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  1. One year when I lived in Minnesota, my neighbor and I went hunting on our land Thanksgiving morning. Got 2 pheasants, 3 rabbits, and I think he got a quail or another type of bird. Told the wife not to cook the turkey, because we were going to play Pilgrim, and have a wild game Thanksgiving. It was good!
  2. For those of you who would like a good film session, check out Coach Tony Adranga analysis of the TN Tech game.
  3. You could very well be right. But IL looked more impressive to me than Wisky last night. If you can control Davidson, I think you've taken away their wild card.
  4. I think IL could be the team to beat in the B1G this year. Lots of experience, good shooters. 800# Gorrilla in Cockburn. If you can limit him to < 20 pts, and contain the guards you've got a chance. I'm not convinced our guard defense is all that great, except for Phin.
  5. Illinois won big, but they played a team that only had 2 practices in 47 days !! And it was not a run away until the 2nd half, when other team ran out of gas and went cold. No doubt IL is good. We'll have our hands full, but Iowa looked beatable even though ranked 5th. MSU looks out of sync. If we can correct some of the defensive issues, FT, and improve 3 pt, we should be right there in the end.
  6. Just watched the game for a 2nd time this morning. Some observations: Only Rob & Trayce consistently blocked out their man on defensive rebounds. Usually on 2 guys went for the rebound, instead of 3-4. Rob continues to show really good on-ball defense. In the first half I saw more screens set, than all of last year. Ball movement was much improved, especially by the Freshman and Al. Didn't appear to be any communication for an oncoming ball screen to our defender We got a lot of open looks, just couldn't hit them. Freshman seemed "nervous quick" on th
  7. I'm curious...how do you intend to influence the majority of the fan base to put pressure on Archie, when you appear to be having a very difficult time convincing a few guys on a message board?
  8. I can't count the number of different line-ups that were on the floor last night. Must have been 15-20. That won't likely happen again all season. (not a complaint, just an observation) It was a chance for CAM to confirm/evaluate the guys in a real game vs practice. I project we're gonna be pretty darn good. Maybe not next week, but come conf time. Rotations will be more in line with talent, defensive lapses will be shored up, and some of the freshman will get more comfortable. Barring injury....Rob & Jerome will be terrific, along with Trayce.
  9. I think will see alot more minutes by the veterans of the team, and not nearly as much from the freshman, except for Galloway.
  10. I loved Galloway's motor, hustle, and court awareness. (Might have another McBob on our hands, only with more talent) Loved Rob's shooting improvement. Hit 3 straight 3's at one point. Never did that last year. Lander was a good facilitator. I liked Hunter's improvement from last year. He was better defensively. Tons of rust for the offense. I think a lot of that will get shaken off next week for the "Maui Classic". We took pretty good shots for the most part. A nice change from last year, when we would force up a bad shot at the end of the shot clock. Pace of play was much bett
  11. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you here at HSN !
  12. Little more progress today. Got all the rafters cut and installed. Yipee !
  13. No...I had already thought about doing a lean-to a year or so ago. Just never got around to it. Had a hip replacement a couple of months ago, so I'm now getting back into the swing of things on a normal basis. Plus, I'm older than dirt, so it takes me a while to do most anything you young pups can do. And I don't have any helpers at all. And then you have our family heritage...We take a 10 minute job and turn it into 4 days! Finished up the beam today between the posts (it was only ½ assembled), caulked the ledger board, laid out the rafter placement and then started to figure roof p
  14. Started a new project on Saturday. Decided to put a lean-to on the back side of my 2nd garage to store some implements and an utility trailer. 24' x 16' with 11' high roof. Here's what I've got done since Saturday (I know....I'm slow...and old !)
  15. And Bluegrass told me my Avatar looks funny, and take my opinions elsewhere. I just came from elsewhere ! (he was kidding...I think) lol
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