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  1. Remember guys, the IU Twitter feed has to be manned by a complete neophite. Whoever it is doesn't have the access or "authority" or skills, or permission to post what many of us would like to see. There must be a severe filter imposed by someone on what can and cannot be posted. (and probably for good reason, but I think it's been restricted too much IMO) With the Cuban media center, the SID, and countless others, there should be a steady stream of clips, PR's, status updates. But there aren't. I seriously doubt if the IU Twitter guy is in the weight room taking all those clips to post. I suspect he's getting them from one of the players, or CM's staff.
  2. I put my indv team hatred aside during the tournament, and root for the B1G teams. We've already lost 1 in Rutgers. Would like to see a 6-8 in the S-16 if the match-ups allow.
  3. Hey Reacher...you should consider changing your avatar photo to the real Reacher character now shown on Amazon video. He's a stud! (unlike your 4'8" wanna be Reacher-lol)
  4. For all you guys frustrated with the talking heads, tune in to WQRK for Fisch. www.wqrk.com/listen-live/
  5. And let's not forget our 2 best bench players were out with injuries for ½ the season...
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think Crean ever played college ball, not even sure about HS ball either...
  7. I would assume so, but I'm hoping for a "block party" on our defensive end.
  8. I was thinking more of the "wood shed", but yours works good too !
  9. PS has been plagued for the past several games. Having a hard time understanding why Leal hasn't had any playing time. His defense is at least as good as PS, and if he hits 33% from 3, that's 33% more than PS has hit over the last few games. But I'm not there to see him practice either. Just my 2¢
  10. Let X put pressure on him down to the FT line, then Race takes over, with TJD waiting to knock it into the 4th row... Works for me !!
  11. It's a lot easier to do with no one running at you and threatening to hit you in your berries.... Knight always said putting up shots without pressure is useless.
  12. I just watched the highlights provided. Boise State isn't in the same universe with us on their defense. I realize it's only 1 game, but jeez.... WY got a fair amt of points on feeding the post and having cutters come thru the lane. Only 2 guys shoot the 3 consistently, Mulanaldo being the main one. I think we'll shut down the cutters no problem. Not sure about the 3's. Race should be on Ike. Similar body and toughness and let TJD be 2nd off the floor, and get 6 blocks. I don't think they can defend X, or Rob, or Bates off the bounce. TJD should get 6-8 dunks in this game. Maybe more.
  13. I just read the last 3 pages of this Dan Dakich thread...er...I mean IN beats Illinois thread. Can we give the DD thing a rest please. Some of us would actually like to revel in the IU win on this thread. Thanx!
  14. True, LD isn't a wing, but the game I'm thinking of it was "clean up time". 52 seconds left or something like that. Childress played, Logan sat. Happened more than once.
  15. Just my own 2¢ here, but I think Logan is gone (walk-on (Childress) played in front of him). I think Kristan will move on (mixed emotions about that one). Bates leaving would be disappointing, but I wouldn't be surprised due to lack of playing time in his mind (read starting and major minutes), Durr, maybe TJD, maybe Race, Stewart, Kopp, no comment on the rest.
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