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  1. I love Painter. One of the most underrated coaches in America. But.... This has to be addressed behind the scenes. Kid is mad, ok....this one time. I would be very surprised if this doesn’t violate some rule about pressers with Purdue. That is not Purdue basketball. if a IU player did that.....good god there would be a 87 page thread here.
  2. What’s up with the Western Michigan shirt? Lord help us if Smith showed up in a Northern Illinois shirt lol
  3. No. If they did, I would hope someone could explain Minnesota with a better NET....lol
  4. Throw BYU (18), Houston (26), and Rugers (35) in there as well.... Notre Dame is 61!!!
  5. Yep. Missed that one. But that was at home as well. I don't see how they are 20 spots higher than IU.
  6. Rutgers is another one of those teams (Along with Purdue, BYU, Houston) who's NET makes absolutely no sense. Rutgers is 3-7 vs Quad 1 (all wins home) has a Quad 4 loss (St. Bonaventure at Neutral) and a Quad 3 loss (@Pitt). Their best wins are at home Penn State, Illinois, and Wisconsin. They have exactly 1 road/neutral win......Nebraska. How in the hell are they 20 spots higher than IU in the NET!?!?! They are on the 8/9 line in almost all brackets. Being as high as a 6 seed in some!!! http://bracketmatrix.com/ The one thing about Rutgers, there is a very good chance they lose out the last 4 games and end up 18-13.
  7. If we win out at home (PSU, Wisconsin, and Minnesota), IU is probably the 10 or 11 seed BTT. It's messed up, but IU really can't get higher than the 10 at this point. And win the first round game vs Nebraska or Northwestern. That would make IU 21-11 (10-10) with a Quad 1 record of 7-7 with no Quad 3 or 4 losses. For reference, there are only 7 teams right now with more than 7 Quad 1 wins. That is easily in and you are right, the worst is a 8 seed. Probably a 7....maybe a 6 depending how other teams finish.
  8. Let's go big..... Williams at UNC? Self at Kansas? Miller at Arizona?
  9. Big win. Beat PSU Sunday.... I haven’t complained about lineups all year, but please god give Thompson some of Brunk’s minutes
  10. I have heard the same thing and because of that, he has really stepped it up with the Wesley recruitment. To the point where some think thats where he is going to go.
  11. I thought it would be through 2022....not 2024. Good to know.
  12. He would be owed north of 7 million over 2 years. if he did what crean did (ESPN analyst), that wouldn’t offset anything. Let’s be generous and say Miller is paid 500k a year by ESPN. IU would still owe him 6 Million over 2 years. And then you have a buyout and salary of the new coach. This is the same administration that didn’t upgrade the men’s locker room from 1987 until a couple years ago. lol Bring up “offset” all you want. IU is not going to pay that buyout. Miller is here for 2 more years.
  13. Then why do they have them? If it’s on Twitter, it must be true!!! lol
  14. LOL....ah, yeah...... Keep going guys, this is better than the Donovan Horse Farm.....
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