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  1. My Under pick is beginning to make me nervous 😟
  2. I would be more upset that this game is still close, but I took the Under (143)
  3. I do not see TA leaving IU for any reason unless he is fired. I believe he truly wants to be here. He has invested a lot into this team, and I believe he truly loves his players, especially with the LEO mantra. Plus I think he is really happy to be able to have his son on the team with him. IF TA did take a job elsewhere at the end of the season I think we would still be okay, because we have Deboer. Deboer's turnaround of the offense this year reminds me a lot of Allen's turnaround of the defense when Kevin Wilson was coach. Deboer used to be a head coach at Sioux Falls, and led them to multiple championships. I could see us easily promoting from within once again. I would miss those FL recruiting ties though!
  4. Thanks for having me! By far the best site for IU sports
  5. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/27976110/michigan-state-lb-joe-bachie-ineligible-positive-ped-test Wish this story would have came out before they played IU.
  6. I wish Allen was still calling the defense. They looked bad against Maryland in the first half too. I feel like they come in unprepared in the first half, really disappointing start. We don't have time to make "halftime adjustments" every game, especially when it's predicted to be a close game.
  7. I need some winners this week. Had our Hoosiers @ -6.5 last week
  8. Really happy we got the win, but it would have been great to win by 7...
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