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  1. As they always say, lots of football to be played. Georgia is probably the only team you can ink in. Anyone else, one loss and they will be out, unless multiple teams wind up losing one more, which is likely. I could see Cincinnati coughing one up, Oklahoma finally, Bama probably not, Ohio State probably not.
  2. Now we know who has been paying players at uk.
  3. I think these 2 would be near all stars if healthy for about 2 years straight. 1 to knock the rust off and build momentum, year 2 all star candidates.
  4. Whats the latest on these 2? Getting close to day to day? I thought about 2 months ago they said Warren was a month out
  5. And his brother is turning into nice glue guy. Plays very hard, good d, 6 pts 4 boards in 12.
  6. You didn't read the article that you posted? It was at the V foundation auction. Money went to V foundation for cancer research. Horrible priorities.
  7. Ive heard multiple talking heads ripping this apart today, so thank God some voices out there are speaking up and against this trash.
  8. Exactly. I've done a ton of research. A 2 bedroom condo is your best return on investment. All through Gulf Shores areas where its driveable for a huge percentage of the country. We figured if you rent it out 70% of the time you break even or even have a surplus. My buddy even has a hurricane rider on his insurance that pays 6 months expected rents. He had a 10k surplus last year, even with covid.
  9. I watch and read housing market stuff all the time. Low interest rates not expected to increase in the next year or 2 along with the largest influx of first time buyers since the baby boomers, along with low inventory. It will take disaster, war, or some other failure of the economy to drop housing. We are probably 5 years out anyways so that gives me time. We have 2 major projects left on our house for it to be pretty much done, then the boys will be in school and wife back to full time work. I know guys buying near Hoosier National Forest for pretty cheap.
  10. Sorry man. I would like to live on the Gulf of Florida or Alabama. Or South Carolina coast. As a tenured firefighter, gotta get about 14 more years before I can seriously consider going anywhere. Realistically at least 17 years to get our Drop money. 18 to get the boys off to college. Waiting on the housing market to drop at least 20% before we buy a vacation/investment property on the coast.
  11. All parties involved should feel blessed they didn't get shot.
  12. It's safe. You can't trust anything on the internet, especially if it claims anything other than what you watch or read from MMS.
  13. I have no idea what will cause it. I read last week the average American family will pay $2100 more in inflation for 21. There is just ao much craziness in the system right now, i dont think it would take much to blow the whole system up.
  14. If Collin Powell can go down from complications from covid, I could see Biden going down from complications with a toothache. That would spark some fires that would require guns, ammo, food, water, generators, small malitias to protect you and your loved ones.
  15. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-recruiting-hoosiers-offer-2025-in-state-prospect-before-first-high-school-game/
  16. That and the specializing so early. My buddies and I all played 3 sports and were rarely almost never injured. The few guys I knew that played D1, one in basketball and the other tennis both played at least one other sport. And I don't remember them ever being injured either. To me, multiple sports is cross conditioning. I wonder what the data says on injuries over the last 20 years.
  17. Which is the exact reason the pacers office will hold and get nothing in return. This is a recording.
  18. Is it going to pop again? Im still holding some. Waiting on my buddy to text me to sell sell sell bit as of right now it's hold.
  19. I only saw the last 5 minutes but it was the Jeremy Lamb show. Duarte had 21. Warren will be back soon. With a respected, proven coach, and a healthy group of guys, this team could actually make a little noise.
  20. I guess Dane went overseas to visit this guy. https://247sports.com/college/indiana/Article/Miro-Little-Finland-2023-point-guard-Indiana-basketball-recruiting-Helsinki-Basketball-Academy-172838973/
  21. Here in Indiana, a few hospitals have received help from the National Guard. At this time none of the hospitals accepting help from the Gaurd have fired employees over a vaccine mandate, however St Vincent has a November deadline. Are any other states Guard doing this? If St Vincent fires its heroes in November when their mandate goes in effect, will you have a problem with them accepting help from the Guard on the tax payers dime.
  22. City of Indianapolis set a June 1st date that they would no longer cover covid sickness and it would now burn days out of personal sick banks. You may have to set a date out in the near future, especially with holidays and now fall break.
  23. Me too. Its all good. I think there is some rating system out there that compares teams or leagues quality, year over year.
  24. Thanks. I disagree or slightly disagree with 5 of your picks but history supports no amount of conversation will ever sway your opinion. But at least you made your picks. Looking forward to seeing it play out.
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