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  1. For anyone who follows the Pacers better than I do, what does Calbert do there?
  2. I know we have moved on to new things, but having Dane Fife on staff at IU is still awesome. That is all.
  3. I thought they had reached out "pre-emptively"... I guess we will find out.
  4. Total 2021 Transfers To Date: 1268 That is like 3 players per team...
  5. Probably... but maybe they could be instant fast-break...
  6. I guess this is where we will find out how good our new player development is. If we can just turn one of those into a quality 3 point shooter...
  7. +1 I want us to be able to switch line-ups and offense depending on what the opposing team does, timing, score, needs... I never want to hear another opposing player say that they knew what we were going to do better than we did.
  8. Ok, line-ups with 3 players that had point guard size and point-guard like skills. I do not think that improving their ball handling or passing would hurt game plan. My point is that if CMW thinks it works, there is no reason we could not feature a lineup that that has Rob, KL, and the X-man.
  9. Didn't we immediately start fighting about who we should hire?
  10. No - I think Rob will make a big jump. We will play faster and need more players. I feel like our fanbase has been "Archified". I do not understand why we are worrying so much about "playing time". Until we have high 4* low 5* caliber players as the 5th or 6th person off the bench, we are not deep enough to win a NC. We must retarget our expectations for the roster.
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