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  1. So now you're wanting us to throttle back an honest and, lets not forget, a Cival debate about the program we all feel so deeply about? You sound like Jack Dorsey...
  2. 69 and have seen every variation of good, bad, and ugly ball there is since 1970. On the fence with Archie, leaning give him another year.
  3. On a slightly different note of playing the bench more, especially the younger guys, with no fans in the stands to hassle them for the whole game, and lack of crowd noise to rattle them (pumped in crowd noise is different than the real thing), the environment is such where the guys could go out and get some experience, even if it's only 2-3 minutes at a time a couple/three times a game. I'd hate to see our current freshman class get rattled next year when the stands are packed and loud. And they're playing in hostile arenas and trying not to make mistakes. (assumption I know, but possible)
  4. I guess perhaps this ▲ ▲ is the real issue. Does he see it in practice, or is he so obsessed with "getting old" at the expense of getting better? I have no doubt you guys that think Al & Rob are likely high minute guys, will be correct. I just remember a guy nick-named Mc Bob who changed games with his hustle, and heads up play. And...I'm just frustrated that we don't seem to have the attitude that successful teams have. Archie's "even if its broke, don't fix it" behavior is wearing me down to where I'm not going to make my schedule around IU ball anymore. I'll DVR the game and watch it when I can. Sad...really sad. But I gave up golf because I didn't like spending $500/month to be pissed off all the time (my game got worse and worse). IU Bball is rapidly heading in that direction.
  5. After hearing Archie praise Leal and Hunter over the last couple of games, IMO starting them in lieu of Al & Rob would not be a step back. Durham is O-for at the free throw line (almost) in last few games. And STILL walks the ball up the court and dribbles the logo off it. Rob doesn't hustle at half the speed of Galloway. Hunter is playing much better at both ends, but still makes some mistakes, but so does Al & Rob. So I think starting Leal & Hunter would get us off to a better start, and maybe not dig us into the never ending hole we seem to want to establish every game. It's like we have to be down 8-12 pts before we wake up as a team and get serious about playing. BTN ran a re-run of the IU/UK game with the Wat shot last night. If you look at the hustle, pace, and focus that team had compared to this team, it's not even in the same universe.
  6. Anybody wanna bet there WILL be a line up change? (except Armaan coming back for RP) Not me.
  7. Assuming we don't make up MSU game in the next 4 weeks, and looking at the schedule going forward, I would not be surprised if we loose 6 out of the next 7 games, if we continue to play the way we did at home against PU, NE, NW, et al. I (like some of you) have exhausted my patience with Archie's stubbornness of starting the same guys, game in, and game out. (yeah Phinesee started, but only because Armaan was hurt). And severely limiting the minutes of the next "generation". If we're going to lose, (and that appears to be likely) let's get the younger guys some real minutes and experience in starting and dictating the flow of the game from the get go. Sit Lander down, one on one, and tell him to facilitate, not shoot from 3. Play Galloway's game. Hustle, cut, feed TJD and Race, and work your butt off on defense. Add Leal to the mix to compliment Armaan on offense. Leal showed some real grit on D for the past few games in the limited time he was in. God only knows Archie is putting up with a ton of mistakes and no hustle from Durham and Phin, why not afford the younger guys the same consideration. I think they would grow up pretty fast. IMO, one of the responsibilities of a coach is to maximize the strengths, and minimize the weaknesses of your players. It seems to me that Archie is trying to make limited talent guys play a defense that either: (1) they can't comprehend and grasp, or (2) they don't give a damn. And on offense, we're taking shots by guys who can't shoot...at least not consistently. Leal and Armaan are the only 2 that I would consider actual shooters on the team.
  8. The bad news is, the list only gets longer when you get even older. At 69 my list is about 2 pages long. My mind is about 30 years old, but my body is 110. averages out to about 70....
  9. You guys have missed a great candidate which has been under your nose for the whole time. IU connection, seems to know a little about the game, outgoing personality, disciplined. What else could you ask for ? Dan Dakich (maybe I should've posted this in the comic relief thread in CC corner)
  10. You're right, but I would hope that we would be better too. Especially with Armaan back at full tilt.
  11. IMO Williams or Stefvanovich are the 2 guys that will beat you. Put Armaan/Rob on Stef and rotate Race/Geronimo/TJD on Williams and don't let him get the ball in the first place!
  12. Agree with Seeking6 above about moving Trayce up higher in the post, but I also would like the defense to quit switching on the high ball screen from a guard to the 5 (Trayce or Race). Neither of them can stay with a quick guard at the top of the key. We must have lost 10 points a game, at least, in the last 2-3 games because of that switch rule that CAM has in place.
  13. You guys might be right, but I would be AMAZED if he was chewing tobacco. I'd be more acceptable of a wad of gum then chaw.
  14. We've got 2 local chicken places here in SC that are beyond excellent. "Little Howies" does home made fried chicken, mashed taters and gravy, plus tenders, etc. Always piping hot and great tasting. 2nd outfit is "The Wing Place". Have about 6 different sauces they cook them in, and every order is made custom, including the fries. So they're nice and hot. We frequent both.
  15. My wife would never let me build one of those stove toppers. She'd be convinced it would burn the house down, being made out of wood (even though it's 2" above the burners with the gas off)
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