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  1. Pineapple? All pizzas should be margherita...
  2. TJD Race Armaan honorable mentions: RP, Romeo wasn't Race his first commit? (Aside from recommitments) if so, I think we see the kind of toughness that CAM wants.
  3. If it is coming down to facilities and the town, we are in good shape here. I have lived in Bloomington and been to College Park many times... the coaches at UMCP will have to be very creative in their routes if they do not want College Park to seem like a dump... I assume they have upgraded facilities since being integrated into the B1G. If academics, they are both very good schools.
  4. I believed in him while he was here and I believe in him now that he is at LofC... GOOD LUCK Demezi - I know it will slow down for you soon! I was still holding out hope that he would return.
  5. From my perspective (not anything remotely approaching an expert in evaluation), Justin mostly needs good handles. I think if he fully controlled the ball with either hand on the drive and could knock down a 15-20 ft shot consistently he would be an elite player...
  6. I live in Cincinnati 😉. This was a selfish proposition! There are a fair number of IU fans in the area. And we are starting to recruit the area.
  7. Having grown up outside of Indiana, I can assure you that Hoosier fan of a parent can make you quite the IU fan... This could be serious
  8. +1 There are currently almost 700 clinical trials submitted for COVID 19 (and more every day). Some of these are to stop viral reproduction others to treat symptoms like ARDS. Obviously, not all of them will be successful, but many of them will.
  9. I remember it exactly the same way - I was so sure VJ would throw up a bad shot in traffic without even looking at his teammates. I was very happy to be wrong :)!
  10. I am all for expanding into Cincinnati.
  11. His eyes are still on the rim in that picture!
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