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  1. What do you think is the issue with "Tom Creans Guys" not developing the Archies system? Do you think they would better players in Toms more offensive minded system? I think Durham is better then the first day he stepped on campus but I cant say the same for the rest.
  2. My issue with playing Brunk and TJD at the same time is neither can shoot 5 feet from the basket. I think TJD can but he seems scared too... Also, I would think if both aren't in there it might open up some driving lanes and make the paint less crowded.
  3. In Archies post game he said "its time to consider changing paths" not sure what to take from that, but I would think giving guys like Hunter and Race more minutes. my personal opinion I would love to see a starting 5 of TJD, Race, Hunter, Durham, and Rob. Race isnt the best shooter, but I have more confidence when he shoots then when Smith does. I think this lineup stretches the floor more.
  4. Being optimistic is frowned upon on this board after a loss. If you need proof scroll through the last 17 pages of this thread. We win and this board says we turned a corner, we lose and everybody jumps off a cliff. Also, I agree with your optimism but be careful sharing your encouraging thoughts on this board right now: You’re going to get 10-20 reasons why youre wrong.
  5. Sets back the progress for who? Us fans? I guess. For the team? I don’t know. We are talking about 18-22 year old kids. Did Kentucky’s progress take a huge step back when they lost to Evansville? Did Duke take take a step back when they lost to Farleigh Dickinson or whoever they lost too? We lost to a top 25 team on the road in the toughest conference in the nation. Did we play ugly? Yes. But can we look at other things? Hunter and race didn’t play. Our bigs got in foul trouble in what I consider a terrible officiating game. Brunk had his worst game this year. Bad DG decided to show up again.
  6. Can any of the guys coming in next year shoot? I don’t think any of them are pure shooters but can one of them at least make the opposing team worry?
  7. Is there any chance we might be over reacting to 1 loss? I understand the continuing frustration and play, but we just beat a final four contender in Michigan State and lost by one to a top 20 team who shot light out by 1. I’m just throwing it out there
  8. No Hunter or Race and DG playing like a$$. Brunk having his worst game of the year and Damezi not even hitting rim. Smh
  9. Between the turnovers and missed layups we are going to give this game away
  10. I feel like he thinks it’s a good shot. If you hit 1 out of 10, it’s not a good shot
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