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  1. You do realize he got hurt and given an extra year? And didn’t get to play for Matta his real junior year because of injuries and put up 11 PPG as a Sophmore? Nah, he was some 3 star nobody that Holtmann turned into a stud. JUST HOLTMANN....NO ONE ELSE. Without Holtmann he probably just quits the team, right? If Newkirk played for Holtmann, he would have put up 20 PPG, right? Mike Davis gets all the credit for Knights players, right? lol
  2. https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/players/josh-newkirk-1.html https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/players/keita-bates-diop-1.html Newkirk never averaged 10 points a game. Bates-Diop put up 20 a game as a junior. want to try again?
  3. You are comparing 5 star Bates-Diop to.......NEWKIRK???? LOL Newkirk lost his playing time at Pitt as a Sophmore....lol Sure kid.....Newkirk was as good as Bates-Diop
  4. So, you are basing what Holtmann did on “Preseason Polls” and Internet forums? Thats air tight....can’t argue with that.
  5. 11 PPG as a Sophmore and 10 PPG while being hurt the next year. sure, whatever makes you feel better lol and who exactly is comparable to what Miller was left? lol
  6. You forgot Big Ten Player of the year All American Bates-Diop Hartman and Johnson played one year. Davis has never been healthy. Durham and Smith would start for who in the B10 this year?
  7. Former 5 star recruit Bates-Diop didn't play in the 2016-2017 season for Matta. In 2017-2018, Junior Bates-Diop was given to Holtman his first year who averaged 20 points a game, was named B10 player of the year, was an All American, and was then drafted by the NBA. Who exactly was Miller given? lol Who else was Holtman given by Matta? Andre Wesson and Kaleb Wesson both signed with Matta.....not Holtman. Who did Crean give to Miller? Durham, Moore, and Smith. OSU was 8 and f*&%ing 12 last year in the B10 and played IU to get into the NCAA. If IU wins that game, IU is in and OSU is out. You are seriously comparing what Matta left and what Crean left?????
  8. You have no idea how any of this works, the AD can't "demand" anything from the president or board and then threaten to quit. And do you think Glass hasn't already demanded that? Where do you think the baseball stadium, football stadium upgrades, etc all came from????? NONE of that happens without Glass...... And good luck finding a decent AD afterwards...... But go ahead and blame Glass and see what rolls in after him.
  9. Most did NOT want Marshall, Mack, or Holtman......you are reinventing history. Donovan, Stevens, Sean Miller, Alford, etc....... Especially Alford......good lord thank god that didn't happen.......
  10. Something from a big booster: "The IU basketball program was a brand new Ferrari in the 1980s. Unfortunately, since the administration won't invest in the program, the IU basketball program is still a 1980s Ferrari trying to keep up with modern super cars." Glass is NOT the problem.....but the people above him.
  11. 12 years, 7 NCAA, 1 Final Four, 1 Sweet 16.... Why exactly is Marshall so good? Because of one random final four run?
  12. Kaufman or Furst along with Wesley would be a home run. Kaufman AND Furst with Wesley would be a grand slam.
  13. I was at that game.....and to this day still HATE Chris Paul. He was acting like a complete a** the entire game. That one is up there for me.
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