch, can't imagine living that life. No wonder he looks like shyte. He has brought it upon himself. He got on field redemption last year, looks like he may still need off field redemption.
  8. And this graphic attempts to convince us that the mms is dead center.
  9. I can't find a super recent one and can't remember where i even saw it, thought it was my google news thread. Thos one is from 2020 and there are talks about Dubia and China doing it more recently in different articles. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/dec/03/china-vows-to-boost-weather-modification-capabilities
  10. Did you guys see the article about China manipulating the weather? I always thought that was a thing a conspiracy what are your all's thoughts?
  11. I was wondering if after the start at Iowa they held back some of the options. Then with the ease of this opponent, same thing.
  12. Thank you for that information. Does anyone know if they are looking to update the he vaccines to be better sooted against varients?
  13. Firefighters spoke of sharing a cellphone to call their wives and say goodbye – or of saying goodbye to each other. Timothy Brown recalled saying to fellow firefighter Terry Hatton, “I love you, brother. It might be the last time I see you.”
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