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  1. M.A.S.H. JAG Last Man Standing (love this show)
  2. While I think it could happen this year, that's probably not realistic on my part. No doubt I and probably most people want it to happen this year. But realistically next year is when we could make a huge leap forward. Kind of like development of freshman to jr's. (or so they say). I listened to Rabjohn's interview with the HH guys. He probably has seen more HS and D1 basketball than all of us combined, AND he has gotten to see it thru being taught by coaches, rather than just fans. He had some incredible insights that coaches shared with him in recruiting players.
  3. Wouldn't be nice to see all the guys play with the intensity that McBob had? We'd be a real force to contend with.
  4. I would have to say the majority of the players are his team. They appear to have "bought in". There is one exception that comes to my mind, but I'll let that be. But even though I want outstanding play night in and night out, it's unlikely that we'll get that on a consistent basis. We'll have flashes of brilliance, and we'll probably have some WTF's... I suspect we're all anxious as hell to get a team that can, and does compete with anybody. And by the end of the year, we may become that team. Dominating another Top 25 team is unrealistic IMO, even though I want it so bad I can taste it.
  5. It is. The HH guys did an interview with Sage Steel, and I'm reasonably sure this is the result of it. Frankly, I couldn't care less, but for some it might be an attraction. I'm going to see Laz, Leach, Newton, Moye, and several others who will be in attendance. Tickets are required for the event.
  6. You might be right, but they did score 72 points on us. But since Devonte & Rob didn't play, I'll give them an extra 7. Rob certainly would have put some more pressure on Howard. 🤩
  7. Read the Milw press article and viewed the Marquette version of video highlights. Couple of things: Our defense is a long way from where it needs to be. Too many easy buckets for them without being contested. Surprised that Brunk and Smith got beat several times. Might not be their fault, due to poor help defense, but still... We lost the scrimmage on a last few seconds 4 point play, which means to me, somebody fouled a 3 point shooter at the end. The MU guy was 6-8, so I assume (maybe not correctly) it was one of our forwards. If we can improve our defense (and I think we will) and continue to work on CAM's version of motion offense, we should be pretty good.
  8. Curious as to why TJD only played 17 minutes. But got 11 pts which is good, but only 1 rebound. (guess you had to be there to explain that one) Joey & AL had decent lines, and Joey got 7 rebounds in 20 minutes. Keep it up and it's an easy double-double, if he plays a few more minutes. Race looked like he was a force on defense, but offense hasn't come around yet... Armaan was a great surprise. Best production, shot 40% from 3 pt, but had 7 fouls. That'll get fixed quick. Smith with major minutes and minor rebounds. Great to see how productive we are without our 2 best guards. Has to be a real confidence builder for Armaan.
  9. Read the recap on MSU vs Zags. tough to tell if MSU was more interested in trying different line ups, and not worry about the score, or if they were playing to win. I would think Izzo used the opportunity to identify weaknesses, and rotations. Like you, I hope we have a fly on the wall at the MU scrimmage to report back to us. Be nice to have some context on the X's & O's, as well as rotations and groups that Archie is trying. Looks like good weather for Garcia's visit. Campus should be very appealing.
  10. I know of a few people from another board who said they are going, as am I. Evidently, it's almost "sold out" according to their twitter feed.
  11. I have no doubt Smith is "putting in the time". And I think he's a really nice kid. He's well spoken, obviously has athletic talent, and is (supposedly) smart. But he has never won the golden jersey that I've seen over the past 2 years. RP was hurt last year, and I wouldn't expect a newbie to win it in the first place (which puts that much more emphasis on TJD's winning it). Devonte is nursing some kind of injury now, since he didn't play in HH, and Al was inconsistent last year with his shooting. He's making strides I'm sure, but he doesn't appear to be head and shoulders above the rest in performance. I know it sounds like I'm dumping on Smith, but not as a person...but there are a ton of people here, and elsewhere, who think he'll be the next super star for us, and I just don't see it. When I see it, I'll sing his praises to the heavens, and you can all rain down on me all you want. But I don't think he's motivated to play at the same intensity that we saw with McBob, Devonte, Vic, Cody and others. I'd LOVE for Smith to excel. There's just no evidence to date that he is. Hopefully that will change.
  12. And not to rock the boat...but for all of you Smith fans who think he's gonna leap tall buildings in a single bound, where is he? He's supposed to be making this great leap forward in his play. So far he's been beaten out by a freshman, and a transfer who averaged something like 7 points and 3 rebounds in his first 2 years of D1 BBall. Sure would be nice to know the rankings of the players for the golden jersey. Hope Archie posts them on the bulletin board at least.
  13. I remember reading an article on Archie who said it was based on performance (stats) in practice. And I don't think it was just scoring, it was on a number of metrics, including....wait for it....deflections. I hope one of the metrics is how many screens you set!
  14. I, and assume others, would like to hear which Podcasts on IUBB that you like. I don't want to disparage any of them, but obviously some are better than others. And we all have our legitimate opinions. Personally, I don't know of that many, and would appreciate input from all of you to hone in on those you like. I have listened to Hoosier Hysterics guys, Assembly Call, and Hoosier Sound in the past. (I don't count radio shows other than Archie's). I try not to miss the Hoosier Hysterics guys. Any others I should be listening to regularly? Thanx.
  15. If Brunk and DeRon are "inter-changable" that would be a great thing! (meaning no drop off in production) I'm just speculating, like everyone else until the season starts. Kinda fun to see all the different opinions.
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