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  1. NotIThatLives

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    There is certainly truth on both sides of the coin. Keion said it best himself. He had lots of pros and cons to weigh. Being g a local hero sounds cool but these guys are staring down lottery tickets. Most of us, myself included, didn't have the ability coming out if high school to be banking multi million dollar contracts by time we were 20. Are they going to be noticed based on talent either way? Sure. But as Keion said himself, he will have the chance to compete daily against top competition and play one of the best schedules in the nation. I'm an Indiana basketball Homer but this is going to become more common as we go forward. The window to make the money these guys have in front of them is small and extremely competitive. This is just viewed by these athletes as a competitive advantage and at this time, I personally agree.
  2. NotIThatLives

    ESPN Preseason BPI

    I think they missed a 2. 221 or 212, somewhere in that ballpark.
  3. NotIThatLives

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    He'll be practicing against future major talent on a daily basis vs other kids that may or may not ever see a college court.
  4. NotIThatLives

    TBT on ESPN

    I'm just going off my experiences at stout elementary playground, sellersburg pool, my driveway on St Joe Rd or in the street on Allen Rd. Lol. Good times. Smile on my face just thinking about it.
  5. NotIThatLives

    TBT on ESPN

    I like the idea but it will likely never happen. Think about, we all Drew up playing 24, win by 4, 30 dead. A great game that ened in mutual respect went 30-29. I don't know anyone that grew up playing playground ball/driveway/pick up that used a clock. Do you?
  6. NotIThatLives

    When will we get our first 2019 commit?

    I think when this edition of the Hoosiers takes the court and begins showing the nation the hard work that was put in during the off season. Recruits are about to jump on board. I'm guessing October and there will be a flurry.
  7. NotIThatLives

    2019 Recruiting Hub

    My brother being a Louisville fan just assumes it's all(ncaa) about the money.
  8. NotIThatLives

    2019 Recruiting Hub

    Going to share what I was told from my relative that I would rate as an indirect source. He knows a lot of people and talks to a lot of people but would most likely not be told directly. Anyhow. Are we getting TJD? Probably What about Brooks? I don't know, it's pretty wide open and wouldn't be surprised if he went to Kentucky. I mentioned the schilling/father connection. He shrugged. I said, what's up with carton going to OSU out of nowhere? My brother(louisville fan) said, when are you ever going to realize it's about (rubs fingers together). Relative nobs head as if to say, what can I say. Nothing Earth shattering or concrete.
  9. Does that measurement include the pen?
  10. NotIThatLives

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Sam Dekker is the only 5 star guy I remember but I get what you are saying. Bgleas, yourself and others have trumpeted this idea for years. Get good 4 star guys, preferrably in state if you can, and a 5 star or 2 per year and you are always hunting B1G championships and high seeds.
  11. This is one of those blue dress pictures or Laurel yanny debate. It's one month. It's great marketing. It may not be 100% muscle but he's clearly got some and he clearly had decent one's to begin with. This kid may have crazy Genes if he can add another 15-20 in the next year or so. How many guys do we have with the bleached frohawks?
  12. NotIThatLives

    General NBA Thread

    I too think you can stand pat and see how these guys continue to develop. I'm trying to think who would we even want in a trade that is starter material? There is a lot of young talent in the league. May be better to wait it out on more year and try and identify an up and comer that fits.
  13. NotIThatLives

    Hoosiers In the NBA

    That's dirt cheap. I thought he wouldn't settle for less than 20. But the 1 year 5 mil to me just proves he's not close and still has a long road to go. Hasn't only like 2 players ever successfully come back from this injury?
  14. NotIThatLives

    General NBA Thread

    What he said.
  15. NotIThatLives

    General NBA Thread

    I hope we get the guy. I'm not sure what you are basing the Pacers being a top 4 team in the entire league when most professionals are slotting us at 4th in the east.