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  1. My mistake. I must have inferred it from other’s posts.
  2. I don’t think the gain for Ohio State will be nearly as much as one would believe. They sell out each game so their tickets revenue will not increase (unless the cost per ticket does which robs the fans). They already have TV contracts and play on National TV each game ( they could ask for more, but that is uncertain). Then you have the added cost in the over night travel to games outside your region. Plus you don’t have any easier games. It becomes harder to win a National Championship. Then take Indiana, yes they are 9th in the Big Ten but 25 overall. They are only 8 million from being in the top 20 and their growth has been faster than the Universities in front of them. I would not be surprised if they were higher in five years. The success of the football team is a huge factor. Do you really gain that much by dropping Indiana and picking up the tenth ranked team.
  3. Let me start by saying it always hurts when someone leaves quickly from a program. However, like a band-aid you never know if it is for the best until you see what happens. If he wanted to play a style or position which was not where the coach felt was best for the team, then it is better for both parties to separate. If he stayed and was unhappy it can kill a locker room. If the coach gives in he loses the young players. I still feel the team has the same ceiling just the likelihood of reaching it may be lessened. I think all the comparisons between Hunter and Smith are a little off. Hunter is a three you hope (big hope) can develop into a 2. He will guard smaller wings. If we play someone with large wing players you are going to use Race( or Geronimo in limited minutes if he is ready). It really depends on the team we play. Race is really the 3/4 that Smith played. Smith really hurt us on offense. The defensive player guarding him was really playing the driving lane and clogging the middle which really hurt our ability to drive and kick out to shooters(When Smith was the shooter you did not leave need to recover) . He averaged double figures because he is an amazing athlete and finishes in transition and because we played a big line-up he benefited from playing against a smaller player which helped. He Rarely created his own shot. This defensive strategy was used so well against us that opposing coaches were shocked when he hit from the perimeter. ( Izzo’s post press conference says it all). I am sad to see Smith go, but it may turn out to be best for both parties. One question, Mac McClug still in the portal? Instance offense and with a winning attitude. I know he is a guard, but I think you get talent in a Grad Transfer. If you have two spots left use the other to get another big in the portal.
  4. Just search World Wide Wes and UK. Thick as thieves and was close to UK until people started noticing.
  5. I would be fine with a one time game with UK to open the 21-22 season. It would be huge coverage. I however do not want to give UK a spotlight game in Indianapolis. I personally believe Cal ended the series because he did not want IU to be his first home loss. We were ranked #1 preseason and Cal had not loss at home in his career at that point and was striking out in recruiting that season. The thought that he would lose to Indiana in back to back years and lose his undefeated home streak to Indiana was going to elevate IU and harm UK’s recruiting. Cal then rebrands UK into a “non traditional team” and said he was only going to play neutral court non conference games. This rebranding elevates UK and makes Traditional programs like IU antiquated. This makes the Gray haired nation “BBN” happy while devaluing their season tickets. They get to feel their program is special, and seem not to miss two quality home games. UK will get it’s share of recruits, but it’s share is shrinking. We do not want to throw them any kind of support by giving them a spotlight game in Indy. I live in Kentucky and I can tell you they are worried that Cal won’t win with recruits in the 50-100 range. They think he needs the top twenty recruits, and the last 9 years seems to support their worries.
  6. Then there is a good chance I know you, since I have known him since we were young.
  7. Yes, the Garcia’s will do what is best for their family and deserve the rewards of hard work. I will wish them best whichever school they pick. Hoping it is IU.
  8. Steve Green as mentioned several times. I was slow to respond.
  9. Yes, Someone from the crowd asked and that was his reply. He got choked up talking about the fans and players. It was a get reunion. You got to see how the players view each other as family and how the community embraced them. I wish the Garcia family was there. It would have showed them the extended family they could be joining. Family is the word tossed around by those I spoke to during the event.
  10. Great day yesterday! I had not been to the Bluebird in twenty years and happy to see the new Yogis open. Sorry for the middle age dude talking during all the pictures, but how many times do you get to talk to coach Ohstrom, AJ Moye, and Derek Elston. Also the Leals are the nicest people. It says a lot about the direction of the program when you include such great families. Class acts!
  11. Thanks, I have been reading the posts for awhile, but shied away from posting. This board is a lot more civil than the other boards and may forgive my dyslexia and occasional dangling participle. Staying with the Garcia topic, I think him playing along side TJD next year would be a game changer. He has a unique skill set and would create a lot of matchup problems for opposing teams.
  12. Ha, What a tangled web we've woven here. Well, Lets hope we get Garcia so my time spying on other message boards will feel worth while. Go Hoosiers!
  13. First time posting.......Long time reader. This was posted on the Marquette board earlier today. Take it with a grain of salt, but it seems plausible. Posted by FKfootball The one person that I talked to that is actually some kind of insider(Not a message board insider), and communicates with people in the program, basically said that he feels strongly that it’s between Indiana and Marquette. And he felt that Dawson enjoyed his visit to Indiana better than any other school, but location was more of a factor than what Dawson has let on, and the fact that his parents can easily see him at Marquette is a big deal. I know that a lot of this stuff is usually “hearsay”, and some of this probably is but this guy is pretty reliable honestly.
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