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  1. Only 8 turnovers and the last was silly at the close of the game.
  2. Al spaced the floor well and drove the lane well. He opens the middle because the defense has to stick close to him.
  3. Galloway does need more lateral movement on defense, but Kenny White has about 5 or 6 inches in reach on him. He is very long. Hard guard for Galloway.
  4. Last year only loss 3 games. All in big tournaments and 2 on last second shots and the other when White had the flu and had to travel 5 hrs to play the #1 team.
  5. Madisonville had a great chance to win a state title last year. They had three guys 6’7” or larger.
  6. Kenny White is a great athlete for TT. 6,7” with an even longer reach. He graduated from the school I teach at in Ky last year. Finalist from Mr. Basketball in Ky.
  7. I am with you. However, their coach is very good and I think they will steal a few wins with coaching. I think schedule will also play into the number of wins. I have said before," We will be better this year, but the record may not reflect it." When you look at conference records you can not compare teams evenly because of the uneven schedule. A couple of teams may have a one game better record than IU, but play a way easier conference schedule. If you play doubles with the top three teams and other teams only play singles that is a bigger advantage than some realize. Then you have the talki
  8. Maybe, But these kids like exposure to market their brand. If this school promises to play in an LA tournament, a Florida tournament, and an east coast tournament it helps to sell him (and it is exciting). It also could be dad or mom gets a better job. I don't know. Just offered a possible reason. Go Hoosiers!
  9. I think that is exactly what it means. These prep schools travel across the country to play in showcase tournaments which gives the athletes exposure. It is like an extended AAU season.
  10. Not me, I have met him (when he tried to get me to play at USI). I would not trust him as far as I could throw him.
  11. That is big news! only a couple of places with open spots!
  12. My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw Miller pass out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it's pretty serious.
  13. I agree, I just think Al won’t play the three in long stretches this game. I do think he will start at the three this game then switch to the 2. Then Rob will give Lander breaks at the 1. I think Coach Miller will play several lineups with Al playing the 2 and 3, while Rob will be at the 1 and 2. I think Al plays more minutes than Rob over the course of the season. I don’t think this game will be a true indicator of the final product. Lander, however, will see more minutes than both.
  14. I will go with Lander Rob Al- Who will be pulled for Hunter sometime after the 4 minute mark. (He may pull Rob and move Al to the 2) Brunk- Who will be pulled for Race at the time after the first timeout. TJD Please note this is not my favorite five. I just think he is going to start the two seniors. Then slowly given way to more productive lineups.
  15. I agree with your starting five for the first game, but think that Race will get the nod by the end of the season and play more minutes than Brunk very soon into the season if not from the start.
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