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  1. That was his own words when choosing UK.
  2. I thought Chicago was about curfew? Are we assuming the heat is about Chicago? Or weed? I'm guessing these vuys are basically saying bro, he who is without sin, throw the first stone. Or leave my name out yo mouth.
  3. Ughhh, so much potential if he could get it together though. A decent 3 point shooter. Super strong, heck of a rebounder. Can guard basically all 4s not named Keegan Murray. Can guard most 5s. Just would like him to dribble, pass, and guard 3s as well.
  4. We all hope that JG develops and develops at a rate that would make him a 1st team all American if not NPOY, as you pointed out. Im not arguing, I'm hopeful this kid continues to develop and elevate his game. I'll ask the question this way. Is a junior JG expected to be as good or better than a freshman, near consensus All-American TJD? Probably not. Malik is right there with TJD as a frosh if not slightly more skilled. Now what that means for playing time? Probably means JG needs to develop on the perimeter so he can be justified playing with 2 other front court guys at the same time.
  5. I'm pretty sure many of the same things were said about Bates and he even called himself a dog on defense. I'm going to try not to laugh at that statement
  6. Yeah I'm a little shocked Watford's not getting more love on this thread. Maybe people soured because little brother took a bag of cash and instead of coming here but that had nothing to do with Christian. Christian was a fantastic and still is a fantastic ambassador for this University and the program. He also played a massive part on the best team since early 2000's and was the final touch on our wildest moment in the last 15 or ao years.
  7. That's pretty smart and dedicated of him I'm sure he's going to pave a great path for himself. Lots of time, sacrifice, abd dedication and few good breaks here and there and you may just find yourself on the bench of another young up and comer.
  8. Hopefully. Its crazy that after the movement was locked up and after the Watshot, recruiting totally dried up for Crean. No telling what the future holds but in this day and age and these youngsters and social media, Trayce has big potential to have more of an impact .
  9. He's a great player has a great personality a great face he's a great spokesperson but man so was Cody and Cody's been in the dagon league for over a decade now. And tweets about IU on the regular. Let's hope this year takes care of the blemishes on the record whether it's his fault or not we got some winning to do.
  10. What they are allowing him yo get away with is the worst form of basketball. Thats not basketball. Gotta give Olidipo some create. He took away passing lanes, snuck in a few times and was a major disruption. I'm sure you loved 5he foul call he got when the Celtics big 2 fingers tipped his arm, after the shot. I think the refs allowed it to get so physical they then got caught up with make up calls and it was a mess.
  11. Some. It does seem as though the Celtics have not gotten a fair whistle, much of the time.
  12. I haven't been paying the utmost attention but that overturned foul about 20 mins ago(8ish min) that went the Celtics may have been as bad as anything we have seen in the B1G in the last 5 years outside of the slap heard round the world. As soon as they challenged, I said, they must need a timeout, that was the most obvious, egregious foul I have seen in years. Nope, turn it over no foul. Lol
  13. I had to take human physiology twice because my first year, lab was at 6 pm and i wound up skipping so much I was failing and had to drop the class
  14. You can trade a leased car to another company as long as you aren't brand loyal. I had a Honda and Toyota bought out my lease. I was going to be upside down so they did me a solid. In this case, say the car is worth 15k but your payoff is 10k. A dealer would probably give you 12-13 on a trade in???
  15. Im still not sure why the feds would care or have the authority over individual states and state run schools. Other than this messing with title 9 and actual women's equality.
  16. Not. That would be the utter destruction of college sports. Not sure how it would survive a federal government take over and come out better off.
  17. Huh. Wouldn't that in turn destroy women's collegiate sports? Why would any other states, conferences, or schools follow along with this? Why would the major players go to USC or UCLA when they could go to Arizona and not have to share the revenue with all the other sports atheletes at the university? I think these weakens cal schools, not strengthens. Someone feel free to correct my thinking.
  18. There is someone on Wisconsin, can't remember who that was a qb as well. Gard was talking about it this past season and says he targets guys like that. It's our turn.
  19. I remember watching Illinois this year and seeing a freshman Goode just barking, pointing, and directing people. I think it was Rico that reminded us that he was a high school qb. Maybe he will want to transfer over once Kopp graduates. I love guys like that.
  20. What was it? Mental is to physical as 3 is to 1 or something like that.
  21. It's very simple it translates to vocal leadership and toughness. Am I right
  22. Phoenix's biggest deficit all season. 89-48. WOW
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