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  1. Some guys just bid their time in the shadows until boom, your the assistant coach of UCLA and just past 40 years old. He has plenty of time.
  2. Alford is literally a worse coach than Crean with an even worse persona. Crean ran off all the state of Indiana kids and soured with coaches. Don't see Steve doing any better and his dad is getting too old to help with the respect walking in the door.
  3. He doesn't really have much personality but he can flat out get the job done. And for some people they can't get over the fact that he wanted to deport Hannah perea. may have helped us out had that actually happened. Lol. Honestly though we need Parker Stewart to light it up Trayce to come back next year and Lander to grow up fast. Go hunting in the transfer market plug the holes get some more shooters get an extra ball handler if we have to see somebody transfer out no tears are shed .
  4. Healthcare. We will see what this new admin with house and senate does. $660 an hour. That's not capitalism. That's just lustful greed. And I love me some capitalism.
  5. Pacers are getting an extra 2.6 million and an extra 2nd round pick due to LeVerts issues. Really hoping this is nothing. https://basketball.realgm.com/wiretap/261217/Pacers-Receive-Cash-Additional-Second-Round-Pick-After-Issue-With-Caris-LeVert-Physical
  6. What? This system is about to finally break. That's insane.
  7. I had an 08 silverado that I bought with 130k. Total piece of crap. Transmission went out within 2 months. I fixed about 5 sensors.
  8. I'd take an old ford but I love old chevy trucks. Put some pics up if you ever find one. I might change my mind.
  9. @btownqb throwing this in here so we don't derail the crap out of CJ Gunns thread. For those of you that didn't see it, Btownqb made the claim that the MIC conference is the the best public school conference in the nation when weighing football and basketball. A strong claim could be made for sure that they are the strongest basketball conference in the country. I immediately thought of Dallas because of family and having drove through their this summer. Interesting find about Texas and Florida high school sports, they don't have conferences. Which evidently is common in other
  10. We saw CTC basically fall apart and start looking sloppy. CAM doesn't have to be personality extraordinaire to win the fans, though that may appeal to certain recruits. He does however have to start winning some games. He certainly looks stressed and doesn't appear to be having much fun. Tom Allen is having a blast.
  11. So he's 53. Lives near Butler since juneish 2018 as far as I can tell. His daughter is at Butler. Wonder if he has any other kids or grand kids. Once those grandkids come I give it a very low chance.
  12. No boos, no claps. Probably just head shakes.
  13. Had a friend that was a manager under CTC for a year. It was a 90 hour a week job. That was for unpaid managers. That's not sustainable nor healthy.
  14. The whole APR thing never made sense and sounds like a really nice excuse because it doesn't make sense. What I remember reading is if a guy transfers out in good standing, that does not hurt you. So I call bullcrap unless someone can actually lay it out and explain it. And yes I have read and tried to decifer the NCAAs site about APR. I think that was the convenient excuse that got floated out when the reality is, it's bad optics to clean sweep the entire house.
  15. Here's what I found on Matta. Doesn't sound like a guy that loves it or misses it. He had however listened to offers and reportedly turned down Georgia. Serious question is if he could mentally handle us. Yes, us IU fans. “Probably haven’t felt like this in 10 years. I found out stress is real. It’s a legit disease. In retirement you sleep until you’re tired of sleeping, then you go about and start your day. It’s being able to sleep in the night, you wake up in a good mood. I hadn’t woke up in a good mood in like 18 years. That’s what coaching is. You can’t be happy.”
  16. scared emoji was not an option but I'm inserting it here😱
  17. Before Ole Roy finally cracked the code, he was talked about as maybe the number one guy squandering talent. Now that he has championships he's given a pass. Same with a guy like Boheim.
  18. With no fans in the stands each teams bench has to bring a ton of energy and be a student section. So if there are specific examples, I call this hokey. Now if we revert to CTC days of holding up signs telling guys to "play hard" we are screwed.
  19. Huh? Steve Alford has a better career track record than Tom Crean? Where are Facebook's independent fact checkers slapping a label on this post?
  20. That literally makes no sense. They are too nice but all they do is yell. Is yelling a nicer form of communication now? 2021 is weird.
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