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  1. I'm not sure if anyone else has said this yet, but I could see us going small ball. Just put our 4 best shooters on the perimeter and let TJD do work down low 1v1. I'm sick of the lane being clogged up by every team we play against. There may be some defensive inconsistencies with that line-up but we would definitely put up some points.
  2. I feel as though we have been recruiting multiple tight ends pretty hard. While I do like getting solid tight ends, I feel as though we already have a lot of them on our team. I think we will have 6 tight ends on scholarship next year, not including Steinfeldt coming in the next year. Do you guys think this is because CTA doesn’t believe Hendershot will be with the team next year?
  3. You guys will beat BC. I think AF and Memphis will come down to how well your defense holds up with a new defensive coordinator. Was it a total overhaul of the defensive staff or just the coordinator position? AF triple option comes down to defensive discipline and memphis just scores a bunch. Either way it could be tough since they lost time to practice this spring and might start summer practices late. I'm a bit worried about how our coaches will adjust without having a full spring and summer as well.
  4. Yeah he doesn’t look like he is feeling very good
  5. Got the email that we are closing campus following this week. Won't reopen until April 6th.
  6. IU is closing at the end of the week, students are not coming back until April 6th. https://coronavirus.iu.edu/
  7. Ohio state closed all campuses and will be transitioning to online classes until April.
  8. Him and Cronk get to battle it out in the Big Ten West.
  9. Hunter Johnson looked bad last year imo. Purdue's 3rd string looked 3x better than him last season.
  10. I am pretty sure on Thursday Lunardi said "All that Indiana and Purdue have really proven this year is an ability to lose regularly to good team." Then he went on to say how we were only surviving by a fraction. I get that CAM didn't have to say that he should go back to the trash can and stuff, but if I was a coach of a team and saw this I would be irritated too. Especially because we have beaten a lot of quality teams this season. Mix all that in with a close loss to a team that celebrated a share of the big ten championship on your home court, and I am not surprised by the press conference being tense when asked about bracketology.
  11. Liberty won the A-sun championship. Good for us as they were a projected bubble team if they didn't win their conference.
  12. I agree. I only say Tennessee has an advantage because I am pretty sure they still have their strength & conditioning staff. Plus he is from the state and his dad played football at Tennessee as well. There is still hope for him to come to IU, this is just my opinion.
  13. No real update. He is still scheduled to visit March 27th. I just read an article, which I will tag in this post, that made me feel it will be tough to get him to commit. In the article he talks about wanting to play right away, but we already have a really good starter in Stevie Scott. He also states that the strength and conditioning staff is an important factor to him, and Ballou just left. He made these statements before Ballou went to bama. I just don't think we fulfill his two biggest factors. I would love to add him to our RB room, but I think we may be less a less attractive destination than Tennessee or Houston at this moment. https://247sports.com/college/indiana/Article/Grad-transfer-running-back-Chase-Hayden-from-Arkansas-looking-forward-to-Indiana-visit-144545287/
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