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  1. Well forgive my ignorance, but where are the parents? Are they not involved in his life, back in his home country, etc.? And does anyone know how he met this "guardian"? I'm honestly trying not to be cynical here, because he is talented and I do want him at IU. He also does seem like a good kid. But when it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck...
  2. Not a fan of this. Something seems off. Fortunately the guardian does like IU and our history, but it feels like he has way too much influence over this recruitment.
  3. B1G and PAC-12 fans will be calling for their commissioners' heads by the end of the month if nothing changes. Every Saturday that goes by without their teams playing football while watching the other conferences hold a season will just keep adding fuel to the fire.
  4. What a joke the B1G is. I hope this isn't true.
  5. Lol guess that about locks up Michigan for one of the candidates running for President.
  6. Right. He was too busy forming an anti-hate and anti-racism committee of athletes that will drive voter registration. Since, you know, that's typically the job of a B1G conference commissioner. If you can't see what this is really about then I don't know what to tell you.
  7. Penn State AD and University of Minnesota President are now unclear whether or not there was actually a vote by the university presidents to cancel the football season. This is such a cluster. I can't believe I actually want Jim Delaney back.
  8. Good point made here. Ball State even made public their plans to more actively recruit students from the wealthy suburbs of New York and New Jersey within the last few years. That really annoys me.
  9. Don't cling to the hope that football will actually be played in the spring. They're just kicking the can down the road at this point. I guarantee the second week of January the same university presidents will again vote to delay the season until the fall. Good luck trying to determine eligibility, bowl games, etc. Not to mention the enormous budget deficits this will cause. Guess I'll be canceling my YouTube TV subscription now that it's all but certain there won't be any fall sports.
  10. IU has reached out. Top-40 player so it makes sense, however seems interesting since we're in a good spot with other 2021 kids. Possibly a backup plan if Aminu Mohammed goes elsewhere?
  11. Race Thompson was out on the freeway where that tanker drove through? Glad he wasn't one of the people who dragged the driver from the truck, beat him senseless, and stole everything inside.
  12. Just get the talent on campus, and figure out how they can play together later.
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