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  1. It was said we have a cancer on this team. Well maybe there is, but it’s not the reason for a poor offense and defensive scheme. That’s on the coaching staff. You don’t have to win every road game, however the lack of competitiveness is unacceptable. We will not make the tournament unless something changes. I’d say it’s too late!
  2. Deron looks good but coaches having him hedge that far out is just dumb
  3. We better start guarding or this game will get ugly quick
  4. No need to shoot that 3 hunter
  5. I just want to win again before I’m too old to enjoy it.
  6. Pearl has kicked ass everywhere he has been. That started at USI in my hometown where he was dominate.
  7. Stevens number 1 but not realistic! give me Pearl Or Beard Mack would have been great but it’s too late!
  8. I am not an Archie Miller supporter. We should have hired Mack at that pay grade. I really thought we were aiming higher. Im tired of the product on the floor. What a disgrace to lose at home to Purdue on a day where Bobby knight walks back through those doors . Archie is going to struggle recruiting even more now. People everywhere will be talking about his mediocrity.
  9. What’s the word on Hunters lack of playing time
  10. Smith isn’t fooling me with that apology. I’m sure Turdgeon and the rest of staff told him to apologize.
  11. No way should Hunter and Green be in game with two minutes to go and the lead
  12. I know what you are saying, But realistically if Devonte was on a team full of superstars, he would never play. I’m sure he is a good kid and means well, but turnovers are crucial in college basketball. He is a senior now and Hoosier fans expect more.
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