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  1. GaloisGroupe

    Marquette at Indiana Game Thread

    I was afraid to believe it before tonight... but now I am starting to believe
  2. GaloisGroupe

    Marquette at Indiana Game Thread

    Wow... nice
  3. GaloisGroupe

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I do not know what the "incident" is with KB, but if it was a mistake and not a pattern, I am not worried. Everybody makes a mistake. I am all for landing KB. If we land TJD, KB, and Newman, the road trip for our Indiana recruits (for the 2018 and 2019 classes) would be: Google maps of IU recruits. That would be ridiculous! (I am not favoring Newman over Franklin per se, just this is an optimal geographic coverage.)
  4. GaloisGroupe

    IU hosts Marquette in 2018-19

    Not really. I probably consider about 10-15% of Division I teams "fairly prestigious."
  5. GaloisGroupe

    IU hosts Marquette in 2018-19

    I am happy to play Marquette. I consider them a fairly prestigious basketball school. I am not sure why others do not.
  6. GaloisGroupe

    "Who do you wish......"?

    This is completely hearsay, so if others think this is false please correct me. What I heard was that Skiles liked "puff the magic dragon" and that Knight was not OK with it. I don't want to start false rumors and I am not particularly close to the situation, so correct me if I am wrong and delete this post. He was one heck of a player though.
  7. GaloisGroupe

    18-19 Lineup(just for fun)

    Wow! That is a student athlete. I am glad to see he had success in life.
  8. GaloisGroupe


    +1 He definitely earned it. I hope it was offered to him.
  9. GaloisGroupe

    Trayce Jackson-Davis Commits to IU

    I hope that is true!
  10. GaloisGroupe

    Tyrell Terry Commits to Stanford

    Averaging almost 6 assists a game... I like pass first PGs
  11. GaloisGroupe

    18-19 Lineup(just for fun)

    My two cents: I think McRoberts can start on a very good team, not national championship, but good. Role players are important, especially ones that throw themselves into their role. If you have a real offensive scheme, not everyone has to be a star on offense (you need more than we had last year...) I remember there was a guy named Sloan on the '88-'89 team and he either started (or just played a lot) and I barely remember him taking shot. He spent all of his time setting picks on offense. If this team performs like that '88-'89 team, I will be a little more than satisfied.
  12. GaloisGroupe

    Romeo's highest scoring game will be?

    45 and we finally beat Fort Wayne
  13. GaloisGroupe

    Romeo Langford

    Wagner was really good in the tournament. Not clear to me that either Romeo or Morgan will have that level of an impact individually in the tournament. It sure would be cool if we could do a Michigan-like run next year...
  14. GaloisGroupe

    Romeo Langford

    Thanks. I have been lurking since I found this site last week (someone mentioned it on the Rivals site). I had wondered what had happened to all of the good posters over the last year.
  15. GaloisGroupe

    Romeo Langford

    We made it to 500,000 views... nice.