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  1. Does NFL trades have to make money match like nba?
  2. Yep. I was thinking he was referring to that actually happening, not theoretically.
  3. How McCormack can go into the stands fighting, stomp a guy twice, and only get 2 games. What an embarrassment. It's again, all about the Benjamin's. Protect the conference championship. Get the number one seed. Hope to win the championship in a season anyone can will. Trash administration. Trash leadership from the adults. Not surprising.
  4. Pretty sure you had it right. Don't think he has ever played in indy, at least I couldn't find info. Their final four was in Phoenix.
  5. He definitely noted liking staying relatively unknown. I think either way it rings true
  6. Now that Bo Ryan is gone I loathe Izzo the most of any coach. There is no chance he's clean (we Indiana people know the back stories on Randolph for example) but moans and groans about integrity. Gets on the refs all the time then cries when he loses because of a bad call. Covers for rapist. He's just a sham. I never said the man can't coach and I have always loved their toughness.
  7. Dang. I didn't realize he scored so much. We must have romanticized Rob's defense on him based on one play.
  8. Great read, in depth and informative.
  9. I think he was referring to playing the final four in Indiana, like downtown Indy, even we goofs know him.
  10. You have the number one pick next year. You pass on Lawrence at one? That's what I meant.
  11. Mathew Stafford has been inconsistent but seems to have always had lingering injuries. He's also been in the top 10 in total quarterback ratings 3 of the last 4 years. Pretty decent floor.
  12. Exhibit A. Not one ACC team in the top 10, not even Clemson themselves. https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/sec-football/sec-leads-all-conferences-in-players-on-nfl-active-rosters-and-its-not-even-close/ CONFERENCE PLAYERS ON NFL ROSTERS SEC 339 Big Ten 253 ACC 215 Pac-12 189 Big 12 131
  13. As it currently stands. Your team needs a quarterback next year. Would you take Lawrence or trade down?
  14. You do know that Trevor Lawrence is a true soph? Burrow completed 76% of his passes on 60 tds. Lawrence, 65% on 36. Burrow had 2 less ints on 120 more attempts. Sure it's extremely hard to tell who is going to be a better pro. The only flag I see on Burrow was his judgement to throw LSU under the bus.
  15. Ok Mr. Talent Scout, I mean Scott. In your opinion. Lawrence or Burrow and why?
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