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  1. They're shooting lites out early. Reversion to the mean will happen.
  2. A loss today does a couple of negative things: It kills the intensity of "not losing at home" Makes it really difficult to keep climbing the ladder in the conf to compete for the B1G title. Both of these are major goals for CMW, that he has said publicly many times. I gotta believe the guys will be ready to play, esp with the home crowd.
  3. I'd love to see a blow-out. Even a modest blow-out. (I know, it won't happen, but it would still be nice to see) Would like to see what this team can do hitting on ALL cylinders.
  4. I cannot imagine ANY scenario where I would pick ice fishing over anything, much less IU basketball even during Crean's first year...lol Set up a chair in your living room, open a couple of windows, put a bucket of water with a couple of gold fish on the floor, and you can pretend to fish while watching IU. (lol)
  5. I agree with most of this. Bates is mature enough, I just think he tries a little too hard. If CMW can instill some patience in his game, (have his game slow down a little) I think he could be superman. TG is my favorite on the team. He's a leader by example, not by words. Race & Trace are the rocks and will continue to be for this team. Geronimo is still raw, but getting better. A little too inconsistent yet. But he's playing harder, and getting better. And then there's Rob....if PUke was a real "coming out party" for him, and he can play with that intensity from here on out, he could be a big difference maker. (notice I didn't say "score like that"). IMO we still have a LOT of room for growth, but we certainly aren't stagnant anymore. Love these Hoosiers !
  6. No doubt CMW has a plan, and knows way more than some of us (incl me). But I'm frustrated that we seem to always start slow, dig ourselves into a hole because Kopp & Stewart are not excellent 2 way players and often get beat on defense. Then the calvary has to come in off the bench and save the day. However, I have to give credit to Kopp for a great defensive game against PUke. He did a number on Stefanovich. But was a goose egg on the stat sheet. I'll still take Galloway over Kopp or Stewart as a starter. More energy, moves the ball better, plays good D, and has active hands. Maybe we wouldn't start out slow as we have for many games. But if CMW ways keep us winning....I can live with that.
  7. Thank you that insight Capt Obvious.
  8. That means it's Fisch time, I don't care if it's not sync'd. The crowd will be huge.
  9. I'd like to hear Laz & Kitchel again. Thought they were really good as a broadcast team.
  10. Personally, I'd like to see us try to deny Ivey even touching the ball. Obviously, not possible, but a good defender can make the number of touches go way down. I've seen this team do this already this year on a couple of different players. Didn't do it all game, but for stretches of time it can work.
  11. IIRC the surgery was on his NON-shooting hand. I saw a recent scar on his left wrist in the NKY game
  12. Offense is starting to come around, but not with the 2nd unit. Way too many turnovers by the 2nd unit. Tamar, Jordan, esp.
  13. And decent defense. Has been keeping his guy in front of him, and making good switches. He'll be really good if he keeps progressing. Needs for a shot or 2 to go down.
  14. I agree. I doubt the tech is the reason. Parker was protecting a team mate, just as Woody went to bat for X after the booing in the ND game. Gotta be something else. Maybe he's not feeling up to snuff. Although Woody did say everyone was healthy in the pregame show. Water under the bridge at this point.
  15. Hope that by starting Anthony, he has the same green light that Parker has. He passed up several shots in the ND game.
  16. The good news is that the Minny game won't run over into our time @ 7.
  17. Leal will start tonite according to Woody. Glad to see it. He works hard and is as loyal as they come.
  18. I sure hope he decides to stay. With all the turmoil in his life, the hard work he's put in, it would be a shame to give it all up after only 1 year IMO.
  19. And far more than they would be paid in the private sector. But then again....the private sector wouldn't have even thought about this B.S.
  20. In the 2-3 games I watched of Cuse, they have a tendency to move the zone out toward the top of the key, especially if the ball reverses alot. I saw multiple possessions where the back line of the zone was at the free throw line, so behind the zone should become a killing field.
  21. I've watched 2-3 Cuse games this year. Surprisingly, the weakest part of their zone is behind it. If you move the ball side to side and let them press you a little further out, the entire backside is exposed for a screen and a dunk. I saw multiple (and I mean a LOT) of times their zone back line was above the free throw line! But they pressure the ball pretty well from the front of the zone, almost like man coverage. But I gotta think Woody will have this figured out in a couple of possessions. Go Hoosiers !
  22. Impressive game. Both teams are FF capable and likely. Hope Woody shows video to the team how Duke brings the ball up court. That's what we need. We could get 4-5 more buckets a game I bet. Just have to make sure we don't make impossible passes in transition. We're not good enough yet to thread the needle like Zags and Dukies. Man those guys make good cuts.
  23. Looks like the Turkey is giving him a lap dance.... (the turkey in white)
  24. I'm thankful to be alive. With all of my health problems (runs in the family) I never thought I'd see 70. Well....today is the day. I made it. Now....on to more enjoying IU BBall and time I have left (hopefully another 10-15 years).
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