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  1. Nice to see Coach Hunter providing some immediate recruiting impact!
  2. Honestly, I would not really argue much with that list... except maybe drop OSU a bit
  3. Miller might be Catholic as well.
  4. I was just making a reference to 5 fouls comedic post in the Mason Miller thread...
  5. Recruiting is one thing, but can Hunter get Race to play 53 minutes a game?
  6. I think they should renew the serious and play it in Cincinnati every year... this has nothing to do with me living in Cincinnati.
  7. Thanks - I trying to get at this... subtly! It does not matter when they commit, it matters whether they come. I hope Trey (the new one) commits when he is ready... (hopefully soon :)).
  8. And if I recall correctly, they both uncommitted (although Blackmon recommitted later).
  9. But we have had top 20 Indiana prospects who committed much earlier... Didn't Trey Lyles commit as a freshman?
  10. For a second there, I thought you were proposing a UK model of athletics 😉!
  11. I did not know that I was just allowed to announce that I would be playing basketball for IU without a scholarship offer (or in my case contact with the coach or any perceptible talent for that matter). Here goes: I would like to announce that I will be playing basketball for Indiana University! Coach Miller: feel free to contact me at anytime. I expect to start and have the offense built around me. This will require some serious coaching, because I am slow, not tall, can't jump or shoot and have hardly played basketball in over 20 years 😉!
  12. +1 Until I read further, I thought he had misspelled Colin's name 😁
  13. Wasn't it Bobby Capobianco?
  14. The legislature thing makes sense. If I recall correctly, this is similar to how Virginia Tech wound up in the ACC (VA legislature pressure). I forget which school was temporarily not included... maybe BC or 'Cuse.
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