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  1. Watching Iowa vs Wisky. I swear Garza could pull out a 9 mm pistol, shoot Reevers in the head, and the refs would call Reevers for a block.
  2. Hope you're right, but if there is no punishment from Turgeon, then I will respectfully disagree. Actions should have consequences. Edit: good or bad. Goes both ways. And it should probably handled confidentially by MD, and not made public, other than to acknowledge action was taken.
  3. Just reviewed the box score. We won essentially every statistical category except they made 2 more 3 pointers than we did. We had a better FT%, better 3 pt%, 22 assists on 30 field goals (amazing), they made 4 more free throws, but a lower % than us. We played hard, and had a good chance to win the game, but we missed the shot. But that wasn't the reason we lost IMO. I've never seen anybody shoot lights out to the extent that MD did at the start of the game. And we could have (and have in the past) folded our tent, and given up. But the guys fought back, and made it a really competitive game. MD is a pretty good team. I'm more optimistic about the long term direction Archie has us on at this point, than any time in the past 3 years. And I don't think we're done quite yet. I don't expect us to "win out", but I'd be surprised if we weren't competitive any other games. Go Hoosiers!
  4. Oh, I understand what you pointed out about the post. No argument there, I just wanted to point out that even the media like CNN prefers to scrape up the crap at the bottom of the barrel first, rather than showing a modicum of respect for someone who died tragically. That was the clASS act I was referring to.
  5. His past transgressions was the lead in on the announcement of his death on CNN. Real clASS act
  6. I would agree with you 100% IF he actually did this on his own initiative. We all make mistakes. But when you're forced to apologize, it's not an apology, it's a CYA from a coaching standpoint.
  7. I'm not buying Jalen Smith's apology quite yet. He was FAR too animated, for far too long, for it not to be sincere trash talk, not to mention totally unsportsmanlike from my vantage point. I don't have a problem with him "bragging, or taunting a little" but this was over the top in my book. I hope we get them in the B1G Tourney and go right at him, and put his loud mouth on the bench in foul trouble in the first 2 minutes. He's a good player, but he doesn't have to be a jerk at the same time. Edit: And I totally agree that Smith did NOT write that apology but a PR person did.
  8. Agreed. And let's keep the "heat checks" short, like 2-3 minutes at a time, both offense and defense "heat checks".
  9. I'm not worried about our energy in front of AH crowd. If you're not pumped with that crowd, you're on your death bed. My worry is loosing our shooting momentum, especially if we settle for 3 pt shots, instead of working inside out.
  10. Just looked at the NCAA bracket projections (by Andy Katz no less) and he has 11 B1G teams in the dance. Has us at a 10 seed in the south, OSU only 2 spots on the overall ranking below us. He also put us in the first 2 round bracket with Duke, Marquette, and a cupcake for Duke. Based on my somewhat limited analysis, he has Dumb-tucky set up for a cake walk thru their regional bracket to the Final Four. I'll believe it, when I see it. Not a big fan of Katz.
  11. Crowd for Maryland should really be amp'd up for tomorrow. I watched several games in the last few days, and NOBODY came remotely close to the noise level at AH. Hinkle was energetic, OSU was decent, but not great (also had a fair amount of empty seats), Mackey was good, probably the 2nd best noise level I've heard in recent weeks. MN can be good, but usually on par with OSU. But...the Carnegie Hall of Basketball was rockin !! Those of you who get to go to the games, or have been to B1G games already know all this, but for those of us out here in the "hinter-lands" it's almost emotional how much the fans get up and cheer for the team. "In 49 states, it's Basketball. Then there is Indiana"
  12. There's been something wrong with the rankings all year, or all decade for that matter. I guess rankings just don't mean anything to me anymore, especially this year. Except for maybe, the one at the end of the year. I kind of hope we stay under the ranking radar. Teams don't take us near as seriously. I'm more interested in how well a team, and ours, plays with effort, efficiency, execution. Are we able to be competitive with anybody? That's my "ranking". But that's just me.
  13. Would love to be a fly on the wall inside Kaufman's head about now. "How could you NOT want to be part of this excitement, and be a major part of the team"? Then there is the beauty of the campus, close to home, and a really good education to boot. Not to mention the female persuasion.
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