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  1. Very true, hell recently it feels like the only thing we can consistently beat Purdue at is recruiting the state, and we need to get results if we want it to stay that way.
  2. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-recruiting-2021-forward-trey-kaufman-talks-latest-with-recruitment-in-radio-interview/ Interesting to heat he sees himself fitting into Purdue’s system best, said that his favorite team isn’t what’s necessarily what decides his decision, doesn’t know if he will release a top 2 or 3. I still feel good about this kid, I have some friends who go/ went to high school with him who claim he is a fan and he just seems like a classic IU guy from what I’ve heard. Roll damn hoosier.
  3. Fair enough, perhaps favorite wasn't the right word
  4. How are we feeling about this guy? I still can't help but think we are the favorites here, but obviously I ain't got a whole lot to go off of except knowing a few people who went to high school with em
  5. Really need to win this game, I am a student at IU right now, and almost all of my close high school friends go to Purdue so I'd love to be able to lord the tourney and us having a win over them(because they sure did when we lost at Assembly)
  6. Worried for the Penn State game this weekend, I finally am getting my girlfriend to go to her first game this season(it is a tragedy how many students dont go to the games, even though Assembly is usually full its sad how many of my friends are apathetic about this team). If TJD can keep some of this momentum and Devonte plays well I think we could do this.
  7. Not liking how this is going, we can't let ourselves get behind this early
  8. I'm watching this one sober, really hoping I don't end up regretting my choice
  9. It'd be huge if we got him, as much as I love our in state recruits getting ourselves reestablished as a national recruiter for elite prospects would be huge for us
  10. Current IU student, I feel like we should win this game but I have a bad feeling we will not, I fear we are in for a repeat of last year and we end up in the NIT. Really hope I am wrong, but feeling on campus right now is a lot of passive apathy because so many kids have been here and never seen us in the tourney
  11. Shame, would have loved to have him but at least it wasn't Kentucky.
  12. I'm watching his announcement, Im not sure why but I guess I like pain or something. Feels like Brooks did(although I have no ill will whatsoever towards the Garcias)
  13. I mean I don't think there is anything inherently selfish or wrong with wanting to start or get lots of playing time. These kids are trying to get drafted, so while for us the commitment to the team is the most important, we can't write people off as selfish because they are making a tough decision for their future.
  14. I hope no overzealous fans bother him and his family if/when he commits to Marquette
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