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  1. Do I wish IU had Dawson? Heck yes I do. I honestly think he would have been a great fit here. But regardless, I am glad he considered IU and I wish him well. I hope he does a great job adjusting to college life, leaving home, as the Garcias seem like a close family, and he continues to grow as a player and teammate.
  2. If Dawson is truly wanting to stay close to home, Marquette or Minnesota would make perfect sense. I think time will tell if Archie or staff continue to visit him in his home. Surely they would not be making the effort if there was no possibility of him committing.
  3. Abdominal injury. Hasn’t practiced much. Limited minutes. Working his way back.
  4. Totally understand the differences about choosing Marquette from IU. What is puzzling is why he is going to Marquette for another visit??!!
  5. Yes I saw a comment he tweeted and I think he was referring to MI visit. Sad. Should say... that was just my interpretation.
  6. Why are people thinking it’s a done deal to IU? Minny people are saying he’s a definite Gopher.
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