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  1. I like the trajectory of this team. Dan not so much.
  2. I didn't realize this. Several ended up being studs.
  3. Race has potential in this area, I expect we will see him take his share next year. Very happy about this commit, he sounds like he is intelligent and well put together. Nice get for Archie.
  4. It is a shame for them, I could see them going on a tear in the tourney if kindly seeded.
  5. This is exciting and a perfect time for a bit of momentum. I will be excited to see Al and Rob play off the ball a bit next season if there is a reclassification. I really think this could help our shooting considerably. We will have a senior, junior, sophomore and a high caliber freshman barring transfer or injury. That's a sweet spot to be in.
  6. Joey has been a pleasure to watch. He may not be the most gifted, but he works his rear off. I think he is a huge factor in the toughness we are starting to see. Oh, and that hair.
  7. I agree, he is putting it all together, Illinois becoming a dangerous team.
  8. I can see D Davis getting some decent run in this game. I would like to see that myself. Here is hoping the big guy can make an impact.
  9. Not sure how hard we actually recruited Ramsey for TT, but he is a man out there. He already has a pro level body, and certainly not scared to take over. Very impressed watching him.
  10. I think we will see Hunter use the glass more than most, he seems to utilize that when he is working that midrange game.
  11. Hate to say it, but I hope Purdue crushes Marquette. I'll take the dirty birds going down for a compromise.
  12. They looked pretty good. Made Iowa look a few steps slow and unathletic. When they had Kriener and Garza pulled away from the basket it looked easy to get into the lane. Should be a fun team to watch this season.
  13. Thanks, been reading a long time. Love hearing what all you good Hoosier fans have to say. Count me in for someone who is looking forward to this era of of ball under Archie.
  14. I watched a few of last seasons games again last night. I feel like we could be better than teams that do not have a prolific guard that can create space. It looked like we were playing some inspired defense toward the end of the Big last year. All while being undersized no less. I can imagine us as a team with a strong interior defense next season. Like DWB, I tend to lean a little on the cautious side with Brunk as well (for the same reason). However I can also see TJD and Smith being window wipers at weak side if it all comes together. To the topic, I agree we should be better than Michigan. I will add Iowa as well for the said reason above.
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