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  1. Based on what I read (who knows if it's true) the games will be conducted based on "mass gatherings" guidelines of NC. Implies (to me at least) that there will be fans. I'm close enough to go, but not sure I want to put up with the hassle of screening, very sparse crowd, and the high cost of everything Asheville. Not as bad as costs in Maui, but completely different weather in Asheville in Nov....an no beaches, or bikini's to look at ! Think I'll plop down in my TV Chair and mute dumb-a$$ Walton, and listen to Fisch, if he's on.
  2. I thought so too, but I lifted this excerpt from a 9/16 article... The council also modified the minimum and maximum number of games required for NCAA tournament consideration.For the men, there are three scheduling options, including 24 regular season games and up to three games in a multi-team event (MTE) such as Thanksgiving or Christmas tournaments, or 25 regular season games and a maximum of two games in an MTE. The third option is 25 regular season games without participating in an MTE.
  3. I'm not an expert by any means on the ins and outs of offering a kid a scholarship. I guess my question is: Can a coach "officially" rescind an offer before the kid accepts? I imagine "un-officially" the coach can call the kid and tell him, hey...you snooze you loose, and we're full. But can a coach be pro-active and rescind the offer before acceptance? Maybe the kid got into trouble after the offer, or failed a bunch of classes (I know it's hard to do, esp @ UNC) but there could be a number of reasons to rescind an offer. I know about the limits on # of scholly's, but not much on th
  4. Is that a 2nd door down at the end of the side wall? (or a window)
  5. While all the 1st responders at ground zero, and the Pentagon are heroes, the civilians on flight 93 rose up and changed our lives forever.
  6. Haven't found any bugs, but I did notice that if you change the listing options in the upper right corner to include a partial post, along with the headline, the system doesn't show when the last post occurred. But it only happens if you change your screen option to that setting. If you leave it on the default listing, it's fine. Thanx for all you do fellas !
  7. I'm starting to get the "Romeo" feeling. Our expectations are so high on TK, that there is no way he will live up to them, just like Romeo was going to take us from rags to riches. Many people were disappointed with him based on some comments posted here and elsewhere. Totally unrealistic expectations IMO. The kid can play, don't get me wrong, but playing in the B1G is a helluva lot different than playing AAU or HS ball. And against MUCH better competition at all positions. He would no doubt be a great recruit to land, but I hope we don't think he's light years ahead of everybody else.
  8. Not sure where to put this topic, so I guess here is as good as any. Found this today and found a long lost brother to Archie:
  9. Well....since I'm only a couple of years younger than Mile, I've lost my knack for being perfect !! Wait til you're our age.... (And I've been to PSU's campus. Used to live 30 minutes from it. It ranks right up there with PU's. Very plain jane)
  10. Looks like a fantastic location you have! Where we're at...we need an outdoor AC pit, rather than a fire pit. Very, very nice job. Enjoy!
  11. Don't want to rain on your parade Mile, but UNC is #39 on the list. IU @ #15. Whisky is in the bottom 50, and no other B1G school made it. (not that it matters, as the selection criteria was based on "media" reports)
  12. Let me guess...he has "selective" hearing !
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