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  1. There is no off season for Montana State.
  2. Coach Williams was not lying about the "other than Duke" crowds in the Dean Dome. I have been to games Assembly Hall against low Division I teams that were louder than any non-Duke crowds I have heard at the Dean Dome. Assembly Hall Rocks.
  3. But, you can slap comedians in LA
  4. +1 I agree with this I go to other teams boards all the time and even post occasionally. Some of the boards have interesting discussions and are friendly to outsiders. I do not generally go to the PU sites though. Every time I have, I find it at the limit of readable. This reminds me: Thanks mods for keep this board (mostly) readable.
  5. +1 We should not hope that anyone on this team leaves.
  6. +1 Slightly better play and/or better depth and we could easily have won 6-10 more games: 'Cuse - embarrassing we lost with last year's team @ Wisc - blew the game down the stretch @ PSU - slightly better play @ Iowa - better depth @ NW - better depth and we overcome the loss of those missing Wisc - better play and better depth @ OSU - slightly better play RU - slightly better play @ PU - slightly better depth to close it out Iowa in BTT - slightly better play and depth... Even 6 more wins and things look very differently.
  7. I do not buy the Kopp transferring theory. Unless he can get a waiver, he would have to sit out a year. What would his waiver reason be: "It would be psychology damaging to only play 18-20 minutes a game."?
  8. I disagree with this; at least for the near future. Reasons: With the free COVID year, there are really 5 classes for 4 years. Roughly estimating, that is 1.25 times the usual number of available players - there are going to be more quality players out there for everyone. With NIL, there will be more players who do not turn pro early - same thing. With the portal, a mid-major should be able to snag underperforming players (e.g., Lander) from high majors Everything just changes the game. Those who are in front of it for the next 4-5 years will be big winners (both at the mid and high major). Those who react slowly will slide.
  9. Are you saying that the Pully-Lausanne and Geneva players make $300 per month OR that players based in Iceland make $300 per month. $300 is basically one meal for 4 in a decent restaurant in Switzerland.
  10. The other site is saying it comes down to availability of a roster spot.
  11. 10 minutes a game would be an amazing success for his first year and means he is coming in ready to play.
  12. I would not make a big deal out of it. We had several players transfer out (including Durr who transferred in). UT has a pretty good class coming in, probably just a question of minutes available.
  13. If it is TJD leaving, RTZ needs to work on his red and white dots and googly eye usage 🤣!
  14. The dots (🔴 ⚪) and the googly eyes (👀) usually means someone committing. I the money - maybe NIL deal bringing TJD back?
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