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  1. I think Gunn may come in and surprise us.
  2. Only the big boys are going to survive with the NIL. We probably won’t be able to keep up with a Kentucky, Duke, or maybe even Kansas, but parity in College basketball will be gone.
  3. On paper Leal is the weakest link. I don’t see an Indiana boy like him getting ran off. My guess it will be Geronimo or TJD. And I really want to keep Geronimo for the future
  4. I don’t want anyone to leave but it’s inevitable.
  5. I’m excited about this commit, but better than Eric Gordon I don’t see. That being said, I’m excited for the future for the the first time in awhile.
  6. Reneau could still be told he has a good chance of starting . Race could back him and TjD up.
  7. I will be sick of Fife goes there. If Fife is good enough for Matta then he’s good enough for me. I didn’t like Fide getting let go at first but wasn’t looking at it as a terrible thing, but now that Matta is leaving, I’m starting to wonder what the heck is going on?
  8. Perfect spot for both of them and a pretty dang good back court in the big east. I bet Lander has a good year!
  9. I was disappointed in Race’s perimeter defense. So many games we got torched because of him. I’d take JG over Race in a heartbeat.
  10. . I was more excited about the Dane Fife hire than Woodson himself. So now that it didn’t work out, I sit here wondering what will follow? I think it is very possible that their personalities didn’t mesh, but both coaches seem like stand up guys. There should be some roster turnover this year, so I’m not shook up that Lander left. Now if JG and X goes elsewhere and YA goes to Louisville, I will be really very discouraged.
  11. I would rather play Wyoming then Notre dame or Rutgers from a big conference in the play in game. Hopefully it will get us ready to beat St Mary’s.
  12. At that point we weren’t worried about getting another W. Now we would be ecstatic to have it on our record.
  13. I think the Purdue commit looks really good in highlights. I could see him being a top 100 players with more exposure.
  14. I would want to play with Jalen and Tamar. Miller Kopp on the wing. Woo!
  15. Kaufman was the miss that stung a little for me. Now we have a kick ass coaching staff and I’m not worried a bit!
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