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  1. I think 75-76 was the only season we were not screwed by officiating at least once :).
  2. Surprisingly, I do not think we did lose any at home: https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/team/schedule/_/id/84/season/2007 I am assuming that the UI game was in the Big Ten tournament.
  3. looks like Wisconsin beat us the same year as UCONN
  4. +1 Seriously, didn't we lose to Fort Wayne in consecutive years? In fact here is the score in the second: Mon, Dec 18 vs Purdue Fort Wayne L92-72 6-6 (1-1) Johnson 17 Morgan 12 Green 4
  5. +1 I agree 100% with this. We could have played better, but if Michigan plays like that, we are not beating them. We are not the best team in the country, we do not control everything.
  6. We would have taken it if it was offered on Thursday afternoon ;).
  7. +1 I agree with this, we did not play great, but it was far from horrible. Sometimes everyone gets hot at the wrong time. The important thing is to forget the loss, pick out a few mistakes on the tape, and not let it turn into multiple losses.
  8. My take: They got beat by a better team that played harder and hit their shots. That is the first lost of the season where I did not feel that we controlled whether we lose or not.
  9. Iowa took down PSU I do not think it affects us, but I would have preferred that PSU wins. Shrewsberry seems like a perfect fit for winning at PSU (paraphrased): "I want coming here to be like a trip to the dentist, long and when you leave you feel sore".
  10. Did Furst get credit for Race's own goal? I was reading on a Purdue board that their bench really only had 2 points and that Race Thompson had 2 points for their bench. That is pretty funny, if true. For Race's sake, I am so glad we won that game. If we had lost by 1 or 2 points (or in overtime), that play would have lived in infamy. Now it is a hilarious part of the lore of this game.
  11. Trey has a little "create offense" to his game. Kopp is more completion of offense.
  12. Thank goodness. I was worried when I woke up this morning that I had fallen asleep during the game and dreamt the end!
  13. I would not say he is a punk, but there is no equivalency with planting two hands on the chest of an opponent and shoving to coming down on a ridiculous dunk and screaming. I would put money on the Nebraska player being surprised that TJD was T-ed up.
  14. I have the same feeling at times, but I am leaning more and more to that Coach is playing chess while we are playing checkers. There is no question we lose the game last night if Coach had not done some "strange subbing" that a lot of us complained about earlier in the season. His goal is the tournament and winning some games there. I remember Knight blowing early season games to prove a point.
  15. If we do not land him, then just tip the hat.
  16. I kind of would like to see this. Durr seems to have the second best jump shot (after Duncomb; admittedly small sample sizes). Maybe it would not work...
  17. That may be the most thought any of us have ever put into a post here on HSN 🤣!
  18. +1 I was not there for the conversations, so I do not judge anyone's decision. Some players decided to leave, some stayed.
  19. I do like that we are playing Kansas. I would love for that to turn into a rivalry.
  20. Bate's shots were good shots, even if they did not fall.
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