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  1. I have this same question - is his skill set like Green's?
  2. He left more disciplined players in a similar style... I would assume that a Purdue fan is not going to claim that Crean was a better coach than Keady I am not claiming that Archie is a better coach than Painter.
  3. Honestly, how many teams have won a championship in the last 20 years without at least one Indiana player? I feel like UNC always wins when they land some Indiana center.
  4. The way we need shooting, he may not get to sit very much...
  5. If you earn your degree, you deserve to do what you want (within reason). I hope the continue to reward the actual student athletes.
  6. Maybe I am seeing what I want to see, but I think Damezi will be fantastic once the game slows down for him. Maybe junior year, but he seemed like everything was just a touch off and when that clicks into phase...
  7. We need to kick into gear to get this thread to 200 pages in less than a month!
  8. They looked amazing. Honestly they could have picked how much they won by if they had stayed focused with a 30 point lead. Villanova was completely outclassed I barf a little in my mouth writing this, but Painter is an amazing coach.
  9. When the game slows down for him, he will.
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