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  1. Thoughts from a long-time reader and first time poster.....I'm from the northeast (NYC) and have a daughter at IU. I also lived minutes from Long Island Lutheran for 20 years so I have some perspective on both St. Johns and LuHi. This kid mentioned that the feeling he gets when he steps on the campus is important to him and he wants to feel like "I could be here". Let me tell you something - nobody feels that way about St. Johns. It's a commuter school in Queens, NY and its not much to look at. Long Island Lutheran, on the other hand, is a beautiful campus in a special setting. I love the feeling I get every time I step on the IU campus and/or walk up Kirkwood towards campus. It's a special place and it feels like college. If this kid really cares about that, I feel like he'll have that feeling the second he visits. He might end up at St Johns because of its proximity to NYC, because of his Puerto Rican heritage and the strong Puerto Rican community in the area but if he's looking for more of a "college" experience in a special setting (like his HS), Archie might have a real good chance of landing him. I think a visit would be a huge influencer here.
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