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  1. Guys, there is zero chance we win a road game this year. It's not like we're playing tough and just getting beat in the final minute; we aren't even competitive on the road. The team doesn't even look like they believe they can win on the road. They just show up, put the uniform on, and go through the motions. And that's why I can't bring myself to watch road games anymore. It's not because they lose the game, it's because they don't even look like they want to be there.
  2. That's where we're going! Love Round Barn. I'm in northern Indiana which has proximity to some world class wineries in southern Michigan. Hopefully they have a tv and can catch some of it.
  3. UM 67 IU 55 Road games are no longer appointment television for me, I'll be getting drunk at a winery in Michigan instead.
  4. The belief that Purdoo will be competitive in AH, but we will not be in Mackey.
  5. Archie and Ostrom made the trip to watch Furst last night. I think it's clear we don't want Kaufman as much as other schools do.
  6. What bothers me is that I do believe we win the game, but it'll be in doubt late and we end up winning probably by 4-8 points. The game in Mackey I fully expect to be over by halftime and we lose by 20.
  7. Why use a fake name and lie to the cops? I don't understand why he couldn't have just said "yeah, my name is Zavier Simpson, I borrowed the car, and I skidded because it's icy"?
  8. All these metrics and analytics are just out of control at this point. I can't pay attention to any of it anymore.
  9. If we lose I probably won't watch the rest of the year out of disgust. Never should we go this long without beating that nothing burger of a program.
  10. 100% agree, and I also don't know why football doesn't do this either. The time it takes referees to gather and converse, walk over to the scorer's table, review the play from at least 2 angles for 30 seconds, then convene and talk about it is unbearably long. Not to mention the fact teams treat it as an unofficial timeout, so you gotta get them back on the court too. The referee at the table could do all of what's needed. The floor refs just signal over to him, he reviews the play for a max amount of time of 30 seconds, game goes on. No referee conference, no players going to the bench, all would be eliminated.
  11. NCAA needs to: Move the 3 pt line back to where it was Go to 6 fouls instead of 5 35 second shot clock Widen the paint Cut down on replays The product has suffered through the years, likely as a result of the AAU/shoe culture permeating in the game. Teams don't have enough discipline to run an offense anymore, they'd rather shoot 3s because it's what they see in the pro game.
  12. I predict we lose this battle, but the war is still far from lost, even after a 3 game losing streak. We'll right the ship when we beat Purdue next week, and we'll still be on track to win 20 or 21 games, which is the win total I thought we'd end up with before the season started anyway.
  13. Yeah in a year like this, teams like Purdue are a lock for the tournament. They won't have any bad losses, will have a few good wins, so the committee will be willing to overlook the sheer volume of losses they'll have, which will probably be 14 or 15. It's nuts though, I'm of the opinion that at some point, losses have to matter.
  14. I thought you were going to try and be objective, but the second part of your third sentence proved there's no chance of that. His coaching is fine. We don't have the talent or shooters. End of story.
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