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  1. If anybody is interested, I did a breakdown of what I believe Mike Woodson will be brining to Indiana Basketball. https://iufilmroom.com/mike-woodson/what-will-mike-woodson-bring-to-indiana/
  2. Interested in what #iubb might be running offensively on Wednesday night? A glimpse into the half court sets the Hooseirs have run through their first 4 games. What are your thoughts on IU’s offense thus far? https://youtu.be/KI3h9iPlMLA
  3. The #iubb film room for the Stanford game this afternoon is live. Much better offensive performance from Indiana, which is the majority of what I focused on. I look at: 🏀Sets for TJD 🏀Spacing on certain actions that was great 🏀Screening was much improved.
  4. Appreciate all of the kind words! I genuinely enjoy doing these. Yesterday's was a little tough to stomach (for obvious reasons), but I do think it helped me learn quite a bit about this 2020-21 team. My biggest takeaway: when we screen well, we get good looks (making them is another story). The bad part is we don't screen well very often. Here's the Texas breakdown if you're able to go through that again. Haha.
  5. Thanks for sharing! If there's anything you guys would like me to dive deeper into, feel free to let me know. Thanks again for the share.
  6. He's here! Was born on 2/15. He's a big fan of the way the Hoosiers have played since his birth!
  7. If you’re interested in watching the #iubb game & listening to commentary on their X’s & O’s, you’re in for a treat! Download the HotMic app & listen in tonight. The app syncs with your TV so commentary is in real-time!
  8. Good evening! I'm partnering with HotMic tomorrow during the IU-Purdue game & basically breaking down IU's offense & defense during the game. The app is really cool & it will sync me up with your TV to talk through what IU is doing from an X's and O's perspective. So how can you check it out? Download the HotMic app (available on iOS and Android) Sign up for an account once you're on the app & use the code 'Adragna' (it's all free) Click the IU-Purdue game & tune in! Like I said, I"ll be breaking down the X's and O's of what the Hoosiers are do
  9. I looked at yesterday’s IU film to try & see what’s going on with their offense. I happened to stumble upon what I think is a fatal flaw for an offense. Take a look.
  10. As for pulling DG, I think there are multiple factors into him not being benched for an extensive period. Al Durham getting ejected + Rob not being fully healthy really put a damper on any kind of backcourt depth. While DG makes some bad decisions, he's also the Hoosiers best (healthy) ballhandler against a defense that was pressuring. I get the conundrum that Archie was in.
  11. Hey guys! Apologies on the delay on these. Went on vacation with family, had a couple work trips mixed in, plus the holidays, and it equated to me not having time for my IU film rooms. But enough with the excuses, I broke down the final 7 minutes of the Hoosiers collapse last night. Enjoy!
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