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  1. yeah, we should stick to our strong suit on this board... overreacting after every loss!
  2. The way he shut down Garza... I had flashbacks of Moye.
  3. I thought the way Geronimo came in with the tough assignment of stopping one of the best in the country was amazing. Rob had a night as well - looks good and thank goodness we have one guy who hits foul shots - Al
  4. No. As mentioned in the post, I am saying that hiring either of those coaches would be projecting that they would do MUCH better at IU.
  5. I agree that a good record in the B1G is more impressive than in the A10, but it is still a projection that they would do MUCH better at IU. Pikiell and Collins - have a combined 2+1=3 NCAA appearances (+1 for Rutgers last year) between them in combined 20+ seasons of coaching and 2 winning records in the B1G between them (NW in 2016-17 at 10-8 and RU in 2019-2020 at 11-9) over 11 combined seasons.
  6. Different conference, but the same basic logic: if (insert coach's name here) can do (insert accomplishment level here) at (insert perceived inferior program here), then imagine what they can do at IU. I still believe in the Archie hire. If the administration is firing CAM for coaches based on projections, then I have a long and miserable decade as an IU fan ahead of me. If IU is bowing to fan pressure and firing CAM now, they better show-the-money and hire someone who will land star recruits and win immediately (Donavan, or Stephens). It better be an absolute slam dunk hire.
  7. Here are his last three years at Houston (according to Wikipedia): 2017–18 Houston 27–8 14–4 T–2nd NCAA Division I Round of 32 2018–19 Houston 33–4 16–2 1st NCAA Division I Sweet 16 2019–20 Houston 23–8 13–5 T-1st NCAA Division I Canceled* And this season they are 11-1 overall and 6-1 in the AAC and ranked 11. Edit NOTE: he did not ma
  8. I am not sure if there is a more subtle meaning here, but I think they do get close to this amount of playing time more or less: Mpg Galloway: 23.1 Leal: 14.1 Lander: 7.6 Geronimo: 6.4
  9. I agree would be great... but I do not have a lot hope given the lack of chatter here. If he was going to commit to IU, I think someone would be talking about it. Edit: On the UCONN board (boneyard), they think he is leaving because they have too many big men recruits. Unfortunately, this would not be a problem here. Additional: From the Texas A&M board, sounds like them... and we were not in the running.
  10. Texas is huge - they will have a lot people good at almost anything...
  11. They have not beaten a team with a pulse yet...
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