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  1. Thank you kind sir! Have read this board in silence for a year or longer. Have admired your level-headed, courteous, restrained fandom from afar. Was moved to reply to perceived vitriol towards a revered and honorable institution, that has been instrumental in making me who I am. I will continue to "stay tuned", without much contribution, as IU is also quite dear to me, athletically and academically Regarding support of state schools, I , too, in general desire success for the lot, as it lifts the profile and exposure of our home state. But I draw the line at West Lafayette- just have viewed the Boilermakers as anathema since childhood, and am incapable of wishing them goodwill without breaking out in a nasty rash. Lol Go Big Red! Spartans are not going to know what hit 'em!
  2. Graduate of both IU and ND... you and IU Scott have an immature opinion of ND- it's an incredible institution defined by incredible people, and I love IU, too. Lou Holtz stated: if you know Notre Dame, no explanation is necessary; if you don't know Notre Dame, no explanation will suffice. Ignorance and blind hatred, or even jealousy, is not becoming, (and sounds like a Buckeye fan). Regarding football recruiting, I'm not sure we will witness a time when IU will be "on equal footing with Notre Dame"- IU and ND shop down different aisles.
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