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  1. If we lose 7 games and are no longer bowl eligible, which is a real possibility following the Michigan game, I would really like to see the young guys play a majority of snaps. Need to see what we have on the bench.
  2. Need to bring some guys in via the transfer portal next season.
  3. Let’s just start McCulley and run the option next week. Hopefully the game will end quicker and we won’t lose as bad. Can’t score a pick 6 if we don’t throw the ball 😏
  4. Game is winnable. Our bowl season depends on it. Get it done 2nd half.
  5. Kept bowl hopes alive. Could have been much worse. Look what happened in Minnesota. I knew this game would be tough as WKU doesn’t get many power 5 schools for a home night game. Record breaking crowd for their stadium. Just hope we can get 4 more wins.
  6. A game we should win and a game we must win.
  7. For everyone that is overreacting to this loss, just take a moment a breathe. I think this team has a lot of potential still and we will be okay. We win this game easily without the kick return and turnovers in the red zone.
  8. Check out the Blue Moose. They had a bunch of sporting events playing on the TVs when I was there.
  9. I agree with you assessment of James. Never seemed to improve. It feels like our 4 star recruits don't seem to excel as much as would be expected. We still haven't seen Cam Williams or Beau Robbins, and Rashawn Williams transferred out too. Just feels like these 4 star guys have been really underwhelming and I hope that trend changes.
  10. I was always hoping James would have a breakout year but he always seemed to run too vertical. I swear he would just put his head down and run straight into the line without looking for a hole. I am sorry that he will be gone because he had the physical attributes to be a beast this year and next. Plus, it always helps having depth at RB position, and just having guys know the plays/pass protection/etc. I am curious to see where he goes from here, and I wish him the best. I expect Baldwin to be RB1 from what I saw last year, but wouldn't be surprised to see a heavy dose of Carr.
  11. When is our conference going to readjust the divisions? 7 of the top 8 recruiting classes in Big Ten all play in the East….
  12. I feel like we don't need another scholarship QB. Wouldn't this be our 5th? I get Penix is hurt a lot but 5 is too many.
  13. Anything more than 6 wins and I am happy lol
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