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  1. Inconsistent shooting from three. We get on a run and their defense sags and then we miss a bunch of threes or free throws. They slowly work themselves back into the game. If we had a couple consistent shooters this offense would be very good.
  2. I know everyone is down on Archie, but we missed wide open shots from three. We got their bigs in trouble in the post and have missed a few bunnies. The offense has provided open shots. We just have not hit them.
  3. I am not a fire Archie guy.........but this loss should not of happen. We kept guys on the court who were not playing hard. The bench sends messages.
  4. pass on the three...... take an off balance midrange jumper? I don't get it?
  5. Wait? run a play for a three instead of a midrange? Who would have thought?
  6. Why take a mid range jumper? We have terrible game time understanding sometimes. They will hit their free throws.
  7. We make Harper look better than he really is I think.
  8. Terrible effort on our part, slow to the ball. They played harder. If our post players show up today we kill them. Three ball was falling
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