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  1. At least he is out of the Big Ten. He was a good player and I am glad we do not have to play against him anymore. Plus, Maryland's linebacking core just got a lot weaker, hopefully we can beat them next year.
  2. Really excited about the talent coming in. Anyone know who is enrolling early?
  3. In 2017 I would have been ecstatic to get rid of Debord; however, after having Deboer as an OC I think there is a lot more potential out there. I hope he does well. This just feels underwhelming. Deboer felt like a great hire a couple years back, and I don't have the same vibes from this hire. We will see how it goes, but I am more optimistic about next season after considering we did get a new OC.
  4. I hope this hire works out, but I really don't like it. I think we could have done better. UMASS was dreadful, and in each of his stops as OC the offense regressed in the 2nd year. Just not sold on this at all. Hopefully I am proved wrong.
  5. We still need a QB. I hope we at least talk to Zach Gibson from Akron. That guy is going to light it up somewhere.
  6. Maybe his stats are decent but for me he didn’t pass the eye test. Just seemed too immobile and didn’t make the throws necessary to win. What is his record as a starter? I am genuinely curious. AOC is by far the better qb and I don’t think it’s even close. You guys are better off without him even if AOC wasn’t staying, but that’s just my opinion from the sample size I’ve seen.
  7. If we are truly looking for a QB, there is a kid from Akron, last name Gibson, that can play. He did well under constant pressure and little talent around him. He is very underrated in my opinion. I don’t think we will be in search of a QB though. With Hoover that currently gives us 5 scholarship quarterbacks next year.
  8. You’re lucky. From what I’ve seen, Plummer is not good.
  9. I thought Marshall played a decent amount this year? I'm surprised he is leaving.
  10. I would prefer this rotation than Durr for TJD
  11. What would you guys think of trying JG at the 5?
  12. Did you expect to make the playoffs this year? The guy came in as a defensive coordinator and turned the defense around, then made back to back bowl seasons in his 3rd and 4th year. He has met or even exceeded Indiana Football expectations. Plus, after he went 8-5 & 6-2 he didnt jump ship for a better job, which is what normally happens with our coaches... see Deboer, Wommack, Hart, etc...
  13. Probably the worst game we have played so far this year. At least it’s against the worst competition we will see all year. Guys look ready for Thanksgiving break.
  14. Rutgers just lost to Lafayette…. Yikes 😬
  15. Would like to see Leal finish out the last 8 min
  16. Does anyone know what the suspension is for?
  17. What about the season before when he went 8-5? IU fans are used to the football team being bad. The guy went 14-7 last two seasons before this one. The team is horrible this year... but it isn't any worse than some of our teams from the past. TA has a $30mil buyout this year if we were to fire him, since we owe him 100% of his remaining contract. In Nov 2024 that goes down to 50% of his remaining contract. Therefore, he will obviously be here next season, and probably the season after that, even if he doesn't win another BIG Ten game. Let's see what happens in the offseason and how they perform next season. A good season at IU is making a bowl game. Its not out of question we could return there next year with 6 wins. If we have 2 more seasons like this then it's time to move on, but I think he will at least get 2 more years based on how his contract is structured. This thread should probably be put to rest for a couple more years.
  18. There are free streams out there.... they just may not be legal, and you will need Adblock for them to be viable.....
  19. Sometimes teams just have a frustrating year. Look at Michigan and Penn St last year, both were top 25 teams and had a miserable season. To answer your question "Can this really be fixed?", I think it can. You've already stated the need for better offensive lineman. That would be a good start. I think this can be turned around, and we could be back bowling next year. One of our biggest problems, in my opinion, have been turnovers/takeaways. Our offense turned the ball over at an extraordinary rate to begin the year and our defense has not forced enough takeaways. Maybe you could attribute not getting more takeaways to losing our best safety to the NFL? I think if we fix the turnover margin we can have a positive season next year, and while it doesn't seem like it now.... I do believe there is enough talent there to win at least 6 games next year. If we only win 2-3 games next year then go ahead and sound the alarm. Also, just because I am optimistic about next year does not mean that I support bringing back the same assistant coaches next year.
  20. Anyone know if Tuttle is back for this game or will it be McCulley?
  21. Well guys, this is it. Bowl season on the line from here on out.
  22. I don’t think we have beaten them in like 33 years? It was before I was even born….
  23. If we lose 7 games and are no longer bowl eligible, which is a real possibility following the Michigan game, I would really like to see the young guys play a majority of snaps. Need to see what we have on the bench.
  24. Need to bring some guys in via the transfer portal next season.
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