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  1. Kelly just seems too boring for LSU to me especially coming off of Coach o. I think many of these SEC programs are going to run laps around him recruiting and he'll be fired in 3 years.
  2. Went on a run last night to help an elderly lady up off her floor and back into bed after her house was lit up by a drive by. We counted at least 8 rounds. 3 through the window right by her bed. She said the neighbor boy has been having some trouble. To his credit, the kid, looking about 13 or 14 did come over to see if she was ok and if her daughter was on the way over. He looked scared to death. He quickly disappeared behind his house.
  3. Yep. He's already more mobile than Deron Davis. He's a big body. He's also only practiced for about 2 weeks.
  4. Just a reminder of how the quads work for everyone, myself included. I doubt Syracuse falls outside of top 135.
  5. So New Zealand voted an alien as their PM? So it's not just us, the whole world sucks.
  6. Isn't our starting center a Michigan transfer?
  7. Pretty sure the line was 2 or 3 points. O saw that yesterday and was a little confused. Had DD on for a minute this afternoon and he was begging people to place a bet on MSU saying free money. 😂 Never bet against vegas
  8. I live on Morse and frequent the Morse Boaters Facebook page. Every year that we make it through labor day without a fatality is a cause for celebration. On weekends we are off the water by noon. I've watched from my deck people almost die, in just the 2 summers we have been waterfront. I have used my boat to block other boats that seemingly dont see my downed riders. There was a near miss in the middle of the week, only 3 boats in sight right in front of my house. I saw them all gather up and talking, someone looked pissed only to find out one guy almost killed a kid. I see people wake surfing way after dark. Last summer a surfer goes down and I here someone on the boat yell, where are you? The surfer yells, I'm over here. I say, that's a solid way to kill your kid. Dumbass. Then of course they come strolling in around midnight just north of me at the condos. Makes me worry about walking down the street with such stupidity lurking so near.
  9. Every year. Oh Wisconsin's terrible they graduated seven seniors.
  10. Is anyone else thankful that's no longer our strategy against wisconsin?
  11. Arrrggg. I just got angry for a second. How stupid. By the way. Did anyone watch the end of Providence Virginia? It was a 4 or 6 point game when I switched over. Providence couldn't buy a shot and it had nothing to do with packline. It looked like that poor team of athletes we played the other night just throwing it towards the goal.
  12. I guess not. He always goes left unless he's hard forced right and then he typically picks up his dribble. He's crafty no doubt but hitting Durr in transition that not even trayce would have been able the pass, he has to clean that up and be smarter. Strength will come bit obviously not over night. Im very happy with his defensive improvements and he's a willing rebounder.
  13. Really Trayce needs to be playing 35 minutes a game anyways. But nothing wrong with getting the big man some minutes he's also coming off of injury I think they said he only practice about six times
  14. Thank you. Thats awesome info. Speaks to peaking at the right time and hitting on all cylinders. And I'm guessing the quality and style of play.
  15. Efficiency should go up towards the end of the season. The game slows down in the tourney. Each team that survives is usually playing at their peak. 6 out of 40 games is not generally going to massively sway 99.9% of teams numbers. If you want to pay the full kenpom script and show more than one outlier than off the top of your head knock yourself out. Im not here to argue about this. Not much else to be said.
  16. Great handle? He rarely ever goes right because he can't. He lack of strength makes him weak going right and if venture a guess he's had 1 or 2 turnovers a game trying to break the press and it stems back to lack of strength again. I like everything else you said but we must be watching 2 different things.
  17. If it is a team rule that cost him 3 games because of it
  18. Its the best we have and a really good indicator of things. Not much else to discuss about that.
  19. I recommend a military coup against a tyrannical government. Give the power and freedom back to the people. Invite the public to all come receive one rifle per family household at the nearest military base or armory.
  20. This article is 4 years old but has data on a long list of former champs. Kembas Uconn was the outlier. Everyone else had adj o and d inside top 19. https://www.vuhoops.com/villanova-basketball/2018/2/8/16986218/villanova-basketball-what-does-kenpom-tell-us-about-past-champions New article. https://vendettasportsmedia.com/using-kenpom-predict-2021-22-ncaa-basketball-champion/
  21. Whats the formula for contender? Top 25 in both? I think there has been one outlier once in 20 years.
  22. 2nd time ive watched Arizona. They are easily a top 25 team win or lose tonight. They brought in 4 nice transfers.
  23. There was one play in the last few minutes that Bates drove hard right and knew that he had an open guy opposite corner that he hit, then the defense was left scrambling, think it wound up drawing a foul.
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