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    FYI... Fox is presenting a star studded "at home concert" Sunday night @ 9 pm on all of their channels/platforms to help raise money to combat the Corona Virus. List of recording artists is long and impressive. Elton John hosts. Might beat watching re-runs.
  2. DWB


    You may, and probably are correct that there are cases of the virus near me. But there are NO deaths. As of this morning the US has only endured 80 deaths nationwide, and 25+ are from the nursing home in Washington state. My point was that while the reported number of cases will undoubtedly increase with increased testing, that does not automatically translate into a sudden rise in deaths. I'm upset that the media, both print and video in a large proportion automatically ASSUME that if you get the Corona virus, you're either dead, or going into ICU. I don't believe that will be the case at all. High risk people will likely require some form of intense care, but for the vast majority of Americans, we'll be no worse off than the seasonal flu. And now there is a generic drug that shows real promise for therapeutic treatment of the virus...quickly.
  3. DWB


    Do you happen to know if the procedure will be performed from the front of the hip, or the side or rear? If your Surgeon is using the "frontal" procedure, you should be back to normal in 3-4 weeks. If they replace it from the side or rear, you're looking at 6-10 weeks. I had mine done 2 years ago, and was ready to start swinging the golf club in a little over 3 weeks. But you have to the PT !! Good luck. I bet they don't cancel it. You're early in the curve of hospital demand, unless you're in NYC, Frisco, Washington or Chgo.
  4. DWB


    Let me premise this post by saying that the virus is a significant situation. However, I believe that the vast majority of people who actually contract it, will recover from it completely. Only people with OTHER underlying conditions (respiratory, COPD, compromised immune systems, etc) are at high risk. And they should take significant precautions, as should their inner circle of friends and family to protect them. But some in the media is are making this sound like an automatic death sentence. It is overblown from a "death standpoint". We lose 30-60,000 people a year to the flu. I'll wager that we don't come anywhere near that death toll with the Coronavirus. Certainly the instances of contracting the virus will go up significantly with more testing, but the rate of deaths will not ramp up at the same rate as the instances of positive tests IMO and in the opinion of the task force. Dr Birx of the task force suggested that the death rate could be far short of 1%. I support the short term (15 day) recommendations made by the task force today. Short term pain for long term gain. And the more decisions made at the local level the better. (like individual cities/counties rather than state or national mandates) Where I live in SC, we have almost no cases of the virus, and the few that we do have are far away. Why should restaurants be closed here, when there are no problems at all? Let that call be made at the local level. Fox News Flash Published 5 hours ago Cruise passenger infected with coronavirus: 'I never showed any symptoms at all'
  5. Doesn't mean I can't be paranoid
  6. Now I'm getting paranoid that Lander isn't going to reclassify...
  7. DWB


    My take based on the actual math... I listened to both press conferences given by the virus task force yesterday and today. Dr Birx said on both occasions that our trend line was starting to look a lot like S Korea's in terms of testing results, and efforts to contain it. Today she put some actual numbers to that statement. Of the people tested in S Korea, 94%+ tested NEGATIVE for the Corona Virus. While those people had respiratory issues, and other symptoms, they did NOT have Corona Virus. Of the people that did test positive for the virus, the vast majority of them have, or are getting better. So...if only 6% of the people tested are positive for the virus, and most (say 75%-90%) recover fully, that means 1% to 1½% require additional care, hospitalization, or (God forbid) die. When the US ramps up the testing, we will no doubt see a bunch more cases. But the mortality rate may in fact be less than that experienced by S Korea. Dr Birx suggested that our mortality rate would be 1% or LESS. (and this is based on the # of cases, not based on the 350M population of the US, like the Flu mortality rate) This is WAY over blown in the media (surprise, surprise as Gomer Pile would say). Sure the uncertainty is disconcerting, but we've gone bat$hit crazy over this. Yes, we should take precautions, be aware of the people we are around, and not expose anybody else if we have symptoms of any kind (and that includes the Flu as well). That's just good, prudent behavior. I just hope there comes a time when we can sound the "all clear" horn and get back to normal in the next couple of months.
  8. Since we all have another month or so to think about stuff, instead of watching a great tournament, thought it would be nice to get everybody's take on the things that players (and coaches) should work on during the off season. Sort of a game plan for the summer, knowing who we're losing, who we're gaining and the strengths and weaknesses needing to be addressed to make this the best team possible. Don't want to this to be a report card kind of thread on each player, but rather constructive insights. My first priority is for TJD: Do a Larry Bird and tie your dominant hand behind your back this summer and learn to play right handed, so that you can go either way attacking the basket. Adding a mid range jumper is secondary from my perspective with the team mates you'll have around you. You need to keep attacking the bucket. Second for Armaan: Love you man, but get a shot doctor and become a "dead-eye" shooter from 3 pt range. Third for Race: Wish everyone had the work ethic you do. Would like for Race to work on his offensive moves around the bucket to compliment TJD. For the Freshman: Listen to your team mates this summer, and learn as much as you can about the Pack Line Defense. That will get you the most minutes, the fastest with Archie. For the team as a whole: Learn how to use screens effectively, and "rub-off" your defender on the screener. Driving the ball 4 feet away from the screener negates the screen completely. That's my starting point.
  9. Agreed, but I would add that I think TJD has a natural instinct to lead. And I think he will next year, as it might be his last (hope not). He & Rob will likely see the most minutes, so it would make sense those two should lead, with or without, the official captain's title.
  10. For those of you who don't watch the markets that closely, refined gasoline prices have plummeted in conjunction with the oil price. Yesterday, the wholesale price of gas was $0.90 a gallon, and closed at $0.92. After taxes and delivery you should see prices in the next couple of weeks between $1.40-2.00 except in Lala land in CA, where it will still be $4/gallon. (at least for a short while)
  11. If you're planning a long trip, use Gas Buddy instead of Google maps, and the Gas Buddy app will not only give you the route, but tell you where to fill up along the way, with the cheapest gas available. I used to travel a bunch on the road, and the app would save me 10-15 cents a gallon on every fill up, due to finding the stations with the lowest price. Using our Kroger points yesterday, we filled up both vehicles for 89.9 cents /gallon.
  12. Didn't San Diego state get beat during the regular season once? I know they got beat in their conf tournament, but I thought (maybe incorrectly) they also got beat during the regular season.
  13. Smacks of a pure money grab, and to hell with the rest of the potential field, even though it was "likely" there could have been 2-3 "Cinderella's" this year. The field was so close in talent and quality play, that for the first time in a long time, literally anybody could win it all. Stupidist idea ever, and I think Gavitt usually does some pretty good things, but certainly not this time. I'd like Lafonso Ellis to go to the schools who are ranked 17-64 and see how the players feel about 16 teams. (Dumb-ass)
  14. Longest winning game thread all season !!
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