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  1. Tough call now that we have lander. Probably pass under the circumstances. However if he said I’ll come start off the ball and back up Lander at point , I’d be down with that.
  2. Probably local pick. Would we have room for aminu ?
  3. Someone on another site said in the past it was December/January
  4. He basically talked about our slow offense, subbing out to quick and his over all feel of where he is at with us. I’d say the nail is in the coffin.
  5. When it’s all said and done Duke will be far better off having Zion than not. Just like Michigan’s fab five back in my day. They are still famous for that talented group. Its just sad because if Zion was getting benefits than so were most of the UK recruits that play for just one season . I doubt anything big happens to Duke .
  6. Probably been discussed already but how Would I watch the last dance without ESPN ?
  7. This will be a good thing. Just wait and see!
  8. This may have been asked already. Are we getting the feeling that a school like Louisville may be ahead of us and that’s why we are offering other recruits recently?
  9. I rewatched the IU vs Duke and IU v LSU tournament games. My childhood IU teams could really score. Mistakes were made, but offensively we moved the ball quickly and really spread the floor. We didn’t pound the ball into the ground. It wasn’t abnormal for many of those games to be in the 80s and 90s and that was with a shot clock at 45 seconds. I really miss those days.
  10. I wonder if Bruiser will be around after this season
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