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  1. Lol 8 games in a row losing to purdue. Not even good Purdue teams, either. Weren't even a tournament team last year but still swept us. This is not acceptable.
  2. Freaking lit up by scrubs at purdue. Of course this would happen.
  3. A pickup of JBF would be incredible. When you add big front court players, we'll stop missing out on the 6'6" - 6'8" tweeners who don't want to end up playing down low in the B1G.
  4. I really hope Leal and Stewart are the 2 shooters Archie has been hoping for during his time here.
  5. We were recruiting him at one point, I believe mentioned in his top 10 at least. He's originally from Pennsylvania, so perhaps Archie has a connection there. He's still not in the transfer portal, but Huggins did say he won't be back this season. So maybe transferring is inevitable.
  6. I wonder what happened to him. Maybe he just needs a change of scenery. If he hasn't lost his passion, this would be a huge pickup for us. Maybe we'll make an inquiry here.
  7. Yeah I probably won't watch us play Iowa. I get the feeling we'll be playing well and leading going into the final minute, then Bohannon will hit three contested 3's late to win it. My wife still remembers the time a water bottle got thrown across our living room in frustration when he last played against us in Iowa City.
  8. It's interesting Valpo didn't reach out when they had vacancies recently, considering he's an alum and he wouldn't have to move very far. A move up to that level from IWU would make more sense before a jump to the meat grinder of a conference like the B1G.
  9. Software/business analyst for an RV components company. I want Archie to be the guy, but it's becoming clear the best we can hope for is to have a team that's capable of making a run every 4 or 5 years, and then reloading. We won't be consistently competing for B1G championships, or capable of making a Final 4 every year. Whenever Archie's tenure ends, I think Crean will have better results than Archie at IU.
  10. For a virus that is 99.997% survivable for the 0-19 age group, and 99.98% for the 20-49 age range What the hell are we even doing at this point?
  11. Go from being an NCAA All American and getting drafted in the NBA, to being a 400+ lb. drug dealer in Whitley county. What a loser.
  12. I think his guardian mentions IU and Knight to string us along. He's got the largest fan base of all Mohammed's finalists on the ropes.
  13. So incredibly sad and tragic. Makes you really reflect on how quickly life can change. My thoughts are with his family, and those who knew him closely. He was the mod on the old Scout site when I first started posting about IU basketball, and always remembered him welcoming me to the community. His contributions will be greatly missed.
  14. I hate Coach K so much. He wouldn't be cancelling anything if Duke was 4-0 and running teams out of the gym. At least he didn't have to fake another on-court collapse this time.
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